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Don’t blame ACTION – blame Stanhope

johnboy 19 December 2006 14

I saw this little poster on the bus on Saturday. It seems that ACTION are copping a bit of flack over the new bus timetables and routes – and they are pointing the finger squarely at the our brave leader.

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14 Responses to Don’t blame ACTION – blame Stanhope
publius publius 12:36 pm 22 Dec 06

The Stanhope Government is punishing those who do not have a car (and that is a large number in the community). In theory, Labor is supposed to be for the battler. However, this government has shown scant regard for such a notion. At the same time they cry poor they are very happy to flag putting up a statue in honour of Al Grassby. As for the Liberals, they have had virtually nothing to say on transport issues. They need to offer some alternatives/ideas. Perhaps they will address this issue next year. Don’t hold your breath.

terubo terubo 11:35 am 20 Dec 06

Not me, Kerces. I was surprised to see it on Crikey! without appropriate accreditation.

Danman Danman 11:32 am 20 Dec 06

wish someone would mail my pictures to the media 🙁

Kerces Kerces 11:19 am 20 Dec 06

This pic made it onto the back page of the CT’s first book today. Someone’s been emailling it to all media?

Indi Indi 10:58 am 20 Dec 06

I take the point that it is a primary function for all MLA’s to show concern and be responsive to any representations that may come across the desk. Any pollie should know it is not within their best interests to simply ignore the constituency when they are clearly not happy with any changes to the timetable/services.

The point I make about contacting the CEO of ACTION is that it is his role to advise the Minister accordingly, and to make the necessary changes to meet any budgetary constraints.

Mr Zissler can play a very important role, perhaps moreso than any other MLA except the Minister himself. He has, assuming he has played his role according to the book – the policy adviser who ACTUALLY runs the bus service and who should be canvassing the viewpoints of the union, drivers, passengers and hopefully any expert advice from those with an interest in the public transport.

…then again, it does appear so.

miz miz 9:57 pm 19 Dec 06

Indi thanks for the link. Have re-directed my email originally sent to ACTION contact email address.

All sorts of weird changes that I didn’t notice at first, eg not going to my elderly mum’s bus stop at all any more (she doesn’t drive); not being able to get to my local large shopping centre by 9am on a Saturday morning (it’s 8:16 or 9:16, no good if you work retail or want to get there at opening); timetable info on signs is poor – “no service” is no help at all; and there should be named destinations and also “via” information for loop services so you know eg which bus to Woden goes direct and which goes round the world.
A bus driver I spoke to said there are lots of stupid anomalies despite the aim to save money, such as driving back to interchanges empty.

Bus drivers are allies in this, they knew it was a crock from the start. The implementers should have asked the drivers (coalface) what would work and what could improve things like flawed connections.

LlamaFrog LlamaFrog 7:56 pm 19 Dec 06 would have no unsubstantiated rumours without us.

terubo terubo 2:50 pm 19 Dec 06

Hmmm…Crikey! has got this pic, sent to them “by a Crikey! reader”.

youshould_knowthis youshould_knowthis 1:53 pm 19 Dec 06

Try your local Government backbencher – Porter, Gentleman, MacDonald(s) and Berry – swamp their offices with letters and emails – threaten to vote aginst them etc.

At the least, if they don’t respond, you’ll keep them busy and make them feel loved….

Indi Indi 1:42 pm 19 Dec 06

That notice look suspiciously unofficial – confirmation of the mass posting in all buses would be a good start.

Although of course I’d be sending emails to if I had any concerns with the regularity of my bus service(or lack of).

andy andy 11:21 am 19 Dec 06

where did the image go ?
heheh.. Geocities has exceeded its data limit.
Does someone have the image cached ?

ginag ginag 11:05 am 19 Dec 06

I got a phone call from ACTION today regarding the nasty letter I wrote them. They said that they had received a number of complaints from the Gungahlin/Palmerston route.

They said that they may look into changing the timetable in the next 6 months.

RandomGit RandomGit 9:13 am 19 Dec 06

Stick it up em!

Fiona Fiona 8:20 am 19 Dec 06


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