Dog parks don’t get done in time

johnboy 10 October 2008 38

John Hargreaves has put out a media release admitting that the planned dog parks for Tuggeranong and Belconnen won’t be ready before election day.

But they’re coming real soon now.

An open patch of grass and a stick is normally enough to keep most dogs overjoyed. Add a plastic bag dispenser and an occasionally emptied wheely bin and most people are happy.

Any dog park aficionados able to explain how these $220,000 facilities will improve the experience?

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38 Responses to Dog parks don’t get done in time
NAT NAT 10:07 pm 27 Jan 09

The thing that is wrong with open ovals is people that don’t like dogs!!! I have had many people screamig and carrying on “why don’t you have your dog o a lead, we should be able to walk freely, i am going to call the pound on you”. A dog park is a place where people can take there dogs and socialise them properly and not be worried about them jumping up and licking someone and that person yelling out “your dogs attacking me!!!” Im so sick of those people.

lava lava 9:46 am 09 Nov 08

Ha! My dogs can do that too, thank goodness they don’t have opposable thumbs. Then again, if they did they could open up their own dog food cans . . .

The dog park in Forde is good (wish it was bigger) but after one of my dogs was attacked there, I haven’t been back. I’d suggest a ‘Rules of Use’ sign but for the fact the people who really need it probably wouldn’t read it.

I contacted TAMS about the facilities (initially there wasn’t even a rubbish bin) but they advised that it was privately developed, so they could only pass on suggestions.

Lastly, I have heard of another 10m rule, which is that if you’re in an off lead area but there is a walking path within it, dogs must be on lead when within 10m of the path.

ant ant 9:03 am 09 Nov 08

Leo said “…..”

That gave me quite a start! I thought my dog had finally worked out how to work the computer, but no, he’s sitting on my lap (watching, and learning no doubt).

He can open the windows in cars with electric windows, however, so it’s only a matter of time.

Leo Leo 10:49 pm 08 Nov 08

I have used a dog park in Mornington which has just been opened by the local Council. It has been designed by a mob called Paws4Play and includes a big open area and another area that is going to be landscaped with ‘hardy’ vegetation that dogs can rummage through. There is already some equipment in place that you can use to train and educate your dog – makes it fun. I understand that there is going to be instructions to help use the equipment and more landscaping to happen. There is also a playground for kids at the reserve.

It is a great place to meet people and older people who go there can let their dogs run and socialise without being anxious about the dog running off. Greta that dog owners are getting a piece of open space.

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 11:25 pm 11 Oct 08

@astrojax (#33) ROFL (That’s all)

BTW – did anyone see anything (ie Chronicle article last issue) about the $30,000 park in Kaleen (ie what a set of swings costs that *apparently*)

astrojax astrojax 7:52 pm 11 Oct 08

i agree, pbo, these sort of dollar figures always seem to be outrageous to me too, but then it seems to take a hundred kay to even fart so a bit over two farts seems reasonable, when viewed through the flatulence glasses…

Gin02 Gin02 5:10 pm 11 Oct 08

I see no problem with the off leash dog parks. Anything to keep my dog away from the commuting cyclists that glare at me as they zoom past, while my leashed dog and I walk along the bikepath. How dare I use the bikepath for something other than riding a bike! Oh yeah, a warning bell wouldn’t go astray either!

PBO PBO 10:46 am 11 Oct 08

astrojax said :

What is wrong with the oval or just an open area?

see sepi’s prescient comments @ #1 which were words from my own fingers, damn you sepi!

yup, a fence makes it possible for the more enthusiastically free hounds to gambol about and can also, with appropriate signage and binnage, signal that this is a ‘dogs too’ area to other users.

and i am all for the bags, but remind all doggists that they should really be in the habit of having a bag or two with them any time pooch leaves the yard, anyway…

a cafe attached to dog areas would be a nice touch, if any candidates are reading… ; )

amarooresident said :

PBO said :

One thing that i cannot understand is how these things manage to cost so much. Why a dog park? What is wrong with the oval or just an open area?

There are not many areas in Canberra that you can legally have the dog off the leash so a small fenced off area that you can let the dog run around safely without bothering others is a good thing from my point of view. if they supplied poo bags all the better but it doesn’t take much effort to bring some from home everytime you go for a walk.

I understand and appreciate both of your points, I might be wrong about what i am talking about and i will be the first to admit it but it just seems like a lot of money thats all.

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 6:22 am 11 Oct 08

heh heh, Harrison is right next to Forde… good planning 😉

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 6:21 am 11 Oct 08

Walk a dog, carry a bag, pick up after dog, throw in bin when you get home – I see no problem with using someone else’s bin BTW (for said “doggy bag”), they are public property after all, and it is certainly better than poo or poo-filled bags being left around!

From TAMS website:
“In addition, in public places a dog must not be taken within 10 meters of:

* a designated playspace if children are playing on it; or
* a fireplace or heating appliance in designated for cooking.”

Oh, and maybe some dog-related laws need to start being enforced… harshly…

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 6:13 am 11 Oct 08

darkmilk (@ #16): thanks for useful link!

drop kicks who can’t control their dogs but STILL refuse to keep them on-lead spoil it for all users! It isn’t good enough to simply apologise when your dog has just jumped all over a passer-by (especially when said dog has just come out of water), or ripped apart a pet cat or bitten someone…

dingo84 dingo84 4:45 am 11 Oct 08

I have been to the one at Ford and it is fantastic.. SO great for the dogs and the owners…

Kind of like a drink down at the pub for dogs (the social aspect of it) hehehe

Granny Granny 11:13 pm 10 Oct 08

Oops, and I am still feeling the effects obviously!


Granny Granny 11:12 pm 10 Oct 08

That drunken crowd practice will stand Owen in very good stead should he be elected to the Legislative Assembly. We were doing him a big favour. Owen owes us big for this! Big, I tell you!!

jake555 jake555 10:13 pm 10 Oct 08

Hee hee. ‘Skin kids’ and ‘hairy siblings’.

I hope I never have hirsute offspring, because my chinese crested may fall into the more flattering category.

BigDave BigDave 10:10 pm 10 Oct 08

More wasted, wasted money. This town is becoming more like a circus everyday. The sooner the clowns get voted out the better.

Pandy Pandy 9:26 pm 10 Oct 08

All, you are still allowed to let your dogs run wild in the old pine forests even if there are no pines there.

utah utah 8:53 pm 10 Oct 08

+1 Informative, for “sighthounds” and “skin kids”, neither of which I’d heard of before.

sepi sepi 8:19 pm 10 Oct 08

I’d never heard of that 10m play equipment rule.

It actually makes sense, but how can they fine people if noone even realises it is a rule?

someoneincanb someoneincanb 4:54 pm 10 Oct 08

darkmilk thanks for the link, great map.

Like CHW I thought there were fines for dogs within 10m of playground equipment when others are using it but according to the map that is not true. One area I regularly walk doggy in goes past a playground and I call doggy in for the leash in that area. I see the playground is marked clearly on the map as leash-free (other playgrounds nearby are marked on the map as dog-prohibited). So it doesn’t appear to be a blanket rule regarding playgrounds. The playground is definitely older than the map!

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