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Does Canberra still have proper travel agents?

By johnboy - 6 January 2012 26

I’m in need of a travel agent who can make serious recommendations.

Are there any proper agents in Canberra rather than trained operators of airline websites?

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
Does Canberra still have proper travel agents?
Jasann 9:38 pm 06 Jan 12

I_P said :

Cathy and her staff at Jetset at Mawson shops…Really knows her stuff, experienced and organised.

Carolyn from Southlands Jetset was fantastic for us as well. We booked a wonderful family holiday through her, and she covered all the little extras necessary when travelling with a 1.5 year old. I would definitely use them again to book anything more complicated than flights.

I_P 7:34 pm 06 Jan 12

Cathy and her staff at Jetset at Mawson shops. I had a terrible accident whilst on holidays overseas and she went above and beyond making sure I had everything ready to file my travel insurance claim and checked up with me even after I got back.

Really knows her stuff, experienced and organised.

wycx 7:16 pm 06 Jan 12

daddy said :

hek62 said :

Jamison Travel. see Michelle

+ a lot.

+1 here too.

chow 6:02 pm 06 Jan 12

+1 for Maria Slater Travel at Mawson

Deref 5:09 pm 06 Jan 12

Travelmakers in Civic are absolutely excellent. Ask for Phil.

SocialHandGrenade 4:41 pm 06 Jan 12

Pauliina is an independent travel agent who will come to see you or you can meet at her office. This lady literally sleeps with her mobile next her. If anything happens to you overseas (ie. ash cloud, accident or injury etc.) she is on call & at your service 24/7 because she genuinely cares that you have a wonderful trip. She even usually has an equal or better rate than your average generic agency. She knows her business & for that reason has now been recruited by embassies to take on all their travel needs. Sure you can book online & save a dollar but if something goes wrong who are you going to call? I know when I’m investing in an overseas holiday I want someone who knows what they are doing dealing with it all so I can relax. Sounds like a sales pitch I know but honestly JohnBoy, I would not use anyone else.

Kdowgg 4:32 pm 06 Jan 12

BenMac said :

The girls (and guy) at Flight Centre Belconnen know what they’re doing.

See Todd. One of the most helpful and proficient service providors I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. Met him by chance booking a flight and haven’t gone to anyone else since. Is now about to do two of my friends OS weddings after recommendations and their own good judgement!!
Can’t heap enough praise!!

Bad Seed 4:24 pm 06 Jan 12

I can recommend Maria Slater Travel at Mawson (I think they have an office at Kingston too). Have used them a few times and they are great. I agree that Trip Advisor is a great help for hotel bookings and they can be better done yourself but in terms of airfares, I found the travel agents really had the best deals and when things went wrong and we needed to change flights or days, doing it through a travel agent made everything so much simpler. With hotels, often travel agents can get cheaper rates for you because they get bulk deals so it all depends what you want and in which area you want to stay. As with all things, do your research.

watto23 4:20 pm 06 Jan 12

There certainly are a few, but it depends on what you are after. I’ve generally got travel agents to match prices for me as well. I’m currently booking a trip through the intrepid store in civic, but i did decide on doing one of the trips they specialise in. If you are going to europe or the USA, most travel agents have been there. Other places, ring and see if they have an agent that has travelled to the area you want to visit.

daddy 4:08 pm 06 Jan 12

hek62 said :

Jamison Travel. see Michelle

+ a lot.

Mess 3:59 pm 06 Jan 12

Really depends on what you are looking for. My advice is to find someone who has actually been to the destination(s) and then make an appointment with them so they can clear their schedule and take the time to tailor a trip to your needs. There are plenty of hardworking, dedicated agents out there who will take the time to sit and talk with you (I used to be one). Also make sure you do your research on prices as well, as there are plenty of people who will take advantage of you if you haven’t shopped around.

kezzafezza 3:56 pm 06 Jan 12

Book it all yourself online. We recently went to a few different travel agents, getting quotes for a month long trip to the USA. We were disgusted with the price, so we decided just to book it all online. We saved over $1000 on our return flight (on the same flight the cheapest travel agent has looked at) and around $1000 on 4 US domestic flights. We looked at hotels that the travel agents recommended, and we could book them ourselves for far less per night.
Although, from the time we booked our flight over, we had 10 months to book everything else, so this was heaps of time to do lots of research. You might not have so much time.

Expedia, Trip Advisor and Yelp are your friends.

Stinger 3:52 pm 06 Jan 12

I found Cathe at Harvey World in the Canberra Centre excellent. No just a website surfer.

BenMac 3:51 pm 06 Jan 12

The girls (and guy) at Flight Centre Belconnen know what they’re doing.

My only advice, get travel insurance. The amount of people who don’t get it to save less than $100 is amazing.

hek62 3:37 pm 06 Jan 12

Jamison Travel. see Michelle

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