Construction might be illegal

louise 8 March 2007 8

ACTPLA have finally commented about their approach to an accusation of illegal construction on the epicentre site.

Apparantly it’s too early to tell if the bulldozers we saw on the evening news are actually dozing, or perhaps it was just file footage and they weren’t really there at all.

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8 Responses to Construction might be illegal
Pandy Pandy 8:21 am 09 Mar 07

Brand Depot is just too far for non-bogans like me.

Even Jim (Liberal) Murphy would not attract me. Does he sell a slab of Ice Light for less than $20? Dan Murphys is just around the corner from me. I can get a bottle of clean skin red to go with my pasta for $4.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 9:49 pm 08 Mar 07

I think that if the work at Fyshwick is being done illegally then it should not only be stopped but the developer should be forced to pay to have the work reversed to the point prior to the illegal works (as is the case in all other east coast jurisdictions).

The wole fiasco of the Fyshwick development is yet another example of the Stanhope government thumbing its nose at the Commonwealth.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:04 pm 08 Mar 07

Snow just won’t let go, will he.

After driving a lot of small operators off the airport by charging larger rents, I’d like to see him suffer a bit of pain himself.

louise louise 4:33 pm 08 Mar 07

I don’t care about DFOs or depots or whatever (I don’t like shopping), but it does bother me that a court injunction can be ignored just because no one else cares for the competetion. Whatever happened to rule of law in this town?

tommy tommy 4:01 pm 08 Mar 07

The airport must be close to complete panic about their “Bland Depot” centre. It’s pretty quiet out there – heaps of cars in the car park but they must be staff at the shops (or people who walk to Brindabella park to avoid paying the Snowfee).

I notice they are metering car exit and entrances now.

barking toad barking toad 3:38 pm 08 Mar 07

Earthmovers were moving stuff 5 mins ago.

And covering was being put onto the security fencing.

LG LG 3:12 pm 08 Mar 07

My comment – who cares. Brand Depot (unless it has changed substantially since it opened) is utter rubbish. Poor products at retail prices, you can find better bargains in the ‘real’ shops.

Bring on DFO, more competition is better for consumers. I’ve been to Harbourtown in QLD and WA and they are both endlessly better than Brand Depot.

Is anyone other the Terry Snow concerned about a DFO opening in Canberra?

Sammy Sammy 3:11 pm 08 Mar 07

It was probably just Todd Carney doing burn-outs on the site.

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