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Come to the Trial – Crime on the bench!!

By whistler - 24 February 2008 26


This Monday February 25 2008 is the commencement of Trial by Jury proceedings whereby a whistleblower who has reported the crimes of Chief Justice Higgins, Simon Corbell, Jon Stanhope, Justice Refshauge – the list is endless, is prosecuted for reporting crime in the Labor Party and on the Bench in Canberra Courts.

The Crimes?? – the alleged was compensated in both the ACT Supreme Court and via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal pursuant to nearly being killed by a drug addict via a knife-attack. The convicted offender is a close friend of drug addict Gareth Higgins – the son of Chief Justice Terence Higgins and was released on 6 months Good Behaviour Bond. Lawyer and Doctor looking after the case, close friends of the Judiciary, turned to fraud of the monies and the whistle was blown on Chief Justice Higgins and His protection of His mates – the victim was prosecuted for reporting the crimes of these two men. The victim contacted Simon Corbell MLA and asked Him to act on the crimes of these two men. Mr. Corbell and His Labor Party colleagues claim they have been traumatised by the whistleblower’s calls and have turned to the teachings of Dr Peter Hollginworth to escape liability.The whistleblower has converted the ACT Magistrates Court matter into a Trial by Jury hearing to take the control of the corruption & cover-up away from the Judges. Higgins and Refshauge JJ have had to remove themselves from the case due to their conflicts and disgrace as to their knowledge of the crimes of their colleagues – Canberra lawyer David Lander and Psychiatrist Dr. Veness. The plight of all children raped in Canberra will now hinge around this case, particularly Marist Brothers, due to the fact that it has now been declared harrassing to report the crimes of the colleagues of Our political leaders and Judges. Many on the internet have commented that they would kill the Judges if these issues were placed into their lives. May the Jury bring the crimes of the Judiciary to Justice.Keep and eye on the News. As Higgins cries for the injuries He sustained consequent to the assault by His drug-infected son, known also as a dealer, He cannot respect the victims injured via the crimes of His colleagues!!  CANBERRA’S MAFIA BOSS!!

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26 Responses to
Come to the Trial – Crime on the bench!!
Queenie 7:27 pm 25 Feb 08

I absolutely could not comprehend that news post. Bravo!

Mælinar 2:09 pm 25 Feb 08

@Chester – I find it difficult to explain that your view of reality is different to other people, without the formation of the natural conclusion that it is a personal attack rather than a critique of the evidence.

And I can’t be bothered anyway. A hint though – you might want to photoshop a little more, or I might have already guessed who [Ed. that’ll do M] really is.

Sorry to point it out – but you needed to know before you embarrass yourself further.

Oh, your also flat-chested. You didn’t need to know that, but I’m entertaining myself now.

Jazz 1:40 pm 25 Feb 08

I apologise for not replying on your site, on my brief look i could see any mechanism to do so (not that its not there, just didnt see it). I barely have time to manage this site, let alone make value calls on what you feel is compelling evidence that you post on yours.

Similarly the rest of our readership is free to make their own judgements be they informed or otherwise. However, some people just dont care and i would not be surprised if Refshauge, Stanhope, Corbell and JB are amongst their number. This is not some great conspiracy. They’re just more interested in other things.

Our correspondance email address is and is my preferred method for private corrspondance.

chester 1:03 pm 25 Feb 08


I’m not going to derail somebody else’s thread to argue with you Jazz but I’ll get around to showing that, no, Nik (or Nick) never gave me another email address to reply to by posting screenshots of the emails. Why aren’t I surprised he’s no longer involved here?

I do allow comments on my blog. I just don’t allow them to be public. You want to conduct personal attacks on me here, fine. But you’re not going to get to do it in my own corner of cyberspace as well unless you attack the ideas and not the person.

Also, please don’t take my comments as implying I don’t believe whistler. I require empirical evidence before making up my mind on these things.

I can certainly appreciate why his or her post may be a little scattered and emotional even if it’s all true. After all, one of the greatest challenges whistleblowers face is that they have to try to remain emotionally objective when caught up in circumstances that are, by their very nature, deeply personal.

Trust me I wish none of it (including my own tale) were true. It’s bad news for all of us when the institutions of government get screwed up like this. And I note that the critics here continue to avoid addressing any of the evidence on my own blog. JB said he wanted proof. Well, I think he got it in spades. What are you suggesting I photoshopped all those posted documents on my site into existence?

One thing we do know is that Higgins does have a son called Gareth who seems to have a few issues of his own.

Skidbladnir 12:44 pm 25 Feb 08

And seeing as she does read this thread but does not allow comments on her own page…

DROA, the Domain Registry of America is the Buffalo NY address you’re ranting about on your blog.

Mr L is listed as the Administrative Contact Name (as required by ICANN).
ICANN do not require the Admin Contact Address to be the registered contact’s home or business address, hence the “Private Registrant” information.
This is also why the privacy@droa email and information is included in the Admin Contact Address fields, and allows the Registrar (DROA) to make the call as to giving out that information.

Please refine and quality check your rantings in future.

Jazz 12:16 pm 25 Feb 08

chester, FYI nick isnt involved with riot any more which is why he’s not replying to you. I understand that he asked you to direct your complaints to another email address.

You should also read our faq which indicates that we run stuff at our discretion, not yours, refshauges, stanhopes, corbells or anyone elses.

Mr Evil 11:24 am 25 Feb 08

Whistler, you may think this is terrible, but I can top this story big time.

On Sunday I went to a restuarant here in Canberra, and I had to wait a whole 15 mins to have a menu brought to my table, and then another 20 mins to have someone take my order! The meal was fine though.

I blame Chief Justice Higgins, Simon Corbell, Jon Stanhope, Justice Refshauge, and American tourists (who we all know are all spies and/or here for Defence talks!) too.

EtFb 11:17 am 25 Feb 08

This is scarily like the sort of emails Pharyngula (the science blogger) gets from Creationists. It really needs to be typed in Comic Sans font with multiple colours for maximum effect.

Skidbladnir 11:06 am 25 Feb 08


Our friend CrazyChester has now put up a on her blog that she’s not this particular loonytune, and is distancing herself from the comment, but agrees with some of its contents.

So now have two residents who’s particular flavours of reality do not mesh with the consensus reality.

la mente torbida 10:53 am 25 Feb 08

Where’s Batman and Robin when you need them?

chester 10:47 am 25 Feb 08


Nah, I’ve given up on you. But news travels fast on the internets.


Mælinar 10:06 am 25 Feb 08

I would think that the ‘many on the internet’ comment would be easier to find than it is.

Anybody able to help ?

Skidbladnir 9:23 am 25 Feb 08

I have missed CrazyChester’s rants recently too…

This one warmed the very cockles of my shrivelled and otherwise black heart.

Anyone want to translate, or refer the mental health services\ASIO\CIT\whoever else Whistler may have delusions about to their IP?

Spectra 8:49 am 25 Feb 08

Oh man, we haven’t had a decent crazy ranting post here in a while (whatever happened to Crazy Chester anyway?) – this one made my morning 🙂

Sammy 8:40 am 25 Feb 08


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