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Does Movember take a cut from ‘donations’ for profit?

By I-filed 30 October 2008 40

A friend of mine participated in Movember last year – but was disgusted afterwards, he told me, when he discovered the organisers take quite a cut from the proceeds. He nominated 40 per cent, but I don’t know if that’s true …

Does anyone know how Movember’s finances work?

100 per cent of funds raised should be going to the cause …


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40 Responses to
Does Movember take a cut from ‘donations’ for profit?
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harvyk1 3:50 pm 31 Oct 08

I-filed said :

How much can the actual costs be for a one-month promo? Can’t people donate their time?

I’ll tell you what, YOU donate your time for the month. Have you ever tried living for a month with absolutely no income? Unfortunately you still need to eat, have a roof over your head, and get from A to B from time to time, and these things are not going to happen for free.

So I-filed, do you have actual figures, or are you basing everything on a hunch by a friend of a friend of a friend?

Granny 2:26 pm 31 Oct 08


I so wanted to go to this with Loquaciousness. Now I will be in Brisvegas drinking martinis by the pool with a little schoolfriend. Swings and roundabouts I suppose.

Overheard 2:16 pm 31 Oct 08

Having grown a horrendous ‘Merv’ style mo last year and raising about $250 (from memory), I decided that maybe if I promise NOT to grow one this year, I could raise some cash.

But having just rattled the tin for Pink Ribbon Day, I fear it may get inserted up my colon if I bring the tin out again so soon.

The hideous 2007 picture may picture here: if they put my performer details up before ‘The Creek’ kicks off in two weeks.

Whatsup 2:04 pm 31 Oct 08

I’ve donated to a mate of mine who is growing the mo. I feel sorry for his wife having to put up with the itchy scratchy kisses for a month.

neanderthalsis 2:03 pm 31 Oct 08

It wasn’t just Adolf that had the toothbrush, Charlie Chaplin had one too.

I’m considering a Dali this year

D-Man 1:49 pm 31 Oct 08

I’m willing to donate $50 to anyone willing to go with ‘The Adolf’

Granny 1:34 pm 31 Oct 08

I haven’t yet quite decided what kind of mo I’m growing this year.

smiling politely 1:29 pm 31 Oct 08

Slightly off-topic but perhaps more Canberra-relevant, may I just make a minor request to all participating gents this mo-vember that you forget the trucker/porno mo look for this year?

Great that you’re raising cash, guys – and I’ll be donating, but could we please see a few more Tom Sellecks and Australian Cricketers this time around?

Granny 1:01 pm 31 Oct 08

Gosh, who knew Lincoln had half a beard?

Skidbladnir 12:56 pm 31 Oct 08

Jim Jones said :

That sounds pretty freaky. How does it look?

Granny 12:26 pm 31 Oct 08

Imagine shaving every day without any of the benefits!


Jim Jones 12:00 pm 31 Oct 08

I couldn’t handle it myself. The thought of being facial-hair non-symmetrical makes me itchy for some reason.

Granny 11:45 am 31 Oct 08

Well, he is a kind of cool, arty person, so it sort of looks that way once you get used to it. But mostly you kind of meet him, and he can see the shock and horror reflected in your eyes, while you try and put on a mask to cover it up. Then you don’t know where to look, like if someone’s got a big pimple on their nose and you’re trying not to look at it, and the harder you try the worse it gets. But you do kind of get used to it after a while. For some reason it is just very confronting!


Jim Jones 11:35 am 31 Oct 08

That sounds pretty freaky. How does it look?

Granny 11:12 am 31 Oct 08

I know a guy who has half a beard on one side of his face, and the other side is completely clean shaven. It is very socially challenging until you get used to it.

Jim Jones 10:59 am 31 Oct 08

I’ve seen dudes wandering around with full beards and no mos, surely they’re Amish. Don’t tell me they’re not raising barns with that getup.

peterh 10:54 am 31 Oct 08

Jim Jones said :

Do you reckon you could get some Amish dudes to grow moustaches? The beard without a mo thing always freaks me a bit.

are there any amish in australia?

Jim Jones 10:45 am 31 Oct 08

Do you reckon you could get some Amish dudes to grow moustaches? The beard without a mo thing always freaks me a bit.

Jim Jones 10:44 am 31 Oct 08

It’s just another OUTRAGE post, but this time the source of a heap of incorrect information was ‘a friend of mine’.

It’s like the forum-based version of Today Tonight.

… coming up next, the cat that can count!

realityskin 10:40 am 31 Oct 08

peterh said :

considering that they provide funding to both the men’s prostate health and Beyond blue, I am going to go in it with a work team.

I did it last year, week 4 is annoying and itchy – definitely go the handlebar

this year we are paying a guy who has a mustache for 25 years to shave it off for 2k

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