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Family & Community Day (aka Melbourne Cup Day)

By Holden Caulfield - 28 October 2008 56

A quick reminder to all that next Tuesday (4 November) we’ve again been granted the opportunity to forget the troubles of work and watch the Melbourne Cup at our venue of choice, presumably somewhere that allows us to interact with our family and/or community. Yay Canberra!

Source: Chief Minister’s Department

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56 Responses to
Family & Community Day (aka Melbourne Cup Day)
Granny 11:46 am 28 Oct 08

Is the government actually providing any entertainment for community day? Is there something that families can attend, or do we get to just stay home and clean out the garage?

tylersmayhem 11:43 am 28 Oct 08

someone told me that this is the last (and only second!) year we will ge this public holiday – i hope it’s just a vicious rumour!


Thumper 11:40 am 28 Oct 08

I dislike horse racing as i think it’s cruel.

I also find the public holiday is hypercritical given it was originally a Stanhope snub to the then Liberal federal government. And now it’s some wanky named community day? Give me a break, everyone knows that it is melbourne cup day no matter how you try and dress it up.

Having said that, I’m quite happy to take the day off 😉

Granny 11:36 am 28 Oct 08

Thankyou, S4anta.

: )

Granny 11:34 am 28 Oct 08

I blame whoever’s stupid idea it was. I am quite happy to blame anyone and everyone.

johnboy 11:34 am 28 Oct 08

I’m torn between:

a) dislike of horse racing which I personally think is a pretty rotten industry built on a fair amount of suffering shared around between horses and idiot punters.

b) a nagging feeling I should be out taking social pictures.

So I think Rioters will have to make their own fun one way or another.

toriness 11:33 am 28 Oct 08

someone told me that this is the last (and only second!) year we will ge this public holiday – i hope it’s just a vicious rumour!

S4anta 11:32 am 28 Oct 08


I will be there and shall endeavour to have a champers for you matey!

wishuwell 11:29 am 28 Oct 08

Hi Granny I dont think you should blame Stanhope for this one. Try Howard and his total hatred of the union movement and its membership for the creation of F&C Day.

p1 11:17 am 28 Oct 08

And Granny is again onto something. As far as I can tell, most of the-riotact “work” occurs in bars, so perhaps a riotact workplace Melbourne cup day activity is in order?

jessieduck 11:16 am 28 Oct 08

YAY! I get to work!

p1 11:15 am 28 Oct 08

I would be interested to know how this affects the amount of gambling done in Canberra on FACD day.

On a related note, I saw last night a TAB advert telling people to avoid the inconvenience of interacting with the community and place their bets online. I am curious about the process involved, since I was under the impression that the ACT government had a policy against allowing gambling on credit, and most online transactions involve a credit card…

Granny 11:15 am 28 Oct 08

Newsflash! The Melbourne Cup is no fun at home. Take it from me. I’ve been watching it at home by myself for decades. It is boring and depressing. The place to watch it is at work with all your mates, you Stanhopeless idiot! Hopefully Riot will do something interesting … *hint hint*

poptop 11:13 am 28 Oct 08

YAY! Family Gambling Day!

We get to take the kids to the TAB and teach them the mathemagics of the odds.

Skidbladnir 11:05 am 28 Oct 08

Don’t forget to think of the poor and unable to cope Chicken Men (comment #11 onwards)!

Apparently the one day a year that turned their operations from being debt-ridden affairs into profitable ventures was cruelly taken away from them, and they aren’t flexible enough to adapt.

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