Dog Training in the ACT – References required

Moose 20 April 2012 19

Just looking for some good dog training options on the Gungahlin side of the ACT for a large dog.

Have you had a brilliant experience taking your dog to a trainer?

Are you currently taking your dog to a trainer?

Would love to know!!

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19 Responses to Dog Training in the ACT – References required
sandrinha sandrinha 12:41 pm 08 Dec 13

Hi everyone, have a look at for the latest updates on professional dog trainer Pablo Ramirez in Canberra. His puppy classes (maximum 6 people) will start on or around 20th January 2014. Certainly he is the most experienced and delivers common sense step by step balanced training.

sandrinha sandrinha 10:16 am 17 Dec 12

Hi Moose, would love to know how did it go with your trainer. My husband, Pablo Ramirez, has more than 15 years of experience as dog trainer in Peru and started training in Canberra this year. He specializes in large, powerful dogs, that require special attention or who do not respond to group training. He is also a vet nurse (has been for 18 years), so you can make sure your dog is in good hands. He is very knowleageable and dogs love him. He is based in Hackett but trains in all Canberra:

David M David M 3:19 pm 03 May 12

They’re at Weston which is a bit of a hike, but the RSPCA classes are really good, they give you am understanding of how your dog thinks and are heaps of fun!!

Katietonia Katietonia 2:27 pm 03 May 12

We have a rescued rottweiler that we needed some help training. Paul from came over, he was very thorough and the training we have been doing with our dog according to Paul’s plan, has changed her for the better SO much.

Evil_Kitten Evil_Kitten 12:54 am 21 Apr 12

I think it depends if you just want some general training or if your dog has some specific issues. If it’s just general, Companion Dog Club is highly recommended. Your dog (and you) will be in classes like school and you can progress to whatever level you feel like, from basic training to more advanced.

taninaus taninaus 10:18 pm 20 Apr 12

eily said :

Of course you could go to one of the dog training clubs. Belconnen in Mitchell or ACT Companion dog club, Symonson. Tuggers is probably a bit out of your way but still good.

+1 for the dog clubs, you can get contact details at look for ACT Clubs on the side – at all clubs you get a years worth of training for under $200, along with the socialisation of being in a group of dogs. No matter how good the individual training is, your dog will need to learn how to play nice with others if you want to take them outside the home, and particularly if you go to the dog parks etc.

butsy butsy 9:54 pm 20 Apr 12

Hi I just started training with vikki and micheal at animal behaviour consultants. I only have a puppy but they seem very good. they work out of the gungahlin vet clinic. It is about $150 for the 7 week course

CHW CHW 9:06 pm 20 Apr 12

Heike Hahner is recommended by the expert dog breeders/exhibitors/intructors that frequent the dog-related fora I lurk in – sincerely, and by people with a decent grasp on reality (just in case you think I am spruiking for crazy dog people).

RSPCA_Comms RSPCA_Comms 4:55 pm 20 Apr 12

Hi Moose,

RSPCA ACT runs affordable dog training classes which you can learn more about here

Our classes are designed to help owners to teach their dogs good manners and social skills for day to day family life. We try to foster a strong bond between the family and their dog, and multiple family members are welcome to attend each class at no extra cost.

We have classes that are suitable for dogs of all ages and skill levels, and further training is available beyond our basic Life Skills class.

If your dog has a specific behavioural issue that you need to work on, we also offer one-on-one sessions with our fully qualified behavioural trainers.

If you would like to know more about our training options please call 62878100 during business hours, seven days a week.



bitzermaloney bitzermaloney 3:23 pm 20 Apr 12

Barkbusters…. Excellent service,, they come to you and guarantee the service/training

StumpyPete StumpyPete 2:33 pm 20 Apr 12

Similar to the post above I recommend going to one of the Dog Training Clubs. I’ve trained two dogs through them with both of them being older dogs from RSPCA/Foster Dogs.

As well as training and socialisation you will learn a bit about yourself and your relationship with your dog, including appropriate body position and gestures while walking with and training your dog.

astrojax astrojax 1:42 pm 20 Apr 12

very heartily recommend george at sitdropstay []

shhh, dog… he is calm and patient and has both an excellent understanding of animal behaviour and a corollary suite of tools to help you amend these, but also a clear and helpful way of helping you, the paying client, to also enjoy this understanding through his explanations and advice.

Watson Watson 1:35 pm 20 Apr 12

I used DogTech once years ago and found it a waste of money, though I am sure it depends on the individual trainer and I cannot remember who it was now. In hindsight the main problem was that the trainer did not explain what the theory behind the exercises was or even the specific goals. As mentioned before, it is the owner they need to train, not the dog directly. So you want someone with rock solid communication skills as well as knowledge about dog behaviour and psychology.

I also saw a trainer at the RSPCA once, her name was Renee. I thought she was great. I went there for a problem with my dog being too committed to trying to catch her own roo steaks for dinner when she got a chance. The trainer’s advice made heaps of sense. It was my choice not to follow through on it after I hit a couple of snags because the problem was manageable. But I would definitely recommend her.

Though if you are battling with a more general lack of manners and disregard for their owner type behaviour, I second the dog training club.

madamcholet madamcholet 1:07 pm 20 Apr 12

We have used Bark Busters for our muttly and sorting through his issues – new baby and generally trying to be the household organiser. They do deal with day to day training as well. We paid $400 which covers our dog for the rest of his life. We have already called him back once, (trainer not the dog).

eily eily 1:02 pm 20 Apr 12

Of course you could go to one of the dog training clubs. Belconnen in Mitchell or ACT Companion dog club, Symonson. Tuggers is probably a bit out of your way but still good.

You learn as you teach your dog. Your dog not only gets training but socialising, which is probably more important. You both get exercise and out and about. No bored dog which is the biggest cause of many problems. The instructors are happy to help if you have any questions or need a little extra help. And there’s always the options of Obedience Trials or doing Agility or Flyball (watch it and you know the dogs LOVE it).

carnardly carnardly 12:35 pm 20 Apr 12

should’ve said – Anne is good with owners too.

carnardly carnardly 12:35 pm 20 Apr 12

Anne Robertson. She’s super with dogs. but she doesn’t live in gungahlin.

Stinger Stinger 12:18 pm 20 Apr 12

We used Sean from DogTech, who came recommended by our vet at Brudine Vet Clinic. Be prepared for some difficult reality checks though! We thought we were doing everything right, but were floored by the realisation that our behaviour was causing the problem, not the dog…

bywongqueen bywongqueen 11:39 am 20 Apr 12

Heike Hahner, Canine Communications, is brilliant – will solve the most intractable dog/human problems (usually, it’s the human that’s the cause). After a two hour home training session, she helped with my non-stop dog barking in the car problem, and now is nearly cured. Saved my relationships and my hearing! Highly recommended and will travel.

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