Commerical Lab company in Civic (Sydney Building – Northbourne Side)

ogrex 19 December 2008 8

At the risk of monopolizing 30 seconds of someone’s time for my own selfish gains: a few weeks back I was stumbling, er walking home through Civic when I walked past one of the shopfronts on the Northbourne side of the Sydney building. It appeared to be some kind of commercial lab (involving “chemistry” somewhere in the description).

I’m having a discussion with a coworker and I can’t find any info on the business. Tried the phone book (online and hardcopy) as well as a few carefully crafted Google searches… returned nada.

Does someone know the name and/or the primary function of this business?

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8 Responses to Commerical Lab company in Civic (Sydney Building – Northbourne Side)
Jazz Jazz 12:36 pm 19 Dec 08

it is indeed an ad agency and to avoid confusion for late night revelers looking for a fix i understand they are about to change their name.

R. Slicker R. Slicker 10:17 am 19 Dec 08

Sounds a bit like that business The Distillery a few years back in Braddon which was supposedly involved in espionage.

enrique enrique 10:09 am 19 Dec 08

heh heh, you silly bugger. I dare say you must have had quite a few to be so confused weeks later that you came here to sort your head out. =)

ogrex ogrex 9:15 am 19 Dec 08

Doh, OK… I guess I’d had more to drink than I originally thought. Makes more sense to have an Ad Agency in the middle of Civic rather than a commercial lab.

fnaah fnaah 9:06 am 19 Dec 08

Ad agency, eh? I knew it had something to do with drugs.

plausibly_deniable plausibly_deniable 9:05 am 19 Dec 08

I daresay it was Adlab, which is actually an advertising agency run by a Miekle with business connections with CityNews and various bars in the surrounding area. Nice fitout, enormous space for the number of staff. I cannot guarantee that all assertions in the first sentence are true.

stereo henry stereo henry 9:04 am 19 Dec 08

advertising agency

fnaah fnaah 8:44 am 19 Dec 08

Clandestine meth lab, cunningly hidden in full view?

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