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DFAT losing its parking

By LlamaFrog - 30 March 2008 40

Heard that DFATs parking next to kings avenue is being taken over to build a new huge headquarters for the Department of Environment.

Dfat will get a six story car park built out the front of its offices, on the side of the moths that must not be touched, while below the enviro building will be parking for everybody.

I am sure there is info on the web that someone can link too.

What’s Your opinion?

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40 Responses to
DFAT losing its parking
neanderthalsis 9:41 am 01 Apr 08

600m high? The worlds tallest building, the Burj Dubai ( is only 604m. Either NCA is getting really ambitious or you mean 60m.

Eyes 12:05 am 01 Apr 08

The mole in the NCA has been sent out into the cold.

The NCA has a 2005 York Park Master plan which covers the area between State Circle & National Circuit and between Kings Ave & Canberra Ave. (Actually its an amendment to an earlier plan.)

Yes, planned are car parking facilities, an open retail plaza, lots of offices, a linear park, a saved oak plantation and a temporary protection area for the moths if any survive.

The puddle in the car park of shame will be transformed into a tree lined parking street for a retail plaza with shops in the new buildings. A water feature with a plaque will commemorate its former state. Some buildings may be up to 600m high – about 9 stories.

Check out the many maps a diagrams here

realityskin 6:42 pm 31 Mar 08

i love the carpark of shame , it’s free and easy 😀

it is happening, apparently end of july. the bottom level will be commercial with boutique shops and cafes.

ant 3:59 pm 31 Mar 08

The sign says Moths. I suspect it’s a long term social experiment by teh ANU Psych department. You’d think they’d install a few fake moths though, for veracity.

The car park with the giant mud puddle in it is known locally as The Carpark of Shame, incidentally.

So where’s some more gossip about this, eh?

realityskin 1:59 pm 31 Mar 08

moths ? i thought they were frogs ?

neanderthalsis 9:57 am 31 Mar 08

Ahhh the joys of private sector employment. I love driving past the DFATers lined up searching frantically for a park off Bris ave or heading around to the dirt carpark off blackall / behind PMC that becomes a quagmire after 2mm or rain. Makes me appreciate my secure basement carpark all the more.

ant 12:48 am 31 Mar 08

Yep, that 6 storey carpark will be “user pays” for sure. DFAT’s been living in la-la land for years, reality is starting to bite as those all-important postings start to dry up, this’ll be another nail in the coffin. They can compete on their real merits with the rest of the APS, and may the best department win.

Dave_K 7:01 pm 30 Mar 08

The DFAT car park has always been a ‘temporary’ proposition notwithstanding the boom gates and uniformed protective service guard watching the traffic back up on Brisbane Ave during the morning rush. Rumours of its demise have been around for several years now. In recent months they have started some soil and earth testing works in the car park- a sign that things are moving ahead on the proposed building. Barton will be parking hell once construction starts. Then again, if the Ruddites sack half the the PS in the May budget, maybe it won’t be so bad.

JC 6:19 pm 30 Mar 08

A building has been in the pipeline there for years. First any word has come about a new multistory carpark. If this part is true, which I don’t doubt either what is the bet it will be a commercial paid carpark?

I-filed 3:46 pm 30 Mar 08

The building is at least two years away.

ant 1:51 pm 30 Mar 08

I don’t doubt you, LlamaFrog! You have released a scoop though. Surprised it took Finance so long to evict Heritage etc from the JGB, Finance are scattered all over the place. I wondered if htey might not just abolish the buggers if they wouldn’t move.

Now we need a mole in the NCA!

If DEWHA are getting York Park, where’s DFAT’s carpark going?

Primal 1:05 pm 30 Mar 08

DEWHA gets a new building in York Park (north side, not moth side… has anyone ever seen those damn moths???) and then Finance gets to assimilate John Gorton Building completely. Resistance is futile.

LlamaFrog 12:44 pm 30 Mar 08

Tried to find online proof, but the national capital authority has password protected their internet site what are they hiding.

It is going ahead, just can’t seem to prove it.

astrojax 12:32 pm 30 Mar 08

will the new action timetable cater to this even greater need for pubic transport for pubes?

ant 12:23 pm 30 Mar 08

Where did you get this scoop from, LlamaFrog? Apparently, there were blokes surveying that carpark some months back. There’ll be wailing and gnashing of teeth over this, that whole area is a hodge-podge of cars on every scrap of dirt they can find. Losing another car park will have them on the Parly House lawns!

Figured that paddock with the moths was on borrowed time.

Pity they won’t build it in Gunghalin, think of all the Environment that’d save.

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