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Day time UFO above Canberra?

By nanzan 20 September 2010 26

Yesterday I spotted something odd in the day time sky above Franklin.

At about 2 pm, I happened to be lying down in a playground in Franklin (where I was playing with my son) and I spotted what appeared to be a silver or shiny light very high up in the sky, as I was looking almost straight up above my head, and a little towards the south. It appeared to be very high, but with very few reference points, and not being able to work out the size of the “object”, this was hard to know for sure. It didn’t appear to move from side to side – it appeared to be motionless or hovering – and it didn’t appear to be ascending or descending, or if it was going up it was doing so slowly.

I got up and went to the car and grabbed some binoculars. I returned to where I had been lying down in the playground and eventually found the object again in the sky and it seemed to be in the same position. Some clouds passed over it and obscured it from view, but then it came back into view once the clouds had passed. Through the binoculars I still couldn’t get a clear view of what the object was, just that it was certainly there, seemed to be silver or white or illuminated.

After looking away a few times and looking back I eventually lost sight of the object. I wonder where it went, and what it was?

It looked like a star or planet might, but would I be able to see a star or planet in that position in the sky at that time of the day – on a very sunny day? It could have been a balloon, but its lack of motion seemed perplexing.

Did anyone else happen to notice this object yesterday? (It reminded me that something could be in the sky in a position like that on almost any given day and most people would never notice. How many of us lie down and look straight up to the sky in the middle of the day?)

What’s Your opinion?

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Day time UFO above Canberra?
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nanzan 3:47 pm 21 Sep 10

Jupiter and Venus were both truly a sight to behold in the Canberra sky last night. Mars was also easy to find and clearly had a reddish hue. Uranus was there too – although I couldn’t see it – I knew it was there, keeping Jupiter company.

Just out of interest, and connected to the original subject of this thread, how many people in RiotACT land have actually themselves seen Venus in the sky in the middle of the day?

Pork Hunt 1:17 pm 21 Sep 10

Reinstate Pluto now!!!

Thoroughly Smashed 10:55 am 21 Sep 10

Gungahlin Al said :

This close, Jupiter is considerably brighter than Venus.

At its dimmest Venus is still ~7.5 times as bright to an observer on Earth than Jupiter is at its brightest.

–3.82 Minimum brightness of Venus when it is on the far side of the Sun
–2.94 Maximum brightness of Jupiter

Gungahlin Al 12:21 am 21 Sep 10

Yesterday, Jupiter passed (just) 592 million kms from Earth – closest since 1963 and not that close again until 2022.
This close, Jupiter is considerably brighter than Venus.

The ISS moves quite quickly through the sky – the movement is very obvious. It can be very bright too sometimes.

junkett 11:06 pm 20 Sep 10

Reflective sign pointing south as the preferred place to live?

cring 9:42 pm 20 Sep 10

I was half-expecting the OP to say that his, “Mom got scared and said, ‘You’re moving to live with your uncle in Bel-Air.'”

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