DFAT losing its parking

LlamaFrog 30 March 2008 40

Heard that DFATs parking next to kings avenue is being taken over to build a new huge headquarters for the Department of Environment.

Dfat will get a six story car park built out the front of its offices, on the side of the moths that must not be touched, while below the enviro building will be parking for everybody.

I am sure there is info on the web that someone can link too.

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40 Responses to DFAT losing its parking
ant ant 12:27 pm 08 Jun 08

I had to get a bus to Barton from Civic one morning while car was away for oil, and it was incredibly packed. There were more standing than sitting, some perched on the lump at the front, and there was nothing to hold on to. Awful.

sepi sepi 12:02 pm 08 Jun 08

Surely those in Barton should have the right to get to work like everyone else?

Busses may be good from the southside, but from the northside there is nothing – you have to get off at the interchange and wait for a different bus, which may go to the far end of barton.

Mælinar Mælinar 10:57 pm 07 Jun 08

I aught refrain from continuing to dispense fish, when I should be teaching people how to fish instead.

@Miz – next time I won’t be so sociable with ready-to-find answers. Quit yer whining and use your eyes on the 10 minute drive to work you have.

ant ant 10:52 pm 07 Jun 08

Yeah, I imagine the JGB carpark must be sane again, now DAFF have nicked off. It got to the point where by 8.20am some days, all the spots were gone and people were fleeing around the back of OPH.

Mælinar Mælinar 7:01 pm 07 Jun 08

Park in the JGB carpark.

miz miz 6:41 pm 07 Jun 08

Thanks. Bugger – where the hell are all those cars (including mine!) going to go? the new AG’s building supposedly has some parking (I notice it’s almost as ugly as the former PM&C – who picked grey and white plastic for the outside?), but with a lottery system costing approx $500 a year, docked from the pay packet (!!!) I think I will just have to go pot luck on Uni days.

I bus it the other days.

Barton seems to be well served in peak hours by the bus actually . .

realityskin realityskin 6:24 pm 07 Jun 08

it’s also where the *current* DFAT parking is, the area within the boom gate.

realityskin realityskin 6:23 pm 07 Jun 08

miz, correct ! ( and yes the foodvan is gold )

miz miz 6:18 pm 07 Jun 08

Can’t read maps – is this the dirt parking behind the building site on National Circuit (where PM&C used to be? (It IS next to a lot of oaks, and there is a good burger van there too . . . best chips and gravy for k’s)

ant ant 1:38 pm 07 Jun 08

They’ll print anything so long as you write it for them, evidently! And supply a nice picture.

LlamaFrog LlamaFrog 1:15 pm 07 Jun 08

Only 3 months later.

I also heard that the canberra times is going to announce that Kevin Rudd won the election. But no one would believe that.

ant ant 1:01 pm 07 Jun 08

As usual, the official media eventually catches up with Riotact. This in the CT today:
although they failed to see a very newsworthy angle, that of DFAT losing its carpark and hundreds of cars on the loose in Barton. They didn’t even mention it. I suspect the story is straight from a media release.

ant ant 8:57 am 03 Apr 08

Well, benefit or not, all other buildings have some form of parking for their workers. If this parking is removed, there’ll several hundred cars looking for parking in the area! And everyone will be affected.

bigred bigred 11:38 pm 02 Apr 08

ant not sure if you have looked over there lately, but it is already a shambles. The constructio period will only be an “adjustment period”. Why on earth should these characters have a benefit no one else in the country has?

ant ant 9:25 pm 02 Apr 08

bigred said :

Meke ’em pay to have their unused cars stored on valuable land. Either pay your way or don’t use it just like he rest of the world does. Those cossetted pubes really give me the …..!

You obviously didn’t read neanderthalis’s post carefully enough…

Well, if they start digging up the current carpark in July, but don’t build a replacment carpark for ages, it’s going to be a shambles. Maybe they’ll let them park on the median strips of Brisbane and Sydney avenues? Where on earth are they all going to go?!

LlamaFrog LlamaFrog 9:44 am 02 Apr 08

I must admit I saw a bus near DFAT once, I think it was a tuesday.

But no matter what if the moths are threatened I will be the first in line to lead the resistance movement.

MelonHead MelonHead 12:20 am 02 Apr 08

My favourite bit is:

“3.5 Transport and Parking

a) Parking policies for the York Park area are designed to encourage greater use of public
transport for the journey to work.

b) An overall reduction in the total long-term car parking provision is proposed…..”

What farking public transport???? I work in this area and can tell you that the bus (only a few each peak) takes twice as long as the drive.

realityskin realityskin 11:53 pm 01 Apr 08

bigred said :

Meke ’em pay to have their unused cars stored on valuable land. Either pay your way or don’t use it just like he rest of the world does. Those cossetted pubes really give me the …..!

Er if there was pay parking, sure. but there’s not even that.

bigred bigred 10:18 pm 01 Apr 08

Meke ’em pay to have their unused cars stored on valuable land. Either pay your way or don’t use it just like he rest of the world does. Those cossetted pubes really give me the …..!

ant ant 10:10 pm 01 Apr 08

There’ll be parking on the Parliament House lawns, you mark my words.

And why is this site crashing my computer tonight?????

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