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Curfew 4 Canberra group formed

By ant - 9 March 2008 37

The airport now has an organised, co-ordinated group opposing its various plans for growth: Curfew 4 Canberra.

It is made up of a number of residents associations in the ACT and NSW, and its stated aims are:

– To secure an 11pm-6am curfew;
– To oppose Canberra Airport becoming a 24 hour freight hub;
– To oppose Canberra Airport becoming Sydney’s 2nd Airport;
– To oppose the construction of a parallel (third) runway.

They are currently running a petition and ask people to print it off their website and get people to sign it, however it has to be back with the group by March 14th.  A number of businesses and bodies around town are displaying the petition (which is where I learned about this group).

They are also raising the interesting point that, if the airport gets to increase operations to the levels it proposes, it will account for all of the ACT’s emissions allowance by 2040.

There is an unsubstantiated rumour doing the rounds that the aiport will be put on the market before long.

What’s Your opinion?

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37 Responses to
Curfew 4 Canberra group formed
Gungahlin Al 12:46 am 10 Mar 08

Yes Ant – this is a very disappointing reaction from some RA readers.

Curfew4Canberra is an umbrella group incorporating reps from just about all the community groups down the eastern side of Canberra.

There is nothing nimby about it. The group is pragmatic and recognises the important economic and social contribution that the airport makes to Canberra.

But it also questions whether the master plan put forth by the airport is realistic in its aims. If it is, then the noise impacts of some 20 N70 jet movements between 2am and 6am every night will ensure a whole hell of a lot of Canberra residents don’t get much sleep.

So the solution to that is to have an 11pm to 6am curfew put in place now – so that people investing in the airport and surrounds into the future are investing in an informed manner, and without unrealistic expectations of unrestricted flight times.

If the master plan is basically a great big wish list, positioning the airport for sale to someone like – say – Macquarie, then the numbers need to be questioned and corrected.

Which in turn brings into focus the key problem – the development proponent (aka the airport) are the ones who a)prepare the master plan, b) conduct the consultation process, c) assess the public submissions, and d) objectively (?) recommend mitigation measures against the intent of the master plan. As if…

If that isn’t a flawed enough process for RA posters, I don’t know what is.

ant 11:49 pm 09 Mar 08

It certainly is interesting, seeing the rampant self-interest and “I’m alright so screw you” attitudes apparent here.

What most of the sneerers fail to realise is the changes that are to come will affect most people, to varying degrees. You’ll have no protection from government, and once the master plan is approved, you’ll have no come back because it is a private company.

These people are not talking about the way things are NOW, they are talking about what the airport proposes to do.

and yes, I put it up because it’s a Canberra issue, a Canberra group doing something in Canberra about Canberra. It’s newsworthy… in fact the formation of this group got quite a run in the local media back in January.

I think maybe Riot Act is in danger of becoming a cross between a bitchy forum, and a glorified classifieds.

Mælinar 11:25 pm 09 Mar 08

@NatlanaelB – sometimes people post things they don’t necessarily agree with on a personal basis, but are posting it as canberra news, views or just plain gossip. From what I read, Ant saw a sign and probably thought to him/herself I might run this past RA.

NathanaelB 10:58 pm 09 Mar 08

*sighs* ant you should have known better than to post something like that here at RiotACT; what did you hope to achieve besides becoming the target of airborne vegies?

el ......Turbo V8 Re 9:30 pm 09 Mar 08

It’s the banana principle.

Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything.

sepi 9:16 pm 09 Mar 08

Noone here has listed any benefits to the community from the airport taking on Sydney airports freight role.

andym 8:35 pm 09 Mar 08

Yep great. Just what we need another minority self interest group of whingers. Whats that going to cost the community. Anyone remember save the ridge?

shauno 8:31 pm 09 Mar 08

FFS OK how about we change the title to stop all development in Canberra. Maybe we should introduce an anti progress bill in the assembly.

LlamaFrog 8:30 pm 09 Mar 08

If you don’t like it move, Belconnen might be better for losers like you.

Lets hope everything your against goes ahead and canberra can become a respectable national capital.

bd84 8:29 pm 09 Mar 08

*yawns* nobody ever wants anything built near them. It’s probably one of the best placed airports in the country and their normal flight paths amongst the least disruptive, but I suppose someone has to have a whinge.

If you buy a house near the airport or the flight paths you’re going to have to live with the noise.

The airport was there before most houses anyway, therefore the airport should have precedence over whatever is built under their paths, as long as there aren’t any major changes to them to make them directly over current housing there shouldn’t be a problem.

As for the moronic nsw developments, I say let them build under the flight paths, but they should remove any right for the people who end up living there to start complaining about aircraft noise.

JC 8:07 pm 09 Mar 08

Poor baby Spei, serves yourself right for buying or renting in a place that close to the airport and under a flight path.

sepi 7:48 pm 09 Mar 08

I already wake at 6.30 when the jets start going overhead. I definitely Oppose them starting any earlier.

Where are your constructive suggestions?

jase! 7:38 pm 09 Mar 08

oppose oppose etc. nothing constructive to add, just oppose anything that someone else wants to do

Mr Waffle 7:00 pm 09 Mar 08

Don’t suppose we’d get a high-speed train link if we did become their “second airport”..?

Swaggie 6:03 pm 09 Mar 08

I love this idea that Canberra can ever become “Sydney’s Second Airport” It’s laughable and if this bunch of Nimbys believe it then it shows the levels of idiocy rampant in their organisation.

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