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Don’t die this winter

By johnboy - 26 May 2009 47

Simon Corbbell, the NRMA, and the fire brigade are running a winter home fire safety campaign here’s the skinny:

    — Install smoke alarms and regularly check they are working;
    — Never ever leave cooking unattended;
    — Everyone knows how to safely exit your home if there is a fire;
    — Keep curtains, tablecloths and bedding away from portable heaters;
    — Keep wet clothing at least 1 metre from heaters or fireplaces and never leave unattended;
    — Clean the lint filter every time before you use a clothes dryer;
    — Check electric blankets for damage or frayed cords and never leave them on when no one is home;
    — Only use one appliance per power point and switch off when not in use; and
    — Keep candles away from flammable materials and always extinguish them before going to bed.

All fine except the second last. Like hell.

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47 Responses to
Don’t die this winter
peterh 3:50 pm 26 May 09

S4anta said :

speaking of pants, do not place your tesicles in a blender

are we talking lopping, here?

S4anta 3:45 pm 26 May 09

speaking of pants, do not place your tesicles in a blender

Beserk Keyboard Warr 3:45 pm 26 May 09

If you smell a gas leak, refrain from smoking, and be good to your mum. Don’t die this winter.

Thumper 3:43 pm 26 May 09

And definitely never, ever put a hungry hyena down your pants.

S4anta 3:40 pm 26 May 09

Don’t put hot dogs in fax machine, even the big brother kind.

Thumper 3:38 pm 26 May 09

Wait 30 minutes after eating before swimming.

weeziepops 3:29 pm 26 May 09

And wash your hands. And throw away used tissues.

Holden Caulfield 2:48 pm 26 May 09

Thumper said :

Don’t run with scissors.

Can I next to the pool please Dad?

Kods 2:32 pm 26 May 09

Love it postal!

As a footnote…

Don’t ever use fire to fight zombies! If there is anything worse then a plague of the undead, it’s a flaming plague of undead.

Postalgeek 2:25 pm 26 May 09

Always decapitate zombies, but please don’t burn their bodies in slow-combustion stoves as this generates a lot of smokey air pollution in the valley.

Kods 2:10 pm 26 May 09


Next thing you know they will be telling us not to accept candy from strangers and not to stick your fingers in power sockets…. I mean relaly what is the world coming to… luckly these rules only apply to winter…. (lol)

I know Sk, it’s almost scary the things I hear come out of peoples mouths…

Thumper 2:09 pm 26 May 09

Don’t run with scissors.

Skidbladnir 2:02 pm 26 May 09

Common sense is the rarest one of all, Kods.

Kods 1:58 pm 26 May 09

Is it just me or is this all just a little bit common sense?

monomania 1:51 pm 26 May 09

Thanks. A reminder doesn’t go astray.

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