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johnboy 20 November 2006 34

In today’s Crikey there’s some interesting stuff on Steve Pratt’s litigious nature.

Of particular interest is the claim that he’s planning to sue CityNews for its part in his recent humiliations. Personally I find the idea of the litigious CityNews copping a writ to be extremely amusing.

I’m also looking forward to watching Steve’s expensive silks try and demonstrate how Gary Kent defamed him when the email was only made public after Steve forwarded the damn thing on.

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34 Responses to Crikey on the Pratt
terubo terubo 11:38 am 22 Nov 06

Sulla, you are right. I note that Nero (above) is sticking it to publius. You Romans should stop this infernal squabbling – it’s already cost you an empire.

pjlake11 pjlake11 11:35 am 22 Nov 06

He’s consistently a Pratt, thats true. Fair call Bonfire.

Sulla Sulla 10:54 am 22 Nov 06

Publius – as one Roman to another, I would suggest that is enough.

This is not the friendliest of forums after all.

bonfire bonfire 10:53 am 22 Nov 06

“I attend many multicultural events and meetings and Pratt is a laughing stock and he is also despised by the broader Muslim community where he is seen to be a racist.”

Really ? Even by his muslim wife ?

If you look at his record he has spent more time helping muslims out than anyother person who posts on this blog.

im sure the serbs thought that as well when they stuck him in the pokie.

one thing about pratt is consistency.

you may not agree with his views, but he is tenacious and consistent.

i dont think anyone apart from you regards him as a racist.

terubo terubo 7:56 am 22 Nov 06

Publius indignatus est!

publius publius 7:23 am 22 Nov 06

I am not a Pratt staffer – far from it actually. I certainly disagree with many of his conservative right wing views. But I take issue with a couple of comments above suggesting Pratt has made no contribution to multiculturalism. For example, Pratt held an event to celebrate Ramadan in the ACT Assembly this year which was attended by all religious groups. It received very little publicity. He didn’t exploit that. How many sending in emails to Riotact could write more than 2 sentences about what Ramadan is actually about? Pratt could. And Islam is not his faith. It is very easy to criticise others when sitting in front of a keyboard. The fact is Pratt spent years in the front line distributing aid to people whose lives were in jeopardy. I for one don’t discount that achievement. As Johnboy observed, garnering over 3,600 first preference votes is a significant result. Pratt is no accidental politician. And he is no fool as some would have you believe.

simbo simbo 5:27 pm 21 Nov 06

Well, the important thing is that they didn’t accidentally vote for anyone else first.

Big Al Big Al 4:44 pm 21 Nov 06

Jesus! 3621 first preferences. That many could have accidentally voted for him.

terubo terubo 4:10 pm 21 Nov 06

In order to maintain the distinguished standards JB has set on this site, I won’t ask you to farq orf 🙂

farq farq 3:54 pm 21 Nov 06

Terubo: FarQ too 🙂

farq farq 3:53 pm 21 Nov 06

That just leaves the rest of Canberra who don’t think ‘he is pretty good’.

johnboy johnboy 3:40 pm 21 Nov 06

Well according to the ACT elections site there’s at least 3621 who think he’s pretty good.

OR, err, 138 more than Steve Dozpot.

Still, a damn sight more first preferences than most of us are ever likely to see.

terubo terubo 3:40 pm 21 Nov 06

Sure is farq – but then it’s sheer hell. farq in hell.

barking toad barking toad 3:40 pm 21 Nov 06

“He has also added very little to multicultural policy”.

And for that, he goes up ever so slightly in my estimation.

farq farq 3:29 pm 21 Nov 06

It’s not hard to sound sane with the sorts that frequent this message board (CC, SGS etc). I’m not as conservative as most of you, so I’m sure my sanity may be brought into question given the right topic.

It’s also not hard to spell when you use a spell checker (even if it is stuck on US English).

Thank you for the greetings! I’ve been reading Riot-Act for almost a year now, so I feel like I know most of you. I’m sure to lock horns with a few people, but that’s what it’s all about right?

pjlake11 pjlake11 3:20 pm 21 Nov 06

Hi – yes Farq reminded me to be courteous! I am also a new poster but long time fan. I just get so riled by Pratt and a few others I couldn’t keep quiet anymore. Then to see Publius’ ridiculous adoration of a man most Canberran’s think is a moron- was simply too much for me!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:08 pm 21 Nov 06

Pratt’s next great idea will be to suggest that Canberra needs more Police AND more Lawyers.

simbo simbo 3:01 pm 21 Nov 06

Hi, farq – we’ll probably go easy on you for a bit because you sound sane and you can spell…

farq farq 2:34 pm 21 Nov 06

Oh and Hi all.

Long time lurker, first time poster.

Nero Nero 2:24 pm 21 Nov 06

What a load of crap publius. I attend many multicultural events and meetings and Pratt is a laughing stock and he is also despised by the broader Muslim community where he is seen to be a racist.

The main reason he is not liked in the ethnic community is because he is lazy and hardly ever attends events or functions. He has also added very little to multicultural policy.

Anyway publius give our best to Mr Pratt at your next staff meeting.

farq farq 2:22 pm 21 Nov 06

Tossing legal threats at anyone and everyone is hardly the actions of a ‘brave’ person. As soon as the going gets even a little tough, the Pratt gets his lawyers. Call me harsh but I think that is cowardly behaviour.

Does the Pratt think every last problem in life should be fixed with police/lawyers? I would have thought a ‘brave’ person could fight his own battles (He is a MLA, it’s not like he doesn’t have access to the media to get his story out).

Last point: I think the way he threatens anyone who mentions his past makes me think he HAS something to hide (whoops, he will probably try to sue me now).

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