Election Wrap – 20 September

johnboy 20 September 2008 15


Jane Tullis is speaking on behalf of the P&C’s saying the Labor attempt to buy their affections is “too little too late”.

Novan Vogt thinks the Labor plan to waive some payroll tax is ok but “more must be done”.

Jane Tullis is concerned about the legality of Katy Gallagher’s school sites tender process.

[CAP have since started playing silly buggers with their date stamps and I can no longer tell what is new so that’s their lot for today unless things improve]


Having decided that a lucky 500 oldies would get extra dental care the Liberals are now announcing that, if elected, they’ll insulate a lucky 10,000 houses over four years of Liberal rule.

Steve Pratt is promising a green waste wheely bin in what could well be a masterstroke of populism.

Liberal party expert Teepee has pointed out in our comments that Brendan Smyth has apparently announced a Liberal tourism policy calling for a Canberra Biennale and more money for Brendan’s mates in the tourism industry.


Messrs Stanhope and Barr are announcing that they’ll spend another $40 million on “sporting infrastructure and services”.

Katy Gallagher is weeping for the beloved health administrators of Canberra who would be under threat should the Liberals seize power.

Simon Corbell is leaping on the FOI reform bandwagon. He’s promising to remove the power of Ministers to just decide they don’t want stuff published. Aka issuing ‘conclusive certificates’.

Motorists’ Party

The Motorists are a tricky bunch to monitor, but they have released some new policies since last time I checked in:

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15 Responses to Election Wrap – 20 September
PM PM 11:25 am 22 Sep 08

Jonathon Reynolds said :

I believe that “green waste” (prunings etc.) can already be dropped off to specific locations either and it is either free or minimal cost.

Not everyone has a car. I don’t think there’ll be green waste carry space on light rail 🙂

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 3:26 pm 21 Sep 08

The Pratt of the south would be better offering the green waste bins for households in Apartments and Complexes which typically dont have a “garden” rather than every household.

I’d be in favour of offering a government rebate on the purchase of a composting bin for any household with a garden. Net result, although there is an upfront cost in the rebate (which would probably about the same as a new wheelie bin anyway) there is a cost saving as there is no need to pay for an ongoing collection service.

I believe that “green waste” (prunings etc.) can already be dropped off to specific locations either and it is either free or minimal cost.

sepi sepi 12:26 pm 21 Sep 08

You can’t compost prunings from huge trees, or even enormous shrubs. And even composting the grass clippings from the lawn will ruin the compost.

Pandy Pandy 11:53 am 21 Sep 08

Compost centrally

S4anta S4anta 11:10 am 21 Sep 08

Green waste wheelie bins wouldn’t be needed if every freaking idiot who likes the idea pulled their head out of the sand and composted.

Another needless cost to the community because lazy clowns cant figure out that the best way of fixing the environment starts with little steps. I am by no means a greenie but everyone who owns or backyard, courtyard or anything that has flora in around or on it should be taught the benefits of this simple process.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 8:55 am 21 Sep 08

The Motorists Party… not a single issue party eh?

Oh how silly… I get it now…

They are all different motoring issues!

Pandy Pandy 1:54 am 21 Sep 08

SCOOP: I asked one of the guys standing for the Labor party about “Why don’t you get someone else besides Stanhope to run the show?” His response: “It’s what I tell others: you can change a Government without changing the Government. Understand what I mean?” Do I understand by that that there are plans afoot to dump Stanhope after the election?

johnboy johnboy 11:06 pm 20 Sep 08

My thoughts exactly Simbo.

It appears their own need for really, really, simple budgeting seems to be over-riding any real policy development.

Basically policy development West Wing style is a lot more fun than hard work.

I know I’d rather watch West Wing episodes than do hard work.

simbo simbo 11:01 pm 20 Sep 08

What’s with the Liberals providing random round numbers of things, unreleated to any percieved demand out there? How do they intend to apportion these- first come first served? Or are homeowners and oldies going to have to fight it out for insulation and teeth, thunderdome style?

Primal Primal 8:52 pm 20 Sep 08

Hmmm, I like the sound of the garden wheelie bin but I’d be far more interested in a bulk rubbish collection (besides, I feel very manly taking my big load of garden junk to Mugga Lane every few months!)

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 7:04 pm 20 Sep 08

There’s a Sydney Biennale already (the last one finished September 7th 2008), so he’s taking an already successful idea that people are familiar with, and claim it as his own..

teepee teepee 6:57 pm 20 Sep 08

JB you missed one. The tourism announcement by Brendan Smyth in the Canberra Times is also online. This looks like a big one for the Arts Luvvies. But I’m not sure exactly what an “Arts Biennale” is and whether the Lib policy explains this in full, or if there is more to it? I presume a Biennale is a smarty-pants-artsie way of saying an event falls once every two years? Why can’t people speak plain English?

The Tourism/Arts policy is here http://www.canberraliberals.org.au/files/4LKU1A3KAK/Boosting%20Tourism.pdf

LG LG 4:41 pm 20 Sep 08

Steve Pratt is promising a green waste wheely bin…

Love it! I’ll take either that or a twice annual green waste bulk pickup.

Simon Corbell is leaping on the FOI reform bandwagon…

Hehe always funny when a party (either side of politics) talks about FOI reform when they’re the ones that have been in power

johnboy johnboy 3:55 pm 20 Sep 08

gerrymander said :

hey how come your wrap is all community alliance posts on their website. Come on riot act, get some balance in your coverege

Because my inexperienced friend, at the time of writing CAP were the only ones who’d put anything out. But as the day goes on you might see more stuff being added.

Which is how it works every day as it happens.

gerrymander gerrymander 3:12 pm 20 Sep 08

hey how come your wrap is all community alliance posts on their website. Come on riot act, get some balance in your coverege

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