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Fire at Ainslie Shops

By Samuel Gordon-Stewart 6 September 2005 9

The laundromat at the Ainslie shops caught fire overnight.

The fire brigade were called in at about 1am and found the shop well alight and feared it may spread to other shops. According to my sources, they had it under control within 20 minutes.

The ABC have declared it to be a “major fire” causing nearly $500,000 damage, whilst the figures I’ve heard say it is closer to $350,000

The ABC also reported that it “had been brought under control” at 7:02am, I’m slightly concerned about their sensationalism of this story, did nothing else happen overnight?

The ABC did get at least one thing right, “Fire investigators are yet to determine the cause of the blaze.”

Just before people jump on me for this, if it turns out that the ABC haven’t sensationalised this story, I will eat something, it won’t be a hat, but I’ll eat it anyway…and I’ll apoligise to them. But I’m pretty convinced it won’t come to that.

Considering RiotACT has a few inner north readers, anybody see/hear anything? (Other than the sirens).

What’s Your opinion?

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Fire at Ainslie Shops
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Kerces 4:10 pm 07 Sep 05

Funny picture in the paper today of a Gungahlin football team whose jumpers didn’t get burnt in the fire (they thought they had). The caption said something about the “jubilant” team members and the photo showed all the happy looking footy players in the background and one guy in the foreground hildong up a jumer and scowling like he wanted to kill someone.

terubo 6:22 pm 06 Sep 05

I used to get my shirts done at that place; sorry to hear about the fire. Hope the ol’ fella and his wife are OK.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 4:49 pm 06 Sep 05

If you noticed, I actually tried to avoid mentioning them because I know people around here seem to think I’m on some sort of publicity drive, which I’m not…I only mentioned them when the request was made.

Now excuse me while I go and get on with my life, I have much better things to worry about.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 4:43 pm 06 Sep 05

So it’s alright to acknowledge ABC Online (which I do from time to time) as a source and not OK to acknowledge 2CC??? Why?

I never said I don’t like 666 ABC Canberra (Did I?) and I do listen to them occasionally and find the program either interesting or uninteresting…same can be said for 2CC, except that I listen to them much more than I do the ABC.

Of all the stations, the ones that irritate me the most are stations that play music I don’t like, those are the ones I avoid.

If I’ve come across as an anti-ABC nutter, then I apoligise, I just think they blew this story right out of proportion for one reason or another.

And no, I am not on 2CC’s payroll.

Smackbang 3:07 pm 06 Sep 05

If you’re not yet on 2CC’s payroll, you should be – the amount you harp on about them and seek to talk down the ABC. We get it, you don’t like 666 ABC Canberra! Don’t listen to it then.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 2:43 pm 06 Sep 05

My sources being 2CC and some people in the area.

Spitfire3 2:36 pm 06 Sep 05

“Just before people jump on me for this, if it turns out that the ABC haven’t sensationalised this story, I will eat something, it won’t be a hat, but I’ll eat it anyway…”

I suggest a ham cheese tomato and lettuce focaccia.

I’m a northsider, but I didn’t hear anything (Never witness nuttin, ya live longer). But I’m nowehre near Ainslie so that’s not surprising.

Smackbang 2:31 pm 06 Sep 05

Your sources being…?

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 10:16 am 06 Sep 05

Forgot to mention, I went passed the laundromat on the bus this morning at about 8:40, it was all very quiet, some yellow tape across the front, some visibly burnt stuff behind the non-boarded window, the tape extending across the door to the stairs to the offices upstairs, and no fire brigade in sight.

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