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Fireworks activist acquitted

By Kerces - 25 November 2005 34

Bernard Leslie Brennan, who bought illegal fireworks in May last year for an expose in the Canberra Times showing how easy it was, has been acquitted of charges of purchasing a prohibited dangerous substance, the ABC reported.

RiotAct’s earlier coverage of this case is here.

The court found that Mr Brennan had no intention of using the fireworks.

Ben Doherty, the CT reporter who was contacted by Mr Brennan to set up the photo shoot, told the court that at the time, about a month before the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, there was a huge amount of public interest in the banning of fireworks.

The ABC says,

Chief Justice Terence Higgins concluded there was insufficient evidence against Mr Brennan.

He added he could not explain why a man who exposed a criminal activity was being prosecuted.

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34 Responses to
Fireworks activist acquitted
LurkerGal 2:15 pm 25 Nov 05

He pled not guilty to the offence. I know Bonfire, I WAS SITTING RIGHT FUCKING BEHIND HIM AT THE TIME!! Also, you don’t have a trial unless you say you are not guilty.

bonfire 1:52 pm 25 Nov 05

he admitted purchansing the fireworks.

he was photographed doing same.

teh case was dismissed, but the fact he admits comitting an offence remains.

his argument is that he did it for a higher purpose, sort of like those peopel who blow up abortion clinics.

Thumper 1:49 pm 25 Nov 05

I’m with LG on this one. Finally we get some commonsense coming from our legal system.

Big Al 1:37 pm 25 Nov 05

Methinks its time to switch on the RiotACT crap-o-meter – especially when we see stuff like this rancid morsel of bulldust from Bonfire – “the fact is he committed an offence” – Sorry bucko, but that’s the whole point of the story – he didn’t commit an offence.

The prosecution alleged that he committed and offence, he was charged with an offence and in due course the court found that he didn’t commit the offence. I guess that’s why we have a legal system – to protect people like this guy from idiot bureaucrats and wannabe bush lawyers.

A little attention to detail and a vague understanding of language would do the debate some good.

bonfire 12:31 pm 25 Nov 05

i do not advocate speeding, i do not believe that it should be illegal.

there is about as much evidence that speeding ‘kills’ as there is that fireworks hurt dogs. SFA.

perhaps next time im caught speeding i will go to court and say that because i had no intention to speed i should be let off.

at least when im caught i cop me lumps, not whine like a softhead zealot.

Mr Evil 12:01 pm 25 Nov 05

I’d like to purchase some of these illegal fireworks then light them up and lob them back into the store/carboot that I purchased them from! That should sort these dudes out.

LurkerGal 11:48 am 25 Nov 05

So if a pet owner does the right thing, and brings their dog inside, but there are fireworks in the street and the dog jumps THROUGH the window, the owner should be prosecuted?

And as for the crime bit, Bonfire, you advocate speeding because you don’t believe the law is correct, or applies to you. Bit of a double standard?

I’m done.

bonfire 11:36 am 25 Nov 05

the fireworks animals debate is a stalking horse for social engineers.

there are plenty of things that make dogs run away, thunder, cars backfiring, dogs on heat.

instead of banning fireworks, prosecute irresponsible animal owners who dont secure their yards or pets properly.

here we have an example of a person buying fireworks illegally, using fraud and misrepresentation and our legal system endorses this behaviour.

che 11:21 am 25 Nov 05

just remember he was trying to expose the sale of illegal fireworks (ie the ones that are too big) not just stop the sale of fireworks

LurkerGal 11:14 am 25 Nov 05

“us” meant the other animal activists. It’s clear if you read the comment. Can you read?

Shut the fuck up Joey, we’ve already had the ridiculous “ban thunderstorms” debate. Spend a night out at the RSPCA helping euthanise pets who have got so scared they have lept through the windows to get out. Or bandaging bleeding animals who have done the same Then talk to me. Actually, no, don’t talk to me even then.


JoeyJoeJoe 10:46 am 25 Nov 05

“the rest of us” who are trying to ban fireworks doesn’t include me. Yes, they’re dangerous. Yes, they’re used improperly and can hurt/kill animals. Same can/is said about motor vehicles. I think one weekend a year (even though morons use them on the preceding and following weekends as well) isn’t an impost on animal owners.

My dog hates thunderstorms! Ban thunderstorms!

LurkerGal 10:32 am 25 Nov 05

It’s well documented. It was documented in advance. He is an animal activist, why would he use fireworks when he (and the rest of us) have been trying to ban fireworks across the whole of the ACT?

Get a brain bonfire. They’re fun!

bonfire 10:14 am 25 Nov 05

so he says.

the fact is he committed an offence.

why are we even bothering to build a prison ?

LurkerGal 10:06 am 25 Nov 05

But you would do that for no reason but yourself. This man did it because of ANIMAL WELFARE. Yes, even cats. I think he is a good guy. I also think it is very lucky I was not selected on his jury, as I would have had to step down as I am notsure I could have been impartial.

bonfire 9:46 am 25 Nov 05

id liek to buy a machine gun and carry it around with me in the streets. but its ok, because i have no intention of using it.

interesting precedent.

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