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Buying or selling? Get the right advice

Cycle City Lyneham !!!

By the_beast - 3 September 2008 22

I was in Cycle city over the weekend and I would just like to say that I was greeted with smiles and a lot of information on the bike I was after and even though it was raining they offered for me to take the bike for a ride.

I would recommend this shop to anyone looking for a bike. Great staff and a great little shop.

Gets my vote over a lot of the other bike stores!!

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
Cycle City Lyneham !!!
aronde 3:38 pm 04 Sep 08

I recommend Cycle Surgery at Florey shops. I have a bike not even purchased from there and have received great service from Simon (the owner) to trouble shoot and fix various issues. He even drove my bike home once after fixing it!

tylersmayhem 12:14 pm 04 Sep 08

Another vote for the Ride Shop. I recently bought my bike from there and they were excellent and threw is a bunch of accessories too. Their after-sales service is great too!

Duke 10:17 am 04 Sep 08

I go to TLC Cycles in Phillip. The staff are really good and won’t try to sell you some ridiculously expensive bike if they don’t think you’ll need it (even though I could afford one i’m glad now I didn’t buy that $3000 racer!).

But from the rest of your comments it sounds like people who work in bike shops genuinely enjoy their jobs.

Davo111 10:07 am 04 Sep 08

Loose Brown said :

Yes they are happy to sell you a bike. What bike shop wouldn’t?

Yeah but you need something that is good value (well priced) and meets the requirements for the task (i.e. not being sold something with all the bells and whistles)

justbands 9:47 am 04 Sep 08

The Ride Shop in Braddon has always been really good for me. My wife got a bike from them recently, bike & service were excellent….& when I had some work done to my bike recently, they did the bits they could do & then recommended another shop for me that could finish the job (they had a special tool to get my old, threaded cranks off). They didn’t even charge me.

Loose Brown 9:45 am 04 Sep 08

Hold, on, hold on, hold on!

What is going on here?

People actually LIKE bike shops?! You have got to be joking!

Yes they are happy to sell you a bike. What bike shop wouldn’t? Try and ask them for a bit of advice about a mechanical repair of your existing bike – one you want to do yourself – they will give you the arse quicker than a bloke hanging around in the Black Mountain Penninsular dunnies.

Did you take your old bike in for a service and ended up buying a new one? Did they look at your old bike and tut, tut, tut… Nahhhhhhh. Looks like your front ring is a litle worn… That’ll need replacing. Hmmmm, yeah, that means you need a new chain as well. And a new rear cluster… Yeah, oh and your rims are getting a little thin. That’s dangerous mate, looking at new wheels. All up you are looking at over $700 right there. Sorry, but that is the way it goes. Hey – look, we have a brand new bike just here for $700!!! Want a test ride?!

So I fixed the farker myself after a little research on the internet.

And don’t get me started on Cycle City – one time the guy there wouldn’t even lend me a spanner for five minutes.

The best bike shop is the Lonsdale St Cyclery in Braddon. They actually care about the ongoing maintenance of existing bikes, and one of the guys there Jason can fix anything from a Sturmey Archer hub gear to a hydraulic suspension setup.

atoz 9:39 am 04 Sep 08

Yep, I second the Beast’s comments on Cycle City Lyneham.

It’s now under new ownership (thank god). I recently had my bike fully serviced and swapped a few parts around for no extra cost.

Lonsdale Street Cyclery are a bunch of knobs looking to take all your money. Well, from my experience anyway.

Aeek 8:42 am 04 Sep 08

Lonsdale Street Cyclery has the best range of accessories, but I do really like Bike Culture in O’Connor, just wish they opened Sundays.

Hamilton 8:33 am 04 Sep 08

Onya Bike in Belconnen gets my vote – These guys are great, unlike some of the other bike shops who are just in it for a buck these guys actually want to sell you something for your level of riding. I went in their with an $1800 bike in mind (and would have purchased one on the spot) and walked out of there with a $1000 mountain bike after they looked at the level of riding i was going to do. They could have kept their mouths shut and made an extra $800 but after looking at the type of riding i was doing talked me into the $1000 bike. It’s been brilliant and was exactly what i needed.

Davo111 2:19 am 04 Sep 08

The bike shed gets my vote (Lonsdale St). I bought a bike off them a year ago and I’ve had no major issues. They throw in a free service after 6 months so they can make a few adjustments (i.e. chain and gears stretch etc.). The ‘younger’ guys and the store owner/manager were all very helpful

ant 12:41 am 04 Sep 08

Well, I flogged the bike to some locals off Craig’s List for $45, I’d added lights and other doo dads so they got an OK deal. It was a good bike though. I loved the gears, no trying to get them to do the right thing, you just clicked them and they went right to where they were meant to be. Brilliant.

living in a town with NO flapping buses on Sundays, you needed a bike. Naturally, it always snowed on Sundays.

Granny 12:28 am 04 Sep 08

This is how your bike looks:

: (


ant 12:09 am 04 Sep 08

If I ever need a bike, I will visit this establishment.

I have a bike, got it decades ago, and rode it, er, once. The spiders like it. My horrible driveway got the better of me.

I wonder what my Wal-mart mountain bike is doing now in Utah? $50, for a real, actual mountain bike. You’ll never see that here, and perhaps that is a good thing. But it worked perfectly, teh gears clicked from thing to thing without going silly, and it even got filmed on the SLC local weather news when it got heaped up with inches of snow where I’d parked it on Forte Union. (and yes i had to ride it home, ugh).

New Yeah 10:42 pm 03 Sep 08

It was raining, eh. Did they offer you an umbrella? If not, you got gipped. Sucked in by smiles and spat out soggy.

I like the Cycle City logo – it is a neat homage to golden-era Oakley, when sunglasses such as the Frogskin dominated.

Jorge 9:43 pm 03 Sep 08

Bike Culture gets my vote. Good staff and quality bikes – not generic factory rides.

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