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Data Centre for Dead People

By che - 30 December 2008 40

The Canberra Times has this article on the CM asking for community advice on whether they’re happy to have a cemetery and crematorium on the site of the previously proposed data centre.

Will the NIMBY’s come out again saying they don’t want dead peoples ashes all over their washing? Is Stanhope actually going to listen to what comes out? Is this just a tricky way of getting a gas fueled power station at the site (for the crematorium)? Or will he just give up and let the Greens have a nature reserve?

What’s Your opinion?

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40 Responses to
Data Centre for Dead People
barking toad 4:57 pm 30 Dec 08

Yet you are compelled to comment – I’ll loan you an “is”

winning star 4:44 pm 30 Dec 08

This nothing new at all.

bd84 3:19 pm 30 Dec 08

The new slogan for numberplates on ACT cars should be Canberra: the NIMBY Capital. People in Canberra jump on the NIMBY bandwagon faster than stopping a criminal robbing an old lady of her purse. Hell, people formed a NIMBY group against a development of houses near my place on some land that hasn’t even been sold yet nor any plans or development applications being created!

Given that the powerstation probably wasn’t in the most ideal location, I didn’t really care either way. The proposal for a cemetery and crematorium on that site IS NOT NEW, it dates back to about 2003-04 when the need for a new cemetery in canberra was identified, seeing the two cemeteries in Canberra will run out of room in the not too distant future (not counting hall as it’s too small to bother about).

The site of the powerstation was the intended site for the cemetery (slightly different boundaries because they changed them for the powerstation) and I’m guessing the guys weren’t too happy when the government gave the land away. But now since Macarthur residents have run out of things to complain about they need to try and complain about a project that will have absolutely no effect on their houses or lives (unless they need somewhere to be buried of course). Nobody really cares about some horses either, in fact they probably do more damage to the enviroment than having a cemetery on the site.

barking toad 3:15 pm 30 Dec 08

#4 Pandy – the sad one’s new facility that, despite an opening ceremony, can’t be opened.

sepi 3:13 pm 30 Dec 08

Also dodgy to promise better consultation then to announce something between Xmas and NY – the traditional time for sneaking unpopular stuff through.

Altho the media is desperate for news at this time, so also a good time to get stuff published.

VicePope 3:07 pm 30 Dec 08

Pandy – I’d prefer the ambulatory deceased to the Prattster and his hysterical acolytes.

monomania 3:02 pm 30 Dec 08

This just smacks of Stanhope’s arrogance. He likes to get his own way. He did the same thing about water2WATER. When his expert health panel said sewerage recycling was dodgy he decided that Actew would plan to built one anyway, demonstration purposes only mind you. I don’t know why he doesn’t go gracefully.

Pandy 2:50 pm 30 Dec 08

But will you be accosted by zombies?

VicePope 2:43 pm 30 Dec 08

Imagine the sign …. “Macarthur: Home of the Data Centre, Power Station, Cemetery, Crematorium, Morgue, Foul Waste Disposal Area, Paedophile Rehabilitation Centre….”. Then move Summernats to Macarthur.

Seriously, the best thing about this one is that,at least this time, I won’t be accosted by Stee Pratt (remember him?) down at the shops, trying to whip up nimby hysteria.

Deano 2:41 pm 30 Dec 08

Mr Evil said :

How about a cemetery AND a Data Centre together?

They wouldn’t have any problem finding staff for the graveyard shift then.

At least the NIMBY’s won’t be able to complain about the noise this time.

Seriously though, from the nimby comments in the paper it would appear that the complainant’s biggest concern is actually the loss of the horse agistment within walking distance from their houses. They are prepared to argue against the greater good to the community in order to maintain this personal privilege. I’d also point out that horse agistment does not equal nature reserve.

Jonathon Reynolds 1:49 pm 30 Dec 08

The original concept of a Cemetery and Remembrance garden reared its head around the time that the then minister for Territorial and Municipal Services was charged with a drink driving offence. This was floated to the wider community via the Tuggeranong Community Council (but as far as I am aware it was not the block that was proposed for the power station, more a concept of something in that general area). Unfortunately due to the distinct lack of media coverage in this town it didnt get much of an airing at the time.

The rationale was that there was no south side cemetery option and Woden was nearing capacity. The crematorium portion of the proposal was supposedly to make the whole project financially viable. I understand that the collocated crematoria was never supported by the TCC and they have consistently argued that the two facilities do not need to be physically together (the government desire to physically collocate something to do with gas facilities sounds like a similar sort of story we heard before about data centres and power-stations… do we see a pattern emerging?)

It will be interesting to see how the local community reacts: the proposed block is currently being used for Horse adgistment and I can’t perceive any less reaction from the local residents at the thought of burnt cadaver particulates to go with the NO emissions in the air they breath. At least the crematorium in Gungahlin (Mitchell) is a decent distance away from current and any proposed housing (and the Mitchell facility was there before the housing).

Pandy 1:47 pm 30 Dec 08

What? AMC motel? What are you saying?

barking toad 1:30 pm 30 Dec 08

Nice one centurion Evil!

Perhaps the mayor has a sense of humour after all. Offering the NIMBYs a crematorium with a smoke stack belching ashes to ashes instead of the data centre.

Or is it a kite to attract headlines and outrage to obscure the ineptness of simon the sad and his AMC motel? And to distract people from asking the obvious question of the mayor about his real knowledge of what the sad one has ‘fessed up to?

Pandy 12:21 pm 30 Dec 08


Mr Evil 12:00 pm 30 Dec 08

How about a cemetery AND a Data Centre together?

Then the Data Centre could be run off the methane released by the decomposing bodies in the cemetery????

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