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Crikey on the Pratt

By johnboy - 20 November 2006 34

In today’s Crikey there’s some interesting stuff on Steve Pratt’s litigious nature.

Of particular interest is the claim that he’s planning to sue CityNews for its part in his recent humiliations. Personally I find the idea of the litigious CityNews copping a writ to be extremely amusing.

I’m also looking forward to watching Steve’s expensive silks try and demonstrate how Gary Kent defamed him when the email was only made public after Steve forwarded the damn thing on.

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
Crikey on the Pratt
Nero 2:24 pm 21 Nov 06

What a load of crap publius. I attend many multicultural events and meetings and Pratt is a laughing stock and he is also despised by the broader Muslim community where he is seen to be a racist.

The main reason he is not liked in the ethnic community is because he is lazy and hardly ever attends events or functions. He has also added very little to multicultural policy.

Anyway publius give our best to Mr Pratt at your next staff meeting.

farq 2:22 pm 21 Nov 06

Tossing legal threats at anyone and everyone is hardly the actions of a ‘brave’ person. As soon as the going gets even a little tough, the Pratt gets his lawyers. Call me harsh but I think that is cowardly behaviour.

Does the Pratt think every last problem in life should be fixed with police/lawyers? I would have thought a ‘brave’ person could fight his own battles (He is a MLA, it’s not like he doesn’t have access to the media to get his story out).

Last point: I think the way he threatens anyone who mentions his past makes me think he HAS something to hide (whoops, he will probably try to sue me now).

farq 2:11 pm 21 Nov 06

Pratt is one messed up guy. He throws around legal threats like no one I’ve ever seen.

Funny thing is for a ‘law-maker’ he seems to have not even glanced at the current defo laws.

He is what lawyer types would call a ‘vexatious litigant’.

Imagine if this joker became the police minister or AG! God help us.

pjlake11 12:25 pm 21 Nov 06

Does Pratt have a PR Officer? He needs one about as much as much as he needs to keep his finger off the ‘Forward’ key.

morgan 11:26 am 21 Nov 06

publius must pratt’s pr officer

pjlake11 10:17 am 21 Nov 06

Please Publius- are you joking? Steve sent that email to 7 people apparently. Hardly what you do if you don’t want it leaked. Regardless of his past, he is not a leader! Good riddance

Big Al 10:17 am 21 Nov 06

Its an unfortunate aspect of our electoral system that favours voter recognition above candidate quality. Pratt was a second rate spy masquarading as an aid agency employee – but it’s enough of a public profile to get him elected. The similarities to Osborne – the content free politician – cannot be discounted.

terubo 9:44 am 21 Nov 06

He doesn’t want friends. His Heroes – John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart and Felix the Cat – didn’t have friends either.

Thumper 8:15 am 21 Nov 06

I don’t doubt what you say pub.

However, his abrasive and in your face manner doesn’t bode well for his political career as he seems to make enemies faster than friends.

Not a good thing when being a politician.

terubo 7:59 am 21 Nov 06

We’ll take your word for it, publius. Strange, though, that the other two who were locked in the slammer with him, now want to sue him.

publius 7:10 am 21 Nov 06

Anyone who has met Steve Pratt- and he is very active and respected in the multicultural community – knows that he stands his ground. That Citynews article described him as, amongst other things, cowardly. Steve Pratt is a proud ex Army officer who worked in a dangerous part of the world for an aid organisation, and was imprisoned for 9 months. He deserves better treatment than that handed out by a young journalist, who needs to recognise that words are bullets and that they need to be both fair and accurate. BTW last time I checked it was NOT clear who leaked the contentious email.

shauno 4:05 am 21 Nov 06

HAHA how funny this is great.

Pandy 10:15 pm 20 Nov 06

Pratt will go the way of Osbourne

futto 9:48 pm 20 Nov 06

heh. I never thought of that! I lost $20 on Latham at the last election… 🙁

I will always bet on the guy i DONT want to win, that way if they lose, the loss for me isn’t as bad!

sexynotsmart 8:48 pm 20 Nov 06

For the problem gambler, this issue may represent a value proposition for betting on the next election. Given the incumbents are making national headlines by closing schools and libraries, surely non-local money will back any opposition. Let’s hope it skews the market. Centrebet shows NSW election as Labor $1.90, Coalition $1.80. Here’s hoping they open an ACT book…

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