1 April 2008

Defence Calls Off Roo Cull. Hippies win.

| papadoc
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The Belconnen kangaroo cull has been called off, with the Department of Defence now determined to go ahead with its original plans to relocate the animals to NSW.
Defence announced last night it would seek the ACT Government’s cooperation in conducting “a scientific trial of kangaroo management techniques, including translocation”.

Canberra Times has the full story here:


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Deadmandrinking9:00 pm 19 May 08

Riot-act is now officially behind the Times, in all senses of the word.

Damn, old story.

Just watched the footage on tv. Really unpleasant. All the real men reading here would have loved it. The helpless creatures being terrified and slaughtered and all.

God is a Delusion6:39 pm 19 May 08

I think the Hippies have lost, You would think that they had more important animals to Protect.

So suckin Peta, Greens and Hippies
I do enjoy a good roo steak

hmmm – there was meant to be a video there. Two minutes…

This is what happens when Canberra’s roos get overpopulated and hungry and the govt is too wussy to cull them. They get agressive – towards each other, pets and humans.

I thought it was interesting that the picture in today’s Canberra Times of the bloke who set up the online petition against the cull, showed the wallpaper on his computer desktop – an Apache Attack Helicopter!

I think I should start a save the moths and unique weeds protection group, advocating the removal of the roos. Our nemesis will be the save the roos idiots.

Seems the only way to get something done around here is to form a minority protest group – so there’s going to be limited vacancies in the group.

barking toad8:53 am 02 Apr 08

I wonder how these endangered one legged moths and unique weeds survived eons ago when the conditions caused an explosion in the roo population? Seems the roos didn’t eat them or cause their extinction. Get the bulldozers in and the roos will move. One legged moths etc can do a Heather and relocate, hopping or otherwise.

Stanhope said SEVERAL times on ABC radio that there is an area of grasslands that is designated to be a park to protect the legless moth or whatever. Not all of the land is to be built on only some. The kangaroos are on theis designated nature park area and MUST be moved.

The CFMEU wants Lawson built soon before the other building jobs run out and have heavied Stanhope to make it happen before the ACT election funding issue is discussed. He lost all environmental credibility the day GDE vandalism started (hmmm another CFMEU employmnet creation scheme).

Heard something on it in the morning with Stanhope sprouting his thing as well. The presenter didn’t want to hear from the professional shooter on his thoughts on culling the roos.

They also brought up the cost of relocating the roos- $3500 per head.

Cost of a bullet – $1 max
Professional shooter – $100 an hour (stab in the dark)

Do the maths on how much this could potentially cost. and yet health care is up the shit house and schools are getting closed.

Go figure

I reckon the average re-located roo would stumble out of the truck (they are clumsy buggers), snuffle around in alarm, and then check out the ground and start eating.

imhotep – agreed, however, “moving on” also comes with laser sights, radar guided target designation sighting systems etc.. these day’s the poor old Cessna wouldn’t stand a chance. Then again, from what I’m hearing a simple $20 laser pointer can kill one.

Thumper: after being a Pusser I tried the Army and was in the Int. Corp. for a while. Trust me, it’s no better. Half the guys I served with wouldn’t know what a Roo looked like let alone how to kill one with a single shot or semi-auto. BTW: Is that enough gun talk to get the hippies riled-up do you think?

Felix the Cat9:14 pm 01 Apr 08

John Stanhope was on Mike Welsh’s talkback program on 2CC this arvo talking about this roo cull issue. He reckons that all the info he has from RSPCA and other “roo experts” that relocating the roos is pretty much just as bad for them as a .22 to the head. They get all stressed about moving and being in a new environment etc and some are likely to die as a result. He claims the roo cull is to thin the numbers because of the damage they are doing to ‘endagered species’ of flora and fauna at the area. He went through a list of several endagered species but they were too obscure for me to recall (that’s if they actually exist…).

A couple of callers rang up and called BS and that the real reason they want rid of the roos is so they can build Lawson there. They reckon they’ve seen maps of planned subdivisions in that area where the roos are.

BerraBoy68 said :

That said, I also have recollections of one guy shooting at a Cessna thinking it was a bird…

That’s why it’s probably good that we’ve moved on a bit since then…


When I was in the Navy it was simply a case of the Range Officer seeking suitably qualified ratings to grab a weapon from the Armoury and taking us to the range. I have vague memories of one guy clearing some roo’s away using a .50cal That be fun with a capital F.U.N.

That said, I also have recollections of one guy shooting at a Cessna thinking it was a bird… That was just funny, (not as funny as the Range Officers boot disappearing up the sailor in questions bum… brought tears to the eye’s of all of us watching.. and laughing).

I think the coast roos are generally more gourmet-orientated. The local ones are pretty ignorant and won’t try anything new, even when they’re hungry.

I’m not sure what you’d use to lure the roos, as they’re fussy eaters. They like my lawn, but won’t touch teh clover. Got them some of those cattle nuts during the depths of the drought, the coast roos eat those, but the local ones sure don’t.

Oooh, can I suggest QBN? Not only coz it’s shit, but dead things keep popping up in their river!

Its not the hippys fault, it all the whineing anti GDE O’Conner living upper middle class prius drivers.

The hippy’s would be at the free BBQ drinking other peoples beer.

There is still time to go down there at night, cut the fence and leave a trail of roo food to another location…

Put the roo’s in Turbans and Defence can use them for target practice.

I say we just line all of the young or reproducing age ones up against the Defence fence and shoot them in the eye.
One shot, one kill, with fewer breeding hippies.

There was once a time when Defence wouldn’t have cared either way and just done what they wanted to, ahh the fond memories.

@skaboy – this country is still fixing up the issues with the indigenous people, why would you think they’d have sorted out any issues from people who arrived later ?

So once again NSW has to eal with the ACTs screw ups. If only people in the ACT would grow some balls and stand up to the tree hugging CAVE people

Hehe. Ah you boys make me giggle.

V twin venom12:55 pm 01 Apr 08

Now that is funny!

neanderthalsis12:43 pm 01 Apr 08

well the similarities between Heather Mills and a kangaroo are quite substantial, they both hop…

V twin venom12:37 pm 01 Apr 08

No need Thumper, she has been relocated… at considerable expense.

The CT is still pushing the misinformation re Paul McCartney’s alledged involvement

God I hate hippies.

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