Curfew 4 Canberra group formed

ant 9 March 2008 37

The airport now has an organised, co-ordinated group opposing its various plans for growth: Curfew 4 Canberra.

It is made up of a number of residents associations in the ACT and NSW, and its stated aims are:

– To secure an 11pm-6am curfew;
– To oppose Canberra Airport becoming a 24 hour freight hub;
– To oppose Canberra Airport becoming Sydney’s 2nd Airport;
– To oppose the construction of a parallel (third) runway.

They are currently running a petition and ask people to print it off their website and get people to sign it, however it has to be back with the group by March 14th. A number of businesses and bodies around town are displaying the petition (which is where I learned about this group).

They are also raising the interesting point that, if the airport gets to increase operations to the levels it proposes, it will account for all of the ACT’s emissions allowance by 2040.

There is an unsubstantiated rumour doing the rounds that the aiport will be put on the market before long.

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37 Responses to Curfew 4 Canberra group formed
ant ant 12:27 pm 20 Mar 08

Well spotted, jemmy. Taht article is in today’s SMH, about increased noise for Marrickville and Sydenham while they do something to the runway. Teh Mayor of Ashfield is quoted as saying that cargo planes should be shifted to Canberra.

Now, he didn’t think of that himself! I’d hazard a guess that the Canberra Aiport people are out, suggesting themselves to all and sundry, including noise-afflicted Sydney entities. If the idea didn’t come from our airport people, surely a sydney mayor would first think of Goulburn, which is on the main train line and an hour’s drive closer to Sydney.

jemmy jemmy 10:41 am 20 Mar 08

Interesting article in the SMH shows that it may not only be Snow pushing for Canberra to be a Sydney hub. Residents local to Sydney Airport are saying that freight planes should land at Canberra, not Sydney. I suspect that the really effective lobbying might end up being from Sydney residents. They are certainly the ones with some genuine political clout, whereas I suspect Canberrans don’t have a lot of it. If you see a concerted push from them, look out! It will end up as a done deal before we get a look in.

Danman Danman 4:14 pm 12 Mar 08

Hit the brown note there VY ?

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 3:27 pm 12 Mar 08

If you think a 737 on approach to the airport is loud, wait til I eat hot curry sauce again…

ant ant 3:00 pm 12 Mar 08

People are talking as though the “flight paths” are set in concrete. Wrong. Flight paths are mutable, and variable, and will happen wherever they are deemed necessary to be.

This will be dependant on weather, traffic, time of day, wind, etc etc.

So those spraying abuse at people who “live under flight paths” and shouldn’t complain, heads up. This issue is about the whole Canberra Region being subject to MORE noise, at all times of the day and night. Canberra airport has no curfew. It can run hot all night, 24 hours a day if it wants to.

Those who are currently unaffected should not think that they are “safe”, as they most certainly are not.

Some years back, the airport released a map of current and projected flight paths. And they were all over the place, and they were very wide.

Gunghalin Al’s other point is also a big one. Why is the Wolf redesigning the henhouse? Why do the airport get to run the consultation process into their own activities?

Aurelius Aurelius 1:25 pm 11 Mar 08

As much as I agree with the idea that those who buy in areas affected by aircraft noise shouldn’t then turn around and complain about the noise (which made their purchase cheap) at a later date, we’re forgetting an important factor: residents of places like the Tralee development will be voters in a marginal seat, and as such, they’ll have loud voices.
You say the whingers should move elsewhere? Perhaps those impotent voters in seats like “Fraser” should move elsewhere if they want anyone to ever give a tinkers cuss about their opinions?

paddytrick paddytrick 10:33 am 11 Mar 08

Die. Go spend your time doing something useful you bunch of d*ckheads.

Crikey Crikey 9:28 am 11 Mar 08

Canberra has no major industry to talk of but we have an airport that could develop as a major transport hub….creating hundreds of jobs. If the NIMBY’s wish to live in a backwater they can move out to Captains Flat.

sepi sepi 7:59 pm 10 Mar 08

There have been heaps of planes the last few days. Today there were stacks. And lower than normal for a non-cloudy day.

I thought it was just because I’m not normally home on a MOnday.

JC JC 5:35 pm 10 Mar 08

Where does the figure of 20 freight jets at night come from? Even Sydney doesn’t get 20 freighters at night. At night they get the overnight Australian express freight and the aircraft that are used on these are generally Bae146’s with a couple of 737’s, certainly not 20 of them. There aren’t that many in the country.

As it stands no international freight, usually flown in by 747’s and MD11’s comes in at night.

ChrisinTurner ChrisinTurner 4:39 pm 10 Mar 08

I think you will find that these people purchased cheaply under the flight path, then start agitating to get the airport curfew, hoping then that their properties values will go up!!

el ......Turbo V8 Recumbent Bicycle el ......Turbo V8 Recumbent Bicycle 4:24 pm 10 Mar 08

Meh…I actually like a bit of aircraft noise, but will probably be entirely unaffected in my current location. Wonder how cheap the houses in Tralee will be…

grundy grundy 4:18 pm 10 Mar 08

I hope so el…

el ......Turbo V8 Recumbent Bicycle el ......Turbo V8 Recumbent Bicycle 4:05 pm 10 Mar 08

Canberra Day celebrations.

grundy grundy 3:40 pm 10 Mar 08

We’ve just had 2 jets fly over O’Connor.
Huge amount of noise!
They would have only been a few hundred feet high.

The new flight paths havn’t come into effect have they!?

iamspam iamspam 3:34 pm 10 Mar 08

Has this master plan come into effect already? I live in Dickson, and for the past two days, there’s been a hella lot more jet noise than usual. And this is from 737s, not Canberra Day war memorial displays.

Adza Adza 1:47 pm 10 Mar 08

I also want to know where the “third parallel runway” came from? I can’t find it anywhere in the master plan… unless I’ve gone blind.

Are they opposing something that hasn’t even been planned?

I note that in one of the news reports it says abotu 100 residents. Woopdy doo, gee what a great majority they are. 100 out of 350,000 or so.

I love planes, and if I CHOSE to live under the flight path, no I sure as hell wouldn’t complain. It’d be my own stupid fault.

And FYI I lived right on the western side of Queanbeyan, not directly under the flight path, but close enough to hear the noise, as much as you do in Jerrabomberra. Didn’t bother me, my wife or my 3 kids at all, even when they came in late.

In fact, when it was louder than normal, we’d often rush out and have a look at what type of aircraft it was.

jase! jase! 11:22 am 10 Mar 08

it seems I stired 1 or 2 people up earlier (sepi for starters), I grew up under a flight path, I like airplanes and as kid used to watch them come in to land. when I was living at harrison (please note gungahlin al, neither you nor the GCC speaks for me) if I was outside I would watch the planes on a northern track come around the hills. I don’t like a lot of what Snow has done at the airport but I don’t support these fluffy bunny community groups and their umbrella organisations either. they also need to take a look at their restrictions they want on trainee pilots, they probably havent heard but australia needs more pilots right now and making life harder for them won’t help

Thumper Thumper 11:21 am 10 Mar 08

Bulldoze everything and live in a cave.

Man, i have a serious hangover…..

sepi sepi 9:19 am 10 Mar 08

I hoep the new 2AM to6AM flightpath goes right over your bedroom.

Unfortunately once that is happenning it will be too late to complain.

This is about Planning for the future and future development of Canberra.

And doesn’t anyone think it is wierd that the airport themselves are running the consultation into airport noise and airport expansion?

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