DIY Wotz on Guide for the weekend of 26-Jan-08

Jazz 25 January 2008 33

Yay! I love this time of year. Lots of long weekends and hot weather.

Now all i need to do is fill my gas bottle and fire up the barbie for that classic of all australian traditions – the Australia day BBQ with mates.

Dont forget its a public holiday on monday. Anything else on? Let us know if the comments.

[Ed. Gungahlin Al sent this in on all the australia day activities which start tonight]

The Oz Day website lists most of the stuff happening. The concert tonight between the PHs, bush picnic at Cotter, Indigenous stuff at the Museum, Glebe Park, Commonwealth Park, FA18s, ABC Kids concert, fireworks (going from last year, way better than NYE) for the kids 😉

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33 Responses to DIY Wotz on Guide for the weekend of 26-Jan-08
Nemo Nemo 1:34 pm 26 Jan 08

Went to the concert last night, had a great time.

The Basics were outstanding.

hairy nosed wombat hairy nosed wombat 12:01 pm 26 Jan 08

I have always liked the analogy of how to tell if someone is a witch, from Monty Pythons Holy Grail.

Sir Bedevere: There are ways of telling whether she is a witch.
Peasant 1: Are there? Oh well, tell us.
Sir Bedevere: Tell me. What do you do with witches?
Peasant 1: Burn them.
Sir Bedevere: And what do you burn, apart from witches?
Peasant 1: More witches.
Peasant 2: Wood.
Sir Bedevere: Good. Now, why do witches burn?
Peasant 3: …because they’re made of… wood?
Sir Bedevere: Good. So how do you tell whether she is made of wood?
Peasant 1: Build a bridge out of her.
Sir Bedevere: But can you not also build bridges out of stone?
Peasant 1: Oh yeah.
Sir Bedevere: Does wood sink in water?
Peasant 1: No, no, it floats!… It floats! Throw her into the pond!
Sir Bedevere: No, no. What else floats in water?
Peasant 1: Bread.
Peasant 2: Apples.
Peasant 3: Very small rocks.
Peasant 1: Cider.
Peasant 2: Gravy.
Peasant 3: Cherries.
Peasant 1: Mud.
Peasant 2: Churches.
Peasant 3: Lead! Lead!
King Arthur: A Duck.
Sir Bedevere: …Exactly. So, logically…
Peasant 1: If she weighed the same as a duck… she’s made of wood.
Sir Bedevere: And therefore…
Peasant 2: …A witch!

Danman Danman 9:44 pm 25 Jan 08

In fact, everything that has a seed is a fruit
Like I said earlier – I still got my analogy across – Im not about to split hairs with stranger on the internet…

Hairy nosed wombat I stand corrected… I always thought that weird thing at one end of the fleshy part of the banana was a seed… Whatever it is its yucky.

Capsicum, chillis, Squash and zucchini – fruit or vegetable ?

hairy nosed wombat hairy nosed wombat 9:34 pm 25 Jan 08

sorry danman, bananas do have seeds, but according to Dr Karl, the species we eat do not fully form them. The little black dots in Bananas are the under developed seeds.

Linkie dinkie

imarty imarty 9:21 pm 25 Jan 08

Tomatoes are a fruit as well. Thanks Danman, didn’t know about the pods. Agree point well put forward. I heard some where something about berries not being fruit and something completely different due to having seeds on the outside.
Lee Kernaghan hey?

Kramer Kramer 9:18 pm 25 Jan 08

Don’t forget the Aust MTB Nationals at Stomlo Forest Park.

GnT GnT 9:16 pm 25 Jan 08

Pumpkins and cucumbers are both fruits (as in, the fruit part of the plant). In fact, everything that has a seed is a fruit. Choose another analogy.

Danman Danman 7:38 pm 25 Jan 08

Bananas don’t have seeds…

Indeed you are correct – they do not have “seeds” however the banana palm has seed pods on its branches. Never the less I got my point across. Happy Australia Day.

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:22 pm 25 Jan 08

Oh and most uni students are useless twats…..can we all generalise? (Especially as I was a smoker and am now not. Does that make me an ex-crim? Wonder what Chopper would think.)

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:20 pm 25 Jan 08

go and play with your wooden ghetto train set fool.


el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 6:11 pm 25 Jan 08

If you happen to be mates with an engineering type, get them to turn up a fitting so that you can fill your own gas bottle from the LPG pumps at the servo (for 60c/litre).

imarty imarty 4:34 pm 25 Jan 08

Bananas don’t have seeds…

Danman Danman 3:50 pm 25 Jan 08

I am sure that there is a joint in Mitchell that does this, not BOC but some other trade shop like F.A.W. or something – have to ask the tradie stepdad next time I see him. Thats where they fill their bottles up

sepi sepi 3:20 pm 25 Jan 08

No more servo at Watson – not for 6 months or more.

emd emd 2:20 pm 25 Jan 08

Danman to GnT: Ner pfft :P~~ 🙂
Straight to the poolroom

On the topic of Australia Day, I reckon either the National Museum’s indigenous culture family day, or the ranger guided activity on indigenous culture at Tidbinbilla, would be nice alternatives to the crowds at Commonwealth Park.

And I think the servo at Watson still fills gas bottles. Unless they’ve changed to the swap-n-go service too?

Danman Danman 12:53 pm 25 Jan 08

On that train of thought DMD all fruits have seeds – thats not to say that everything that has a seed is a fruit – take pumpkins and cucumbers for example. On that rationale – sure criminals smoke – but so does my mate and he is not a criminal. He also rides a motorbike – I guess by your rationale he is now a member of an outlaw motorcycle gang such as the Rebels or Comacheros or Banditos ? Good on ya – go and play with your wooden ghetto train set fool.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 12:12 pm 25 Jan 08

On that train of thought, and referring to an earlier thread, Danman, most criminals are smokers…

Maelinar? Maelinar?

Danman Danman 11:39 am 25 Jan 08

GnT you presumptuious scallywag – my mate already smokes – it was a comment in jest – by the way – what are the 3 most taxed items in australia – Grog Smokes and fuel – I am sure he has already paid his medical expenses – seeing he has been paying taxes since 1989 – and if not – he can use my taxable income contribution – I run instead of smoking. Ner pfft :P~~ 🙂

Ari Ari 11:19 am 25 Jan 08

Great – thanks heaps!

lisagrace lisagrace 11:17 am 25 Jan 08

Ari – we just had ours done at Camping World in Belconnen during the week for $23 Hubby says its the cheapest in Canberra, most other places are $30.

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