DIY Wotz On Guide for the Weekend of 20 Aug 05

che 18 August 2005 15

My first weekend back in Canberra after returning from my revolutionary roots in South America (hmmm hope that statement doesn’t get taken the wrong way) and want to hear about all the happenings going on around here.

Post plans for your events, parties, bloodless coups and peoples uprisings in the comments please.

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15 Responses to DIY Wotz On Guide for the Weekend of 20 Aug 05
terubo terubo 10:35 pm 20 Aug 05

How did Crofty the Kambah Klepto go?

johnboy johnboy 8:46 pm 18 Aug 05

Wow that wretling site bring back memories of cheap net porn circa 1995.

Worth nothing that there’s a 2XX fund raiser at in Blue on Friday night with Konrad Lenz’s new band and the amazing matty ellis.

punk in drublic punk in drublic 4:46 pm 18 Aug 05

Two things I personally think are worth checking out this weekend.

The Greenroom
19 Fri August 2005
Hell City Glamors
The Hell City Glamours are a rock n roll band in the truest sense of the word they party hard and play harder, they work hard in the studio, onstage and at their song writing they openly wear their influences on their sleeves paying homage to idols Aerosmith, Gunners, Crue, LA guns, The Tatts, ACDC as well as pushing rock n roll forward without jumping on the new rock band wagon, at the same time with plans for SXSW festivals and tours outside of Australia the Glamours look set to take the world by storm and with a killer sound, hot looks and an awesome live show the Hell City Glamours are the band the stale rock n roll world needs. Supported by SEBASROCKETS.. As the kings of a scene ready to explode, Sebasrockets are set to storm the sleaze-rock world! Already boasting a huge underground following in the inner city slums of Melbourne, these dolled up dudes will be prancing and pouting the stage of the Greenroom after loacls SERENADE stun you with an ever tightening set. $10 will get you into tonight, doors 8.30, don’t plan on staying sober tonight, let the missues know what time to pick you up..

And the Saturday

Capital Pro Wrestling – There seems to be a cult crowd building for this monthly event. Bring your heckling gear and a healthy sense of fun.

Thumper Thumper 3:44 pm 18 Aug 05

Ah, chateau de Goon….

hazy memories of my youth….

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:56 pm 18 Aug 05

Red…and from a cask 😕

PERHAPS…If someone brings a hill hoist… then we could organise popular peoples front rally and goon of fortune day….

Ralph Ralph 2:40 pm 18 Aug 05

Better make it red cordial then.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:38 pm 18 Aug 05

I’ll bring the cordial

Thumper Thumper 2:07 pm 18 Aug 05


about time for a popular peoples front uprising.

Shall we march on the Assembly Building with pitchforks, burning torches and red flags?

el el 1:33 pm 18 Aug 05

Hmmm…peoples uprising… How ’bout it folks?

bonfire bonfire 1:17 pm 18 Aug 05

jamo markets trash and treasure on sunday morning.

i hear the donut van is leaving for good…

ssanta ssanta 12:44 pm 18 Aug 05

Texa Hold ’em $70 Canberra Casino, Friday Night.

loadedog loadedog 11:59 am 18 Aug 05

Slim Pickens and Round John Virgin @ the Phoenix, Friday 5-7, free.

Chris Chris 11:44 am 18 Aug 05

No, let’s have plenty of blood – preferably the Dear Comrade’s, ‘tho I suspect what actually runs in its veins is green slime….

Thumper Thumper 10:09 am 18 Aug 05

A bloodless coup sounds like a good idea.

ssanta ssanta 9:44 am 18 Aug 05

Fridge to Fridge round Belco ala JB’s B’day.

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