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Dog parks don’t get done in time

By johnboy - 10 October 2008 38

John Hargreaves has put out a media release admitting that the planned dog parks for Tuggeranong and Belconnen won’t be ready before election day.

But they’re coming real soon now.

An open patch of grass and a stick is normally enough to keep most dogs overjoyed. Add a plastic bag dispenser and an occasionally emptied wheely bin and most people are happy.

Any dog park aficionados able to explain how these $220,000 facilities will improve the experience?

What’s Your opinion?

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38 Responses to
Dog parks don’t get done in time
Matto 1:54 pm 10 Oct 08

I’m sure there’s going to be just as many complaints about the noise the puppies are making, and then what type of hours are you allowed to take the dogs there? I’m not saying that I’m against the whole idea, I think it’s great for the dog to have somewhere safe to go. But dropping a silly amount of money doing it, doesn’t really make sense.

deye 1:53 pm 10 Oct 08

I’m still amazed I saw people take dogs to the Nara candle festival along with all the crowd and try and walk them along the path around the candles. It’s a wonder the smaller ones didn’t get stepped on.

amarooresident 1:51 pm 10 Oct 08

Turn into Forde and follow the main road around and it is on the right behind the basketball court. Not a huge area but plenty of room for the dog to run around in and sniff some bums.

Bluebelle 1:48 pm 10 Oct 08

Where is this place in Forde it sounds like fun?

amarooresident 1:44 pm 10 Oct 08

PBO said :

One thing that i cannot understand is how these things manage to cost so much. Why a dog park? What is wrong with the oval or just an open area?

There are not many areas in Canberra that you can legally have the dog off the leash so a small fenced off area that you can let the dog run around safely without bothering others is a good thing from my point of view. if they supplied poo bags all the better but it doesn’t take much effort to bring some from home everytime you go for a walk.

astrojax 1:44 pm 10 Oct 08

What is wrong with the oval or just an open area?

see sepi’s prescient comments @ #1 which were words from my own fingers, damn you sepi!

yup, a fence makes it possible for the more enthusiastically free hounds to gambol about and can also, with appropriate signage and binnage, signal that this is a ‘dogs too’ area to other users.

and i am all for the bags, but remind all doggists that they should really be in the habit of having a bag or two with them any time pooch leaves the yard, anyway…

a cafe attached to dog areas would be a nice touch, if any candidates are reading… ; )

Bluebelle 1:40 pm 10 Oct 08

Doggy doo in a bin…..what bin? I carry mine around untill I spy some unsuspecting householder’s bin, left out too long and dump it in that.

mutley 1:33 pm 10 Oct 08

Hobart have them everywhere attached to bins

They have bins? Lucky bastards!!

dexi 1:29 pm 10 Oct 08

How about dog poo bag dispenses in all parks. Hobart have them everywhere attached to bins. I’m yet to see one in Canberra. A simple idea that dog owners can use to keep all spaces clean. You could even sell advertising rights on the dispenser.

Matto 1:28 pm 10 Oct 08

But still, a $1/4M is a hell of a lot of money for a fence, a bin, a few logs to jump over/go under and the odd puddle to roll in.

PBO 1:18 pm 10 Oct 08

One thing that i cannot understand is how these things manage to cost so much. Why a dog park? What is wrong with the oval or just an open area?

sepi 1:17 pm 10 Oct 08

My dog isn’t going to bite anyone, but he won’t reliably come when called.
He is from the rspca, so he came with bad habits, and a term at dog training improved him, but not a lot.

Matto 1:04 pm 10 Oct 08

Not really money well spent. Sure it is nice to have the dog off the leash, and running around like a chook with it’s head cut off. But I’m sure like most dog walkers, their dog is responsive enough to return when called without biting the back tyres of some poor cyclist without the need for a “pen”.

amarooresident 1:02 pm 10 Oct 08

I use the one in Forde that has recently opened and it is a lot of fun. it has various bits of infrastructure for the dogs to run through, jump over etc and it is a good safe place for dogs to run free and socialise without worry for the owners.

Also means that you don’t have to worry about annoying other members of the public who aren’t comfortable with dogs.

sepi 12:57 pm 10 Oct 08

A fence so the dogs can’t run off!
And so it is obvious to other park users that the dogs have the right to be there.

I think they’ll be great. Can we have one in the inner north too?

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