E-scooters gaining momentum as ACT Government considers changing road rules

Lachlan Roberts 25 June 2019 36

ACT Road Safety Minister Shane Rattenbury said he wants to get on the “front foot” with the new devices and has launched a discussion paper seeking the community’s opinion on whether the vehicles should be allowed to travel on the road, footpaths and other high pedestrian areas.

The ACT Government is also deciding what the speed limit should be for e-scooters and whether there should be an age limitation on who may drive them. Mr Rattenbury said he wants to facilitate the safe use of e-scooters and similar devices in the ACT without compromising road safety.

“E-scooter use has increased globally, particularly via rideshare operators, and we have seen trials of these devices pop up throughout Australia,” Mr Rattenbury said.

“E-scooters and similar devices are currently not permitted to be used in public areas in the ACT – however people are keen to use these new types of personal transportation devices.

“We need to make sure our regulations keep pace with these new technologies.

Canberra Public Transport Association chairman Damien Haas and Road Safety Minister Shane Rattenbury testing an e-scooter.

“It is important that e-scooters and similar devices are appropriately regulated to ensure they are used safely and that we minimise the potential for injuries or other conflicts.”

Other states and countries have a range of different laws regarding the use of e-scooters, with Queensland the only Australian jurisdiction to regulate the use of personal transportation devices on footpaths and shared pathways.

In Queensland, e-scooters and similar devices are allowed to travel on footpaths, shared paths, bicycle paths, bicycle side of separated paths, and on roads with speed limits of 50km/h or less.

Mr Rattenbury said the ACT Government will put a rigorous regime in place to make sure all members of the public are safe and to mitigate any safety concerns.

“Helmets will be required, you are not allowed to use your mobile while riding and you can’t be impacted by drugs and alcohol while riding an e-scooter,” he said.

Mr Rattenbury said e-scooters will contribute to reducing pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and noise.

“There are question marks around what speed people should be allowed to ride at, where should they be allowed to ride at and what age limit should be put in place to ride an e-scooter.”

The ACT Government has been approached by three or four different scooter-share companies who are “very keen” to operate in the ACT, which Mr Rattenbury said the government was very open to.

Mr Rattenbury said a separate exercise will be undertaken to develop a legislative framework for commercial operators of dockless share schemes for e-scooters and bikes to build on the ACT’s successful bike share trial.

The consultation will run for four weeks, click here to have your say.

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36 Responses to E-scooters gaining momentum as ACT Government considers changing road rules
J.m. Byrne J.m. Byrne 7:51 pm 29 Jun 19

Georgina Campbell your next ride to uni 😁

Corey Karl Corey Karl 4:09 pm 29 Jun 19

Yep we definitely should let them on the roads, bicycles can stay 1metre away and cars 2 metres..... what could go wrong ???

Capital Retro Capital Retro 4:25 pm 28 Jun 19

Great initiatives here by Dallas city authorities all of which should be adopted by our mob:


Peter Gersbach Peter Gersbach 10:13 am 28 Jun 19

It might be fun and useful. Ban it!

Fortress Epiphany Fortress Epiphany 7:53 am 28 Jun 19

More nanny state !

Aine Dowling Aine Dowling 7:20 pm 27 Jun 19

Bike lane only.

Jeannine Lee Jeannine Lee 3:11 pm 27 Jun 19

Sure, let 'em on the footpaths along with the bikes. Then, create a footpath infrastructure *just for pedestrians* so we we don't get barrelled over by all the other wheeled pests.

Noelle Waugh Noelle Waugh 3:07 pm 27 Jun 19

Yes on bike paths

Roberta Bausch Roberta Bausch 2:48 pm 27 Jun 19

Will they pay registration if using the road ?

    Phillip Scharf Phillip Scharf 6:22 am 28 Jun 19

    Roberta Bausch pretty sure taxes buy roads ey not registration. What would registration even achieve?

    Roberta Bausch Roberta Bausch 9:45 am 28 Jun 19

    Phillip Scharf whatever go argue with someone else. Everyone entitled to their own opinion

Bec Andrews Bec Andrews 2:28 pm 27 Jun 19

Firstly, it's riding a scooter,not driving a scooter.

Shouldn't be on the roads as it is unsafe for the rider.

Footpath should be allowed with a speed limit.

Julie Delves Julie Delves 2:11 pm 27 Jun 19

NOT on the footpaths. Our paths are treacherous enough as it is. If they can use them safely on the roads, go for it.

Capital Retro Capital Retro 1:41 pm 27 Jun 19

In the first image, is Damien Haas saying to Rattenbury: “You have got to be joking, Shane”

Philippa Ellis Philippa Ellis 1:21 pm 27 Jun 19

Have your say instead of grumbling to me Richard 🤣🤣

Malcolm Campbell Malcolm Campbell 12:46 pm 27 Jun 19

Footpath or bike lane BUT not on the road and helmet ⛑complusery.

    Julie Delves Julie Delves 2:12 pm 27 Jun 19

    Malcolm Campbell Footpaths? Have you seen how fast they are? I think they are a good innovation in some ways but not of ‘foot’ paths.

    Malcolm Campbell Malcolm Campbell 2:42 pm 27 Jun 19

    Julie Delves so if not on the footpath and sure as in hell not on the road up against cars trucks and buses then where. I will confess I use to let my primary school son ride his electric scooter on foot path. What do you think is the answer???

    Greg Lee Greg Lee 4:43 pm 27 Jun 19

    Malcolm Campbell Get rid of this Government is the answer

Steven Spännäri Steven Spännäri 12:46 pm 27 Jun 19

What’s stopping one from doing it now

aronde aronde 12:22 pm 27 Jun 19

In Brisbane what used to be a leisurely stroll along the Kangaroo Point Cliffs path has become a nightmare. People on these scooters fly past with no warning. Saw one kid get taken out when he dared to get away from his mum and saw another thirty something woman screaming in pain after she came a cropper. And we were only staying in Brisbane for three days!

Shiva Sapkota Shiva Sapkota 12:22 pm 27 Jun 19

They are way better and faster than bicycles. Why not?

    Shiva Sapkota Shiva Sapkota 1:00 pm 27 Jun 19

    Because they don’t need a human push and also will not stuck in front of a car like cyclists do on a slopey road.

    Phillip Scharf Phillip Scharf 6:20 am 28 Jun 19

    Shiva Sapkota we have a very different idea about how to ride a bike

Gail Langendorf Gail Langendorf 12:03 pm 27 Jun 19

I think supporting any alternatives to cars is a positive step.

Tania Shaw Tania Shaw 12:00 pm 27 Jun 19

They already are, passed on on Barry Drive riding in the on road bike lane yesterday.

Jason Preston Jason Preston 11:07 am 27 Jun 19

put em in the bike lanes and they gotta wear a helmet and pay rego since its powered.

    Hugo Young Hugo Young 8:55 am 28 Jun 19

    Jason Preston You don't have to pay rego on an e-bike so why on an e-scooter?

    Jason Preston Jason Preston 9:52 am 28 Jun 19

    Hugo Young should

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