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Dont swallow Death, it will kill you.

By S4anta 7 April 2008 36

The Canberra Times this morning is Surprisingly reporting that a party drug known as “Death” or “Dr Death”, or paramethoxyampethamine can kill you. PMA has been doing the rounds since the early 70’s, and lately has been reprised as the ‘New (stronger) Ecstacy. However like most drugs knocked up in backyard by some sweaty, semi-illiterate, itinerrant criminal it has more unknowns than an Alzemiers patient memory.

Currently, this drug is being offloaded at what used car salesmen would refer to as ‘ a bargain of lifetime’, and thats exactly what it is. For a bargain, you lose a lifetime, hence ACT Health, and the AMA flinging out a bunch of marketing pharaphenalia. There was a recent case of a poor soul, being presented at the Canberra Hospital suffering from PMA poisoning, and his body slowing shutting down over ten days, resulting a slight case of death.

May I suggest a Barcadi Breezer instead of this poison?

You have been warned.

What’s Your opinion?

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36 Responses to
Dont swallow Death, it will kill you.
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sepi 9:00 pm 14 Apr 08

When drugs were legal (opium and snuff etc) there were still a few addicts, but there was no crime related to it. Noone was bashing their granny to get 50 bucks to score.

And the addicts were seen more as sad old drunks are today. – People thought it was a pity they were wasting their lives, but they weren’t really hurting anyone else.

I’m in favour of some kind of legalisation.

Mælinar 8:36 pm 14 Apr 08

@lemachet – apart from being innanely stupid for not being able to use google for some mysterious reason (I’m considering inventing a new word for people who are too stupid to use google because you have just inspired me btw) you could take a look here

For further correspondence on this point, type your stupid questions into google, it has less nasty answers.

Thumper 8:27 pm 14 Apr 08

Wander through civic and look at the smack heads and icers.

Pretty much end of story.

lemaChet 6:50 pm 14 Apr 08

headbonius, can you back up that statement as to why ?
I’m not saying i agree or disagree – just asking for your reasons…

Headbonius 6:28 pm 14 Apr 08

Amyone who thinks that drugs such as ecstacy, amphetamin, heroin should be legalised is a f*ucken moron. End of story.

tap 3:05 pm 14 Apr 08

Sorry about the double posting thing, but i have a question: Is there anybody reading this who would like to take drugs but doesn’t and never has because they are illegal?

tap 2:26 pm 14 Apr 08

There certianly is a lot of persausive arguments about legalisation. One such argument being the current laws are simply not working, its time to try something else.

Katie 1:54 pm 14 Apr 08

I hate to shock you, but people have been willingly altering their states of consciousness for centuries now – this is not a new phenomenon. People use drugs because, among other reasons, they enjoy the effects they have – just like people drink, smoke, eat McDonalds, have affiars whatever. I’d be willing to bet the percentage of drug users (or rather, abusers) who break into your mothers house and steal her dvd player are by far in the minority of people who regularly use drugs. There’s a big difference between a user and an abuser (think alcohol). It’s easy to get on your high horse and point fingers at people who take drugs without understanding the reasons behind their decisions – sadly, people with this attitude seem to be too busy getting off on their moral superiority to ever listen to reason. Comments like “yeah, that dirty drug user got everything they deserved when they died a terrible, painful death” come from ignorant, ill-informed drones who, I suspect, believe everything they were ever taught in high school about how drugs are bad and people who chose to use them are bad (criminals) and should be locked up. People with that attitude are often the very same who pass judgement on others without ever having the experience to back up their comments. A little open mindedness and understanding goes a long way. Sadly, I suspect the drug culture (and yes, it’s very much alive and well in this city) will remain behind closed doors and in the dodgy back alleyways for a long time yet – which I think is wrong. There are plenty of educated, independant, functioning members of this community who go to work, pay taxes, and all the rest but because they freely chose to use recreational drugs are labelled as criminals. Does that make sense to anyone? Or am I missing something?

stonedwookie 1:10 pm 14 Apr 08

ewwww bacardi breezers thats pretty close to poison if you ask me they taste pretty bad

RuffnReady 2:17 pm 10 Apr 08

Frankly, if you drink and/or smoke and die, then I couldn’t give a fcuk.

Many, many years ago, I saw friends either die or get really fucked up by alcohol and cigarettes.

I have no sympathy any more.

That’s experience, not ideology.

Harm minimisation makes sense because it leads to better outcomes for the community. Decriminalisation frees up police resources for real crime, and govt regulation/sale would shift money from the hands of organised crime to the health system.

Thumper 8:47 pm 09 Apr 08

Frankly, if you take drugs and die, then I couldn’t give a fcuk.

Many, many years ago, I saw friends either die or get really fucked up by various drugs.

I have no sympathy any more.

That’s experience, not ideology.

RuffnReady 8:15 pm 09 Apr 08

Ari, thank you for educating the ignorant. You nailed it. You too, Absent Diane.

And the people who break into your houses and cars are mostly INJECTING drug users – ie. heroin users (although they switch to meth when the H isn’t around). The AFP said that 70% of property crime in the ACT was related to injecting drug users. They are a very different breed to the weekend pill poppers. Hell, I bet half of you with the “drugs are bad” attitude have family who occasionally pop a pill on the weekend… will you be so self-righteous when you friend or kid ends up in hospital?

Legalise, regulate, undercut the black market price by half, and put all proceeds back into the health system.

RuffnReady 8:07 pm 09 Apr 08

DJ – I’ll give you another example, perfectly aligned with this story: MDMA. MDMA was used by psychotherapists as a therapeutic drug until 1984 when Regan outlawed it under the War on Drugs. Taken infrequently (ie. allowing 6 weeks between doses so the brain can rebuild its serotonin reserves), and in the right dosages, MDMA is not a dangerous drug. The problem arises because of the illegality, once again. If people could buy pure MDMA from the government for half the street price, there would be no illegal trade in ‘ecstasy’, and the proceeds could be pumped back into the health system rather than funding organised crime.

People will be people, and some people will do drugs whether other people want them to or not – so, why not accept human nature and make the whole thing safer?

lemaChet 1:02 pm 08 Apr 08

To theorise, by what percentage would the crime rate in Canberra go down if somebody distributed a lethal pill to a bunch of idiots who will blindly take an unmarked pill and do not know the full consequences of taking that pill ?

Not much, really, it’s mainly kiddies out on the town. Most of them probably don’t commit crimes.

tate_alec 12:30 pm 08 Apr 08

I have to agree with lemaChet, if you’re gonna take pills, test them.
There is also a great resource for information in pills on the web at and they currently have an article about the PMA based pills currently circulating in Canberra Here .

You’ll probably find most of the people that die from taking this stuff just buy it on the night from the shady looking guy in the corner and pop the pill without a second thought for what’s in it.
If you’re going to take pills, plan ahead and be safe about it.

Ari 12:17 pm 08 Apr 08

The pharmaceutical company will no doubt add a huge mark up to the price,,/i>

Not possible. Opiates are a commodity and can be bought by government-regulated bodies in bulk very cheaply. If one company wants to jack up the price, there are plenty of other cheap suppliers.

the federal government will apply a tax rate equal or higher than what is paid on cigarettes and alcohol, so your 30c fix of tasmanian poppy becomes $60 – $100.

Why would the government choose to do that when it is diametrically opposed to the aims of such a policy? It’s a straw man argument.

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