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‘Ere we go, ‘Ere we go, ‘Ere we go! Petrol to drop under $1 a litre.

johnboy 26 November 2008 33

If this is recession I say give me more!

The ABC informs us that Canberra petrol prices are going to go under $1 a litre this week despite the gloomy prognostication of the peak oil doom-mongers who bravely said it would never happen.

Interest rates plumetting, petrol prices down by more than a third. That Kevin Rudd gets things done for working families eh?

Certain mouth breathing media outlets think a shopper-docket discount price counts as a real price and have already announced this. But we’re holding out for the real thing.

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
‘Ere we go, ‘Ere we go, ‘Ere we go! Petrol to drop under $1 a litre.
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Thumper 8:37 pm 26 Nov 08

using your car less is still cheaper than paying for fuel and wear & tear.

Ah.. you sure about that?

ant 9:57 pm 26 Nov 08

My weekly fill on the gas-gulping hulking child-killing 4WD was $19 today.

G-Fresh 11:25 pm 26 Nov 08

Everyone wants a V8 Commodore now. I’m telling you

farnarkler 7:53 am 27 Nov 08

Stop dragging your knuckles along the ground and accept there are much better cars out there than V8 commodores (and falcons).

Thumper 8:13 am 27 Nov 08

Nope, I want a V8 Statesman, except I can’t fit the band gear in it ;(

farnarkler 8:38 am 27 Nov 08

‘Yawn’ Boring. If you want to fit a lot of gear, how about a Kombi van fitted with a Porsche V10?

The appeal with locally made V8s is their bang for buck – they don’t cost much to buy (and are cheap in terms of servicing, parts and, often, insurance), and go well with plenty of room for humans inside.

I’ve had mine 5 and a half years and have no intention of replacing it.

That said, not everyone wants one, and that’s fine. Never before has Australia had such a wide range of vehicles for a buyer to choose from.

Thumper 9:12 am 27 Nov 08


Like Jamie oliver’s wobbler? That is one seriously cool machine…

Besides, wobblers cost a fortune these days!

farnarkler 9:25 am 27 Nov 08

Bang for buck eh? Remember when Holden dropped the 253 because six cylinder motors were getting more powerful

Thumper, Sir Frank Williams people carrier is better; the body of a Renault Espace (read Toyota Tarago) with the chassis and engine from a formula one car. Could make the Saturday morning shopping run interesting!!

tylersmayhem 10:04 am 27 Nov 08

I paid 99.9 cents at calwell this morning.

And I think this is a perfect time to actually pose the question – what’s the deal with all fuel prices ending in point 9? 120.9, 99.9, 1.70.9. WTF?

Skidbladnir 10:13 am 27 Nov 08

@tylers: Its a marketing psychology effect that I forget the name of, but the theory is that the average human only pays serious attention to the first one or two significant figures, and sees the figures after the decimal point or comma as almost inconsequential.

So fuel sells better at 99.9c/L than at $1/L, a car at $24,999 sells more units than the same car at $25,010, etc.

tylersmayhem 10:41 am 27 Nov 08

Yeah, kinda figured and it sucks!

farnarkler 10:48 am 27 Nov 08

Hehehehe we are such easily led mammals.

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