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Kramer 26 May 2007 17

I was one of many Canberrans who turned up for the Dell PC recycling at the ANU today. I took an old Pentium 233 desktop (the oldest and slowest of the 4 PCs in my house – even Linux runs slow on this one), a dead external SCSI drive carrier, and my ancient laser printer (over 10 years old and about 20Kgs) out to the ANU in the back of my Scoobydoo.

I arrived just before 11:00 and was pleasantly suprised by the logistics and organisation of the event. There was a slight traffic jam (Canberra sized) along the road out the front as people queued to get in from both directions. While in the queue I was asked to complete a small survey about PC recycling, and then moved through to the drop off area, where the people (all wearing Dell shirts BTW) unloaded the hardware from the boot of my car. The old hardware was being stacked onto pallets, wrapped with pallet wrap, and then loaded onto a large semi trailer with a forklift. As I drove out there were already 4 large pallets of gear wrapped on the truck, and many more partially loaded pallets. I then cruised home leaving behind a cloud of smug (thanks Southpark) knowing that my old hardware had not gone into landfill and resulted in the death of a thousand baby seals.

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17 Responses to Dell PC Recycling
Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:33 am 29 May 07

Good work everyone involved.

Kramer Kramer 5:32 pm 28 May 07

Obviously a sign of Canberran’s IT usage and environmental awareness – or maybe we are too tight to pay for disposal 😉

pamckeon pamckeon 11:38 am 28 May 07

Thought you all might like to know Dell’s recycling event in Canberra on Saturday was the biggest we’ve held in Australia to-date! We estimate we will have recovered between 30 and 35 tonnes of unwanted equipment — almost three times that of our events in other cities.
Here are some photographs from the day:
Many thanks to all those who supported the day, especially our volunteers, and to ANU for hosting the event, Paul

el el 10:51 pm 27 May 07

Nope Sammy, still no interest in Mac stuff.

Sammy Sammy 10:31 pm 27 May 07

Last time I rang them (or someone similar) with Mac’s to dispose of, they weren’t interested. Maybe now that iPod’s are all popular, they might have changed their tune.

tybreaker tybreaker 5:16 pm 27 May 07

I’ll put in a plug here for Charity Computers in Cartwright St, Belconnen – you can take your old computers here too and if they are still working, they recycle them to those in need and not-for-profit organisations. Now that’s the best way to recycle!

Sammy Sammy 9:41 am 27 May 07

el, dunno yet. I am yet to investigate the value of the item in the market place.

Snarky Snarky 9:41 am 27 May 07

Aargh! ANU Green!

Snarky Snarky 9:40 am 27 May 07

This event was organised by ANU Green, so kudos to them!

Really? Didn’t realise that- the only badging I saw was Dell’s. Yes, kudos to ACT Green 🙂

el el 4:22 am 27 May 07

Even though I just bought a dual G4 tower… much for the G5 Sammy?

Sammy Sammy 9:40 pm 26 May 07

I’ve got a G4 and a G5 tower in the cupboard now, along with a 21″ CRT display, thanks to my shiny new Mac Pro and 30″ cinema display.

I never got around to selling the G4 when I upgraded to the G5. Now i’ve got 2 old Apple towers to flog.

el el 7:03 pm 26 May 07

I dumped a load of ancient (IIsi!) Apple gear today actually.

johnboy johnboy 4:37 pm 26 May 07

On the other hand owners are sad to see the back of their apple gear.

Sammy Sammy 3:44 pm 26 May 07

Another option is to buy an environmentally-unfriendly Apple computer.

Sammy Sammy 3:42 pm 26 May 07

Incidentally, if you own a Dell PC then Dell will recycle it once it reaches end-of-life, for free!

If you don’t own a Dell PC, then buy one, and Dell will recycle your old one, for free.

If neither of those options fit, you can pay Dell $36 to come and collect your PC and recycle it. More details here.

Sammy Sammy 3:36 pm 26 May 07

This event was organised by ANU Green, so kudos to them!

The ANU buy a *lot* of Dell PC’s, so I wonder if this is part of Dell’s supply contract?

Snarky Snarky 1:04 pm 26 May 07

I dropped off an old printer, monitor and DVD player. It is indeed an impressive setup there. They said they initially expected to collect about 20 tonnes of stuff from the day, but now expect to exceed that. Kudos to Dell for doing this!

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