Death at Dickson Oval??

Mrshmellowman 20 July 2009 19

When I got home last Friday afternoon around 5.00pm – I saw that there was a temporary blue fence erected down near the drains at Dickson Oval. There was a police car parked behind it and the bridge over the drain to the bicycle path was taped off with police tape.

As I watched, what looked just like a coroners van arrived and seemed to be loading. I had to pick up the little Mrshmellows but when I returned there was no sign of the cars, the fence or the tape.

Does anyone know what happened? I was away on the weekend and did not see any news.

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19 Responses to Death at Dickson Oval??
Anna Key Anna Key 9:52 pm 21 Jul 09

I remember one quite a few years ago where someone died in the middle of Garran oval one night. From memory, they were having a drunken nap. Unfortunately it was about -6 overnight and the beer coat just wasn’t quite warm enough. I concede the story I heard may just be a friend of a friend of a friend said….

ant ant 2:47 pm 21 Jul 09

barking toad said :

Coulda been pommy’s mate wandering down hill from Cook

That’s actually what sprang into my mind, too. Someone who’d ingested some substances and for whom the ambulance didn’t come.

rosebud rosebud 7:41 pm 20 Jul 09

Sadly, I live for trivia like this. Washboard Hank is now lasered into the febrile synapses of my brain forever!

johnboy johnboy 5:02 pm 20 Jul 09

midlife said :

Death beside a sewer! It must have been suicide.

barking toad barking toad 4:56 pm 20 Jul 09

Coulda been pommy’s mate wandering down hill from Cook

midlife midlife 4:50 pm 20 Jul 09

Death beside a sewer! It must have been suicide.

PBO PBO 4:35 pm 20 Jul 09

Auto erotic asphyxiation whilst trying to remove a car from a stormwater drain?

p1 p1 3:25 pm 20 Jul 09

Self asphyxiation from overuse of spray paint in confined spaces?

grundy grundy 2:51 pm 20 Jul 09

Drowning in the stormwater drain (that was empty)?

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 2:11 pm 20 Jul 09

Heart attack\aneurysm\stroke, etc.

Mrshmellowman Mrshmellowman 2:05 pm 20 Jul 09

What is natural about dropping dead in the middle of Dickson Oval?

grundy grundy 1:32 pm 20 Jul 09

JB works for RiotACT…. >.>


Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 1:28 pm 20 Jul 09

Poor form, Jb.
The illusion of anonymity might only be an illusion, but its still a nice one to have.
(And I hope you don’t out me if\when I start talking work)

TAD TAD 1:16 pm 20 Jul 09


johnboy johnboy 1:11 pm 20 Jul 09

TAD tends to have inside running on these things.

Mike Bessenger Mike Bessenger 1:08 pm 20 Jul 09

or a suicide

TAD TAD 12:52 pm 20 Jul 09

Just a natural causes death.

Nothing to go in the news.

Chopper Chopper 11:15 am 20 Jul 09

probably a Dickson flats junkie died.. who knows?

farq farq 11:14 am 20 Jul 09

nothing to see here.

move along.

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