Cops at Coppins Crossing this morning

GnT 18 October 2007 7

Two of our readers were delayed on their way to work this morning.

Lobster decided to take the eastern route from Charnwood to Deakin to avoid delays at Glenloch Interchange, and ended up adding an hour to the trip. Cops were preventing people from turning into Coppins Crossing Road.

Dark and Mysterious also wasn’t allowed in the north end, though people were leaving. Police apparently were everywhere.

Anyone know what was going on? And when the road will be open again?

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7 Responses to Cops at Coppins Crossing this morning
KaneO KaneO 8:06 pm 20 Oct 07

Relax, they’re planning to build a dam and backflood this place, wipe out the useful species and replace them all with carp and PS types in pillbox style accomodation (ala Gunghastly), so driving along there will soon be a thing of the past. Unless your car floats.

Aeek Aeek 8:19 pm 18 Oct 07

I’m surprised its taken this long, recommending drivers that regularly pile up on the Parkway go via Coppins!
As a road cyclist, that road is FUN! and one of the few ways to Stromlo Park and the Uriarra loop, a traditional ride.
As a driver, it simply demands common sense, don’t overtake where I can’t see, that sort of thing.
Someone who can’t manage that shouldn’t have a licence.

flyingblind flyingblind 3:52 pm 18 Oct 07

not surprised by this event at all, i drive down that way to drop off little FB when the missus cant be stuffed, and quite frankly the road is in piss poor shape for the amount of traffic that uses it.

As for the bloody mad cyclists that want to be closer to God that use it, WTF are you thinking? that road is bloody hairy!

Maelinar Maelinar 12:59 pm 18 Oct 07

Sorry, should have disclaimed – I see it from both directions.

S4anta S4anta 12:38 pm 18 Oct 07

shame the culprit was coming from the weston creek side of things mael.
For once the belcompton intelligencia are blameless.

Maelinar Maelinar 12:16 pm 18 Oct 07

Seen it happen regularly. I have most probably forecasted the likely demise of the driver coming from Belconnen direction on many occasions in the past (for the record, as a regular driver of that road – you get to know the vehicles with idiots at the wheel)

To limit exposure to Coppins, there should be a bogan barricade down Ginninderra Drive so they can only get to Summernats and the road out of Canberra.

Either that or move Defence Force Recruiting back into civic in conjunction with building a drive-in KFC northside.

It’d probably help to move a Centrelink office northwards too (applicants, not workers).

Actually, those 3 things would limit most morning traffic from Charnwood/Dunlop altogether.

S4anta S4anta 12:08 pm 18 Oct 07

at about 8:25 this morning, there was a two vehicle accident, dead bang in the middle of Coppins Crossing Road, with one of the vehicles flipped neatly into a couple of trees.

Something about overtaking up a hill, into a blind spot with on oncoming morning sun.

I guess one could say, the curse of the canberra driver strikes again.

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