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Defence Calls Off Roo Cull. Hippies win.

By papadoc - 1 April 2008 40

The Belconnen kangaroo cull has been called off, with the Department of Defence now determined to go ahead with its original plans to relocate the animals to NSW.
Defence announced last night it would seek the ACT Government’s cooperation in conducting “a scientific trial of kangaroo management techniques, including translocation”.

Canberra Times has the full story here:

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40 Responses to
Defence Calls Off Roo Cull. Hippies win.
ant 2:46 pm 01 Apr 08

I’m not sure what you’d use to lure the roos, as they’re fussy eaters. They like my lawn, but won’t touch teh clover. Got them some of those cattle nuts during the depths of the drought, the coast roos eat those, but the local ones sure don’t.

papadoc 2:38 pm 01 Apr 08

Oooh, can I suggest QBN? Not only coz it’s shit, but dead things keep popping up in their river!

p1 2:20 pm 01 Apr 08

Its not the hippys fault, it all the whineing anti GDE O’Conner living upper middle class prius drivers.

The hippy’s would be at the free BBQ drinking other peoples beer.

There is still time to go down there at night, cut the fence and leave a trail of roo food to another location…

papadoc 2:16 pm 01 Apr 08

Put the roo’s in Turbans and Defence can use them for target practice.

Thumper 1:50 pm 01 Apr 08

So once again NSW has to eal with the ACTs screw ups

Those stuff ups being?

Skidbladnir 1:48 pm 01 Apr 08

I say we just line all of the young or reproducing age ones up against the Defence fence and shoot them in the eye.
One shot, one kill, with fewer breeding hippies.

Mælinar 1:44 pm 01 Apr 08

There was once a time when Defence wouldn’t have cared either way and just done what they wanted to, ahh the fond memories.

@skaboy – this country is still fixing up the issues with the indigenous people, why would you think they’d have sorted out any issues from people who arrived later ?

skaboy12 1:28 pm 01 Apr 08

So once again NSW has to eal with the ACTs screw ups. If only people in the ACT would grow some balls and stand up to the tree hugging CAVE people

AussieGal83 1:18 pm 01 Apr 08

Hehe. Ah you boys make me giggle.

V twin venom 12:55 pm 01 Apr 08

Now that is funny!

neanderthalsis 12:43 pm 01 Apr 08

well the similarities between Heather Mills and a kangaroo are quite substantial, they both hop…

V twin venom 12:37 pm 01 Apr 08

No need Thumper, she has been relocated… at considerable expense.

Thumper 12:27 pm 01 Apr 08

McCartney is probably hoping that someone will accidentally cull Heather Mills.

LG 12:16 pm 01 Apr 08

The CT is still pushing the misinformation re Paul McCartney’s alledged involvement

papadoc 12:15 pm 01 Apr 08

God I hate hippies.

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