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Desalination plant for the ACT

By GnT - 4 June 2007 43

Desalination seems to be the flavour of the month in coastal cities, and the debate has arrived here. The Canberra Times reports that ACTEW is thinking about building a desalination plant on the coast then pumping the water inland and uphill to the ACT.

The article uses the word “radical”. I would probably say “ridiculous” and “prohibitively expensive”. (Then again, many Canberrans would pay the earth to keep their gardens.)

Isn’t it about time we realised there is just not enough water to sustain our lifestyle, and adapted to using the water we have more efficiently rather than constantly looking for new ways to get more?

What’s Your opinion?

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43 Responses to
Desalination plant for the ACT
Nemo 7:47 pm 04 Jun 07

We have numerous options


From the Tennent Dam option – which is one of many …

“A total of 92.8GL per annum has historically been available from the Tennent catchment. Hydrological modelling, which includes allowances for “worst ever” drought scenarios and climate change, predicts that this will reduce to 51.15Gl per annum in future years. This is still more than sufficient to supply all
of the Tennent reservoir options including the large reservoir.
The opportunity exists at Tennent to establish a catchment that is virtually pristine.”

Hmmm recycled pee….or pristine water…. I know what I prefer.

Ari 7:36 pm 04 Jun 07

You pissed Soulman? It’s “shore up”.

soulman 6:36 pm 04 Jun 07

Sorry, correction: “Stanhope and ACTEW why they have done nothing to sure up the water supply”

Should by why they have done so to sure up the water supply?

soulman 6:34 pm 04 Jun 07

Expensive, if they are talking about possible power outages in the future due to the drought, what will pumping water from the coast, over the great dividing range, and into Canberra mean for the power grid.

Oh that’s right, one more reason to move to nuclear power.

But I still wonder why no one has asked Stanhope and ACTEW why they have done nothing to sure up the water supply. An ACTEW report in 1995 said that by 2005, Canberra would need a new dam the size of, or greater than that of Corin.

The water problems we have now are no surprise. They were predicted. And I think in addition to finding out what we can do now to fix the problem caused by obvious procrastination, we also have to ask why nothing was done in relation to that report? Why after a drought of six years and changing trends in weather are we only now just looking seriously at water options?

barking toad 4:52 pm 04 Jun 07

And when all the state environment ministers feel it necessary to fly to Cairns to chat about carbon trading then all the posturing about saving water and reducing carbon footprints is just a great big tree-hugging hippie piece of crap.

barking toad 4:47 pm 04 Jun 07

I just use sprinklers when it hasn’t rained for a few weeks.

This panic about water is gay. People will,be whingeing about how wet it is in a few months.

Al 4:41 pm 04 Jun 07

I favour that it is another orchestrated effort to garner support for the other options by presenting the extreme, given the success of their other orchestrated effort with Jon Stanhope a week back to get us all lined up behind the gas power station to overcome the ‘drastic summer blackouts’ crisis.

sepi 4:04 pm 04 Jun 07

I keep my house on the garden too.

Thumper 3:40 pm 04 Jun 07

I’d reckon darkladywolf hit the nail on the head.

And it’s got to be one of the more ludicrous proposals i’ve ever heard.

Ralph 3:39 pm 04 Jun 07

Desalination, bring it on. I am prepared to pay more for water. Water gets pumped up a mountain from the shoalhaven for part of Sydney’s water supply.

As for garden watering, I’ve been putting the house on the garden a couple of times a week, as well as the lawn.

emd 3:23 pm 04 Jun 07

From what I heard on 666 last week, I thought ActewAGL were in favour of recycling as desalination is logistically difficult for an inland city like Canberra.

As for garden watering, we’ve been putting a bucket in the shower to catch the first blast when you’re waiting for the water to warm up. It’s enough to keep the potted plants watered daily, or could be used to flush the toilet.

GnT 3:18 pm 04 Jun 07

Yes, I think I need to go back to uni to learn some new words.

DarkLadyWolfMother 3:13 pm 04 Jun 07

Or is the only option after too many years of ignoring infrastructure.

caf 3:12 pm 04 Jun 07

GnT appears to be a bit of a fan of the phrase “flavour of the month”.

Sammy 3:07 pm 04 Jun 07

It’s just a distraction to make us realise that recycling is the only economically feasible option.

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