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Fags – The movie trailer

By johnboy - 11 January 2009 28

[First filed: January 09, 2009 @ 18:10]

The enterprising local kids going under the collective, self applied, name of “Fags” have released their latest masterpiece, a trailer for their movie, on YouTube.

It looks like they’ve taken up Dolly’s call to the Jackass generation, moving on from straight skating fare.

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Fags – The movie trailer
Thumper 8:14 pm 10 Jan 09

Mate of mine speared me in the mouth with a broom stick once. We’d bet each other that we couldn’t throw a broom stick like a spear. Of course, using each other as a target.

Getting the gaping hole in my lip stitched back together kind of proved me wrong…

BerraBoy68 8:10 pm 10 Jan 09

Danman – you up for a proper rock fight next weekend? We can film it and put it on youtube. We’ll be famous!

el 7:03 pm 10 Jan 09


BerraBoy68 6:42 pm 10 Jan 09

I’m with Danman, rockfights were cool. My mates and I would also knock each other out while boxing in the backyard. Also, loads of blood lost and interesting medical injuries were had while coming off BMX’s and home made jumps. SO how is engineering an ‘accident’ and filming it supposed to make you ‘hard core’?

Getting hit on the head with a skateboard (softly) while wearing a crash helmet? Pure genius! Jumping off a shed roof into a shrub? Inspired. Damaging a shrub on public property – oh, so witty. You’ll see worse injuries and funnier video’s on TV tonight.

I have to go now, my side are hurting too too much…

Granny 2:13 am 10 Jan 09

Oh! Now what?

Faken 1:49 am 10 Jan 09

Hahaha!! Its me and my friends

astrojax 10:47 pm 09 Jan 09

“…if you miss one movie this year…”

; )

Granny 9:13 pm 09 Jan 09

I like the hedge boy.

BenjaminL 8:56 pm 09 Jan 09

This is why we have the Darwin Awards. we have some contenders right here

Thumper 7:22 pm 09 Jan 09

When I was a kid we used to kill each other with large sticks.

Never did us any harm….

poptop 7:16 pm 09 Jan 09

Soz – *his tune is put!!!!

PUI – it’s never pretty.

poptop 7:14 pm 09 Jan 09

Karl Orff must be SO peeved about the uses to which his little tune are put.

I think I need more Nescafe . . .

Danman 7:09 pm 09 Jan 09

Pre home computers we used to have rock wars with the kids in the neighboring street.

jakez 6:56 pm 09 Jan 09

Pfft why would I watch that movie if that is the best they have? My cousins and I got up to more mischief and mayhem back in the day.

tbv 6:35 pm 09 Jan 09

interesting since the kid getting smacked in the face by someone is my neighbours kid – rofl

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