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Counting coins in Canberra?

By astrojax 4 April 2011 31

I am a member of a credit union.  They don’t have a coin counting machine like the banks do / or used to have – and i don’t fancy establishing an account with a bank just to count a few jars of coins – but i do have these jars of coins i seem to have saved over a few years of not particularly trying.

I’m not keen on wrapping the things in paper tubes or filling myriad plastic bags with just the right number of the same coins.

Anyone know where i might get a machine (or someone other than me) to count them and exchange them for notes?  Do the clubs with pokies have these, and could i use them if i didn’t win them on their machines?

Silly question, i know, but that’s me, huh?

What’s Your opinion?

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Counting coins in Canberra?
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JessicaGlitter 2:36 pm 14 Jul 14

I guess at the end of the day if you need this feature with your banking it must be time to shop around for someone that offers it. I pay a little extra in fees at Bendigo Bank but you never have to queue, you can support rural communities who all the big banks abandoned, you can rock up and ask dumb questions and they help, they won’t give you a loan or credit card you can’t afford, you can forget your password each and every time you go to do your online banking and they’ll reset it for you and yeah you can just rock up with a full moneybox and pour it in the machine.

Or you can take it to a cafe or little shop, goodness knows the staff and proprietor don’t relish the idea of having to walk down to the bank for a big heavy sack of change. Just take it during a quiet period like 3pm on a Monday afternoon and ask politely “Hey I’ve got all this change, do you want some?” If it’s at least kinda sorted into coins of a denomination then they’ll count it out for you quicksmart just as they do when they set the day’s float and balance up at the end. Pop a few in the tip jar to say thanks. 😉

Captain RAAF 2:22 pm 14 Jul 14

CBA Tuggeranong have a coin counting machine and you don’t need to be an account holder.

Keep your 5c pieces tho, they are worth 6 cents each in raw material. I have hundreds of the bloody things I’m saving for buyback in 10 years, I’ll make $3 for sure!

Dacquiri 1:57 pm 14 Jul 14

Any update on this? We save all of our 5cent coins and then make donations of the accumulated amounts to a charity twice a year. All I need is for $50 – $100 of 5cent pieces to be exchanged for notes. However…it has been close to impossible to find a financial institution that will use their counting/weighing machine if you don’t have an account there (I bank with a credit union & Members Equity). I finally sweet-talked Bendigo Bank into doing it last year, but only after a lot of discussion and, in the end, only because a club I belong to banks with them. Seems to me that if people are doing this for charity, the banks should come to the party and exchange the coins. Yes??

RB78 9:59 am 30 Jan 13

I keep all of my coins for parking. And once I have more 5c coins than I know what to do with, I dump them into the self serve checkout at the supermarket.

neanderthalsis 9:33 am 30 Jan 13

dvaey said :

astrojax said :

does anyone know of the pokies club angle? i might pop into the tradies and ask and if i do i shall report back…

The clubs will happily take $1 coins off your hands, as long as theyre pre-sorted and you only give them $1 coins in the bag. Pokies dont take anything other than $1 coins so they have no need to sort/count other amounts.

I went to the Belco Laborious club some time ago with a large mix of coins sorted into denominations. They happily took them all.

Wokie 7:12 am 30 Jan 13

The NAB at Woden Plaza has a coin counting machine where u dump ya coins in at a dominationat a time. You then proceed to the counter once all your coins have been counted with your print out of how much has been counted.

Mysteryman 5:07 pm 05 Apr 11

astrojax said :

not exceeding $5 if any of 5c, 10c, 20c and 50c coins are offered

yet the pay parking meters, for instance, don’t accept 5c coins – next time i get a ticket i am going to protest, maintain that i offered to pay (my legal obligation, i understand) and was refused…

Do it. I hate not being able to use 5c piece for things like parking.

astrojax 4:15 pm 05 Apr 11

not exceeding $5 if any of 5c, 10c, 20c and 50c coins are offered

yet the pay parking meters, for instance, don’t accept 5c coins – next time i get a ticket i am going to protest, maintain that i offered to pay (my legal obligation, i understand) and was refused…

Grrrr 2:34 pm 05 Apr 11

What johnboy said. I know of one coffee place with a sign permanently up asking for change where possible. I guess they never start their float with a lot of coins..

So, start paying with more coins:

If your next store purchase costs $46.65 and your wallet contains a $50 note, a $1, 10c and 5c coin – hand them all over. You’ll then get 3 coins back – instead of 5 on top of the previous 3 in there if you’d just handed over the $50..

Keep doing that and you might even come home with no coins in your wallet at all.

johnboy 2:07 pm 05 Apr 11

However most businesses are glad to get some change, within limits.

Skidbladnir 1:58 pm 05 Apr 11

astrojax said :

does woolies (or coles/supabarn) take 5c coins too? i am always offended when businesses refuse a coin of the realm – and have buckets of these little critters!

From the RBA:
According to the Reserve Bank Act 1959, Australian banknotes are legal tender. According to the Currency Act 1965, coins are legal tender for payment of amounts which are limited as follows:
not exceeding 20c if 1c and/or 2c coins are offered (however, it should be noted that these coins have been withdrawn from circulation but are still legal tender);
not exceeding $5 if any of 5c, 10c, 20c and 50c coins are offered;
not exceeding 10 times the face value if coins in the range 50c to $10 inclusive are offered; and
to any value if coins of value greater than $10 are offered.

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