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Data centre now moving

By housebound - 13 November 2008 24

It seems Michael Costello has given his permission for the data centre to be moved according to the ABC.

This from the TRE people who said that if they had to move, they would leave

Curiouser and curiouser.

[ED – a bluff called.]

What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
Data centre now moving
housebound 12:14 pm 14 Nov 08

Unless you work somewhere that gives you access.

caf 12:11 pm 14 Nov 08

Sez you.

housebound 11:57 am 14 Nov 08

You’ll never see said EIS. Refer to comment by deezagood

caf 11:56 am 14 Nov 08

It will be interesting to see the finished EIS.

Gungahlin Al 11:49 am 14 Nov 08

[ED – a bluff called.]

Absolutely. Problem with trying that sort of ploy is how stoopid you look when you are called out on it.

captainwhorebags 9:48 am 14 Nov 08

poptop: a fossil fuel power station is going to present health risks. It’s just at the moment we get to cook, shower, use the internet, watch telly etc whilst outsourcing those health risks to the LaTrobe & Hunter Valley areas.

I think the health risks in this case are managable, but I’m not a doctor or an environmental impact specialist.

poptop 9:12 am 14 Nov 08

I’m not altogether confident of his opinion that the development presents no health risks.

Sonic also believes that a strand of wire and a couple of bits of A4 paper will keep asbestos under control.

housebound 8:50 am 14 Nov 08

trevar said :

Sounds more like Stanhope is blaming the people of the ACT… He would have been much happier if the government could have dismissed the people and elected another one.

So true it’s scary.

trevar 7:08 am 14 Nov 08

“We don’t have the numbers, we don’t have control of this issue, that’s what minority government delivers”

Sounds more like Stanhope is blaming the people of the ACT… He would have been much happier if the government could have dismissed the people and elected another one.

miz 11:11 pm 13 Nov 08

I recall a flightpath issue – it is dangerous to have planes flying over the power station apparently. Wouldn’t the Stanhope Hilton be more or less under the flightpath?

Man With The Plan 10:40 pm 13 Nov 08

How about the block right next door (either side)to the Hume Hilton?
It would be the perfect location.

deezagood 8:10 pm 13 Nov 08

That is what we have been saying all along Cranky – that particular block is zoned industrial and there are other (much smaller) data centres already in location. Sigh.

cranky 7:17 pm 13 Nov 08

Fairly sure Block 2, Section 23, a 12 Ha block roughly opposite but south of the Gull servo, didn’t sell at auction. I could be wrong, but last heard it was not sold on the day and ‘negotiations had been entered into’. Nothing since then.

Could make a top loction for the data centre, Sonic.

deezagood 6:48 pm 13 Nov 08

Yes Miz – although I would like to believe that Mr Stanhope has finally come to his senses, the cynic in me tends to agree with your take on this … the ‘Independant Assessment Panel’ were literally ‘silenced’ just days before they submitted their report and now, just weeks before the EIS is due, we have a major gear shift from our Chief Minister. I don’t think the truth will ever be known. I only hope the next selected site is well-away from residential areas and located in an area that is zoned as ‘industrial’

miz 6:17 pm 13 Nov 08

My bet is there IS something preventing that site from being used but Stanhope won’t want to lose face (and it would be convenient to blame the other assembly parties). He can say he’s heard ‘informally’ pretty much anything.

Though goodness only knows, they would win friends and influence people, ie Canberrans, if they just admitted their gross mismanagement of this whole ‘ball of wax’ and shifted it. Eedjits.

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