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Entries Close for Scott 24 Hour

By Kramer 6 October 2007 24

Entries have now closed for the Scott 24 Hour Mountain Bike race which will see the return of “The 24 Hour” to Stromlo next weekend. According to my calculations there are 2318 entrants. At any one time there should be 593 riders on the track, of which 130 are massochistic solo entrants.

Entries are down this year due to a rival 24 hour race being run at Majura the following weekend. I am curious as to who would enter the rival race when profits go into private coffers, whereas CORC puts profits from the Scott race back into Canberra mountain biking. Also in the Scott you get to ride the awesome new trails at Stromlo, compared to the rival race which is over at Majura.

More details are on the CORC website.

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Entries Close for Scott 24 Hour
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Kramer 9:55 pm 08 Oct 07

Fridegmagnet – actually the entry level corporate team at the Scott 24 Hour is $2000, and the Mont is $1200. I think the mont is a bit rich for an event in its first year compared to “The 24 Hour” (Scott).

iBike – I needed to clarify my position (or lack thereof) as some people were starting to jump to conclusions that I might be someone other than an enthusiastic mountain biker who wants to see the continued advancement of mountain biking in Canberra.

As for comments about the course being dangerous… HA HA HA! You guys call yourselves mountain bikers? There is always an element of danger in mountain biking. Any potentially dangerous sections have been sign posted and saftey netting installed where appropriate. The race is over the intermediate rated trunk trail and beginner trails – people won’t be riding the double black diamond rock gardens, etc.

By the looks of things, the trail will be dusty, but given the drought over the last few years any trail will get dusty when you have almost 600 riders hammering around the course at any one time (is there a money back anti-dust guarantee at the mont or something???).

Finally I’ll say just one word: Skyline. There is no better piece of mountain bike trail in Canberra at the moment. OK its a little dusty & could use more bedding in, but it is still fantastic. My hat is well and truly off to Glen Jacobs and crew for their latest creation, which will have Scott riders scrambling back up the mountain for another run down.
See you there.

Reece 9:42 pm 08 Oct 07

On 8/10/07 iBike wrote:
“…not helped by the dustbowl like conditions of the Nationals.”

Before I start I’ll disclose my affiliations. I am the Trails Access Officer for CORC, and have helped out with the building of the trails at Stromlo and getting the volunteer component of the project happening. I’ve also helped out with the maintenance part of not only Stromlo, but Majura as well.

Regarding the statement about the “dustbowl like conditions of the nationals”, I believe this to be an incorrect statement about the current situation out on the hill. While the weather has been very dry in the last month and led to a drying out of the trail tread, the rain in June resulted in some significant growth all over the mountain that has done an enormous amount to quell the amount of dust getting blown around. This view is not only shared by me, but others who have attended working bees and been eating pizza at the event centre when the wind picked up. Yes there are still pockets where dust is picked up, but compared to the Nationals conditions it is a whole different beast.

The aforementioned dry conditions in the last two months are starting to dry out the trail tread in many of our ride areas. Kowen got severly broken up last year, but it wasn’t all attributable to the numbers of riders on track. The soil just had no moisture in it whatsoever. Ride too far onto the edge, and it breaks off. Next tyre over it turns it to dust. The soils at Kowen 24hr and Stromlo are actually very similar – almost a sandy loam, with no big rock particles to bind it together. Sparrow actually has the best soil for Canberra trails – the shale bits around the place do alot for the binding properties. (and shows based on how well it handles the 8hr events)

Where I am going with this is that regardless of where the races are held this year, the trails are likely to get broken down into dust without that thing we all need – RAIN. The race last year at Kowen created some severe dust cloud problems for riders – the advantage with Stromlo is that any breeze will clear the dust quicker.

Based on my time fixing Majura, I can say that it also is not immune from the dry conditions and will also cop some pounding with the passing of multiple sets of tyres. It will also be technical in parts, unless the Mont keeps it to the bottom sections. As for Mont’s commitment to fixing the trails there post-race, Dave has stated that this will be done. I am happy to take his word for it at this time, because no doubt he realises the damage that will be done to his event’s reputation if they leave the trails in a mess and just walk away. The weight of public opinion has proven to be the most effective (and sadistic, but not always right) judge, jury and executioner in these cases (internet forums like this and others being a case in point).
As for the broader Scott vs Mont issue, associated sponsor rumours, and comments/discussions on CORC’s finances I will deliberately avoid it here. Without everyone knowing the whole facts in the case it becomes a he said/she said and really achieves nothing. What I can tell you from experience is that running working bees is not all that cheap, and the club, being a not-for-profit entity is committed to investing the money earned back into the club and the general MTB community. We don’t sit around smoking cuban cigars drinking cognac.


Felix the Cat 9:18 pm 08 Oct 07

There is also the Rotary Scenic Cycle Tour of Canberra next weekend (Sunday 14 October) which may account for fewer entries in the Scott 24 hr MTB event. The Rotary event (‘event’, not race) is to be held on paved roads/paths though, so is more a ‘roadie’ event rather than MTB one.

As someone else has already mentioned, if you were just into hardcore MTBing and not worried about the politics of Scott vs Mont you would go in both events. There’s 2 weeks between events so if you don’t break any limbs (or bike frames!) in the Scott event a reasonably fit person should be recovered enough to compete in the Mont.

iBike 8:24 pm 08 Oct 07

Where’d you hear that? Have you ridden the 24hr course? Lately?

Rode it on the weekend, along with a few hundred others. In fact I ride Stromlo/Greenhills most days of the week on the way home from work 🙂 My team rode most of the course on Sunday. Just a bit different to the original plan of 2 x 20kms loops. Now that the numbers are lower the course has been reduced. Im not suggesting that it is supertough and dangerous now, but when entries went live back in June that was the story. Ask Morgs, he started the story about a tougher/more technical course than at Kowen !

Now the course is ridable for most fit riders with a bit of technical skill. If they had promoted the course that way back then Im sure the numbers would be up!

If you think Im passing “FUD” ask your executive committee, Im just passing on strong rumours and concerns within the bike industry. Without any definitive statement from CORC/MTBA/CA or UCI it is all just gossip, getting stronger every day.

As for the MONT, Im riding it, should be fun, sounds not so serious and Majura is a good ride too. Neither of the courses beat anything at Sparrow. As other posters have suggested it is now all about CHOICE.

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