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Drinking makes you a better thinker, also sexier.

By johnboy - 3 August 2005 24

God Bless the boffins, ABC Online is reporting on research at ANU showing that not only does moderate alcohol intake make you happier and healthier. It also makes you smarter.

Get that up you, cloddish abstemious teetotallers!

What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
Drinking makes you a better thinker, also sexier.
Thumper 3:57 pm 04 Aug 05


I totally agree, although I have to stay away from mirrors in the morning.

Then again, it is logical. Drink, fall asleep. You get more beautiful from drinking, and for getting more beauty sleep.

Still not convinced about the intelligent bit.

Absent Diane 3:33 pm 04 Aug 05

I guess the obvious solution to prove this is to test it…

Thumper 10:35 am 04 Aug 05


half right. It makes other people look better, but doesn’t make them appear more intelligent, unless of course, you’ve got a skinful yourself.

Then they may appear to the sober outsider that they are more intelligent.

It’s obviously not working for me….

Spitfire3 9:57 am 04 Aug 05

AD, that’s probably just biting sarcasm, bear-with-a-sore-head style.

Absent Diane 4:47 pm 03 Aug 05

I’m far wittier when I’m hungover.. if that means anything

bonfire 4:43 pm 03 Aug 05

imagine that, anu students think that drinking makes you smarter and sexier.

southpac must be relieved.

simto 4:33 pm 03 Aug 05

Being more intelligent makes you drink so that your percieved intelligence becomes equal to the rest of society, perhaps?

Ralph 4:16 pm 03 Aug 05

And having the income to do so.

Spectra 4:13 pm 03 Aug 05

Of course, there’s no evidence of the cause-effect relationship here. It might be that being smart makes you predisposed to drinking at a moderate level (for whatever reason that might be).

But I have no doubt that people will interperate this in whatever way suits them (see above) 🙂

LurkerGal 3:53 pm 03 Aug 05

I thought drinking made OTHER PEOPLE smarter and more attractive…..

Thumper 3:44 pm 03 Aug 05

Which means you must be intelligent!

el 3:33 pm 03 Aug 05

Oh I see it now. (Sorry, I’m pissed.)

el 3:32 pm 03 Aug 05

What mistake?

Thumper 3:26 pm 03 Aug 05

Note the deliberate mistake in the above post….

Thumper 3:26 pm 03 Aug 05

Ha Ha! I knew it!

That means that I super intelligent because I drink more than average!!!!!

Well, maybe….

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