Disputing a speeding fine

AG Canberra 18 November 2008 78

Has anyone recently had the good fortune to dispute a speeding fine and be successful?

My wife recently recieved a speeding fine (from the fixed camera) on the Monaro Hwy while in the right merging lane about to enter Isabella Drive. We requested the pic and if you squint you can just make out our rego. However I have shown the pic to at least half a doz other people and none of them can make out our rego.

Also she was pinged for 101 in an 80 zone – which is completely out of character for her. This speed just doesn’t match up with the way she normally drives.

Does anyone know about:
A – how we go about mounting an effective dispute in court
B – calibration rules for these devices. The traffic ops section has refused to provide any of that info to us….

C – rules for the camera shooting across three lanes (though no other vehicle is visible there is the possibility one is present in the lane closest to the camera but the image doesn’t show it)

Thanks for any and all assistance.

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78 Responses to Disputing a speeding fine
Tooks Tooks 11:10 am 01 Dec 08

63 in a 60 zone. That was harsh. Even a speed van wouldn’t ping you for that!

jjt142612 jjt142612 10:38 am 01 Dec 08

Well I had a win a few years back with a fine. I was done for 63kph in a 60kph zone – fair cop I said. The police officer(QBN Police Officer)wrote me the ticket and passed it to me. He asked me if I had any queries. I said I wont be paying the fine. He said you have to contest it in the court if I didnt pay it. I then asked him for the exact time of my ticket – he said 1:13pm. I then asked him to read his carbon copy of my ticket and tell me the time – he said 1:13am. I then reinforced I wasnt paying the ticket. Went to court the following month and was tossed out before I even set foot in the court chamber. Police officer was most embarrassed.

toriness toriness 12:33 pm 25 Nov 08

this thread is all a bit marcus einfeld for my liking.

Thumper Thumper 12:23 pm 25 Nov 08

I would challenge it truculently.

As words go, that is one seriosuly cool word.


Actually, their was a US P2 Neptune which set some sort of record for flying without refuling back in the late 50s and it was the Truculent Turtle, for reason that escape me given that it was an aircraft and not a submarine.

dexi dexi 12:20 pm 25 Nov 08

Stop rorting the system just because you think you are better than the rest of us. Do the crime pay the fine.

As my Headmistress use to say. “If you didn’t do it, this punishment is for the times you did and got away with it.”

Hdopler Hdopler 11:17 am 25 Nov 08

Dispute the accuracy of the camera, use FOI is required to get the information, then take it to court. Be prepared to spend money.

Tooks Tooks 10:48 pm 21 Nov 08

farq said :

I disagree that with the compact arrangement, where the police issue a fine but don’t have to prove it. It gives police too much power.

They do have to prove it if you take it to court. Paying a fine is basically like pleading guilty and copping the punishment.

Everyone has the right to dispute a fine and have their day in court, but most admit to the offence and pay up.

I don’t agree with those who dispute fines when they know they’ve committed the offence.

p1 p1 10:43 am 21 Nov 08

I would challenge it to a duel.

farq farq 10:13 am 21 Nov 08

I would challenge it truculently.

Granny Granny 10:05 am 21 Nov 08

AG Canberra, if she was surprised to get the notice in the mail, if she didn’t come home saying, “I think I got done speeding today,” then I would challenge it.

It’s that moment when you see the camera and look at the speedo while frantically braking and think, “Oh, crap!” and you just know. Sometimes you’re lucky and the dreaded bit of paper never arrives in the mail.

But you know.

I would challenge it. Seriously.

caf caf 10:04 am 21 Nov 08

You can do whatever you feel is best, but personally I reckon I’ve got more chance of being let off with a caution if I don’t try to play the bush lawyer.

farq farq 9:59 am 21 Nov 08

Get over it. Not all of us agree with the current road safety measures. People can, and should dispute silly fines.

I disagree that with the compact arrangement, where the police issue a fine but don’t have to prove it. It gives police too much power.

Disputing a fine if done out of civil disobedience is a very responsible action.

I am not a troll.

AG Canberra AG Canberra 9:54 am 21 Nov 08

And for that reason when you are pulled up by a copper using their hand held laser – they have to show you the recorded speed – and advise you if you ask about the device’s last calibration.

AG Canberra AG Canberra 9:52 am 21 Nov 08

mdme – nope I just don’t think she was doing that speed. So I am looking to satisfy myself that the info the authorities are relying on is kosher. If it is – we’ll happily pay. If not – then we (and all other motorists)have the right to have the infringement withdrawn….

Remember – it’s up to them to prove that you were speeding.

mdme workalot mdme workalot 9:48 am 21 Nov 08

@AG Canberra – I don’t think Tooks was saying you shouldn’t dispute it. If you genuinely think there is something wrong, ask for the calibration records and get your speedo checked.

IMHO the way you have written it was not so much ‘This is outrageous – completely impossible!’ as ‘Missus has f**ked up and didn’t realise the camera was there – how do I get out of it?’

Granny Granny 9:47 am 21 Nov 08

Come on, AG … we all know when we’ve been done.

mdme workalot mdme workalot 9:45 am 21 Nov 08

I’m with you there Tooks. I’ve been watching this thread with interest, and it blows me away that there does exist a few people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions.

Don’t want a ticket? Don’t speed…

For the record, I certainly don’t profess to be a perfect driver. In fact, I speed quite a bit. But if I get a ticket, I’ll pay the damn thing and slow down next time. It’s not rocket science…

AG Canberra AG Canberra 9:42 am 21 Nov 08

Tooks – if I don’t ask about calibration etc how do I know if I have grounds to dispute?

Tooks Tooks 9:39 am 21 Nov 08

How about disputing fines that you genuinely have grounds for disputing, rather than being some tosser who doesn’t take responsibility for his/her actions.

guy_fawkes guy_fawkes 9:31 am 21 Nov 08

bloodnut said :

Dispute everything on principle.


Correct. You are innocent until proved otherwise. There is a person in Queensland called Speeding fine consultants (www.speeddingfineconsultants.com.au) that has a pretty good track record of evading a fine. For a fee he will send you the ammunition that you need in court. It is quite good advice and worth the money but will prbably be more than the fine.

I have been relatively successful with contesting fines and my advice is to start a letter writing campaign and just drag it out. The more people that do this the more the system becomes bogged down and hopefully grinds to a halt. Until a court has ruled against you then there is no record and no conviction. The downside of this is that if you do contest it then the ACT is the only State(?) that lists court appearances on your record with the Federal Police records keeping area. Every other State just keeps a local copy but in the ACT you will have a record that will come up every time a security clearance is performed. Not a big deal but it will slow down your security clearance if you require one.

Forget about lawyers. Any lawyer that does speeding fines is a loser and at the bottom of the barrel. Go to a court session and watch others defend themselves. You will see that the lawyers are hopeless by comparison. Good luck.

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