Fireworks..Where are you living?

Sheepaddock 27 January 2009 61

As a 3 year resident i cannot believe that you still continue and allow this stupid and dangerous activity here in Canberra. I mean Ive seen the footage of the 2003 fires you had here and the last thing you need is another one.There’s not enough housing available currently so do you want to take out another 300 houses. I would of thought you would ban this immediately considering the potential carnage. Kids have the P.C now and media graphics why do they need to endanger themselves frighten the living daylights out of the local pets and potentially burn the place down for a few bursts of pretty light. You are all crazy allowing this stupid activity from the past…

[ED – Well seeing as we’re all crazy we might as well vote for things we collectively enjoy no?]

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61 Responses to Fireworks..Where are you living?
Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 12:22 pm 29 Jan 09

Gungahlin Al said :

Hence why it was so obviously just sarcasm… Sheesh.

Fair enough.

H1NG0 H1NG0 8:48 am 29 Jan 09

My god, what a numpty.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 7:57 am 29 Jan 09

however, we are unable to control thunder, hence why any suggestion to ban thunder in this context is both immature and simplistic.

Hence why it was so obviously just sarcasm… Sheesh.

PS: your pragmatic yet responsible cat ownership is welcomed. Night time containment of cats is the big issue. Day is good too but less achievable – we had to design certain aspects of our house in such a way as to achieve it, which is I realise not practical for all. And with our place almost always hovering somewhere around 25 degrees, she’s fine inside all day on stinkers like this week.

…and thus, agreeing to disagree, they moved on…

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 6:40 pm 28 Jan 09

Al @ #55, see I knew you could do it. It was the banning thunder whinge that I was protesting about in my “abusive” post.

As for the abuse, well I asked if you had a pole up your clacker. If that is abuse then you and JB have a much thinner skin than I first thought. I also suggested the points you were arguing were immature and simplistic (ie. the banning of thunder etc). Again, nothing against you personally. Anyway…

Back to the fireworks. Personally, I don’t get it. But, within reason, I’ve no issues with people who do. I liked ‘em as a kid. Nut I just don’t really see the point now. But, if that floats your boat, then go for gold. However, there are currently laws/regulations in place that dictate when these domestic fireworks are to be used.

My issue is that a fair percentage of these fireworks get used way beyond any such time restrictions. Sure, outside of the QB weekend its not a major issue, but in my neighbourhood (inner north) I’d say fireworks are let off maybe once a month at various times throughout the night. Like I said, not a huge issue, but its not as if we’re talking about a single weekend per year, which is partly my point.

On the QB weekend, though, it was pretty out of control around our neck of the woods. Apart from the issues concerning our pets (which I’ll get to later) I wouldn’t actually mind getting some sleep during that weekend. During the 2008 firecracker bonanza we had “entertainment” well into the night on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights. Saturday night was the worst, with regular fireworks going off from around 4pm until maybe 8pm. And then from 8pm onwards it was pretty much non-stop until around 11pm. And from 11pm until around 2am there were still crackers being let off at regular intervals.

On top of that, at the school nearby we saw young kids letting off firecrackers in the large metal bin. And this was after the little scrotes failed to burn down the play equipment. This was at about 9om too, so not as if their parents would have been overly concerned that they were out. Also, another school nearby the number of left over cracker shells and broken beer bottles were just a bit too far stretched to be scoffed off as “just having some fun”. So, while I’m all for people enjoying themselves, there always seems to be a minority that spoils the “fun”.

Now, back to our pets. We have two cats which are not kept inside at all times, and neither are they constrained to a run in the backyard or somesuch. However, unlike crackers, we are currently not in breach of any restrictions concerning the movement of our pets.

They are both very tame and well mannered (easily approached by other humans), desexed, micro chipped etc. That said, I am not naive enough to think they don’t roam into our neighbours yards or that they might kill other animals. Indeed, one of our cats has claimed a few mice/rats and a couple of sparrows. Far from ideal, I accept, but given he was a stray/feral when we took him into our care I dare say this tally is immeasurably less than it may otherwise have been. Our other cat is 14 years old and, having watched her try to catch birds, she is apparently incapable. In her youth she managed to catch a handful of mice, but hasn’t presented us with anything in well over 5 or 6 years. Regardless, mice/rats are not something that would be kept out were our cats kept in constrained in our yard.

We get both cats in at night, although, we do sometimes have issues getting in the ex-stray. Maybe once a fortnight he would spend the night outside. I do understand this is not ideal. However, while not pretending that he is perfect, we currently have no evidence that he is out of control killing animal life, or causing nuisance to our neighbours. In fact, we have spoken to all our neighbours and asked them to let us know if our cats are causing problems for them. Mostly though, being on a corner block there is enough cycle traffic and dogs being walked to keep them vigilant and on their own block.

So, until such time as a) we are presented with, or discover for ourselves, evidence that our cats are an unacceptable nuisance to neighbours/animal life, or b) laws change and we have to keep them constrained, I think we are well within our rights to continue with the status quo.

We are fair and reasonable people, and all I ask in regards to firecrackers is that people use them in a fair and reasonable manner. Given the timing and frequency of the use of crackers in our neighbourhood I think it is both fair end reasonable to claim that their use over the QB weekend has been unacceptable in the past.

It is only our ex-stray that is bothered/scared by the crackers. Last year we wanted to get him in well before the allotted window of use, but when they were going off early in the afternoon with some regularity it was impossible to do.

Anyway, so frequent was the use of crackers over that weekend, I would be pretty pissed off even if we had no pets to consider.

Oh, the quip about the sound proof fences was made because not all pets runaway, some just get shit scared at the noise. In theory, we can control the use of fireworks as they are a human activity, however, we are unable to control thunder, hence why any suggestion to ban thunder in this context is both immature and simplistic.

I don’t expect that you will agree with everything I have said, esp in regards to the way we keep our cats, however, as I have explained, we’re currently not breaking any laws and, apart from yourself and a few others perhaps, could be described as responsible pet owners. Equally, I don’t agree with everything you said in your most recent post, but can see that you are not one of the people causing the issue here, and judging by your willingness for fireworks to be used, can probably also guess that your neighbourhood is much quieter than my own, haha.

Apologies for the lengthy reply.

johnboy johnboy 4:57 pm 28 Jan 09
ChrisinTurner ChrisinTurner 4:37 pm 28 Jan 09

shauno said :

Fireworks are used all over the place in Europe in all sorts of festivals and there is even one town which I cant remember the name where the have a huge anual fireworks rocket war where the town divides in two and fires the rockets at each other. All in good fun.

I think that happens in in the Middle East not Europe.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 4:08 pm 28 Jan 09

Nah HC, but I’ve got my sarcasm boost wound right up. Something perhaps you missed?

But the simple thing is this: I DO like fireworks, my kids like fireworks, and there is something about home-launched fireworks that put them way above the best commercial shows.

And it bugs the bejeezus outa me that some people trot out this “immature and simplistic” argument (to quote you back at you) every year about their pets getting in a tizz and running away.

And THAT crosses over with another pet hate (‘scuse pun) of people not containing their pets – something that often causes grief and upset to other people’s pets, but also results at times in severe injury and even death for pets, wildlife and children.

So let’s take that a bit further – if you agree that it is irresponsible for SOME people to not adequately contain their pets and thereby risk the above happening, then my original post was entirely reasonable, and therefore the abusive remarks from LMT, and to a lesser degree you, were unwarranted. So bugger me if I’m human and bite back…

And I believe that what will happen is that the greater majority of Canberra people who do enjoy fireworks (having become immured to this annual argument and nothing changing) won’t say anything to counter the squeaky wheel of the annual complainers, until the pollies, having heard no complaints to the contrary, ban fireworks. But that will be too late. And so will end a truly enjoyable characterist that is unique in this country to Canberra.

Or Santa lost my Xmas wish list and I do have a pole up me…take your pick.

johnboy johnboy 3:27 pm 28 Jan 09

mind the abuse HC.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 2:57 pm 28 Jan 09

Gungahlin Al said :

HC: what does it matter about the noise? As long as they are animal proof.

Just like with a thunder storm, your wuss of a pet has a little panic for a while, then gets on with life. Our cat barely bats an eyelid at fireworks.

Oh yeah – let’s ban thunder storms while we’re at it, ‘cos my poor baby rottweiller just has a total melt down during storms, and the damn idiots gods letting off their storms outside designated storm season is just unacceptable 😛

Did you get a pole up your arse for Christmas? You didn’t used to make immature and simplistic points like this.

Danman Danman 8:42 am 28 Jan 09

I think we shoudl just ban stupid people from “teh internets”

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 8:05 am 28 Jan 09

HC: what does it matter about the noise? As long as they are animal proof.

Just like with a thunder storm, your wuss of a pet has a little panic for a while, then gets on with life. Our cat barely bats an eyelid at fireworks.

Oh yeah – let’s ban thunder storms while we’re at it, ‘cos my poor baby rottweiller just has a total melt down during storms, and the damn idiots gods letting off their storms outside designated storm season is just unacceptable 😛

Sleaz274 Sleaz274 12:21 am 28 Jan 09

All dogs and cats should be banned. Most because I’m allergic.

To the original poster please wither away your useless life elsewhere and die in the utmost apathy with which I and the rest of the world now hold you for today and forever. Your mere existence confirms not only that there is no God but capital punishment is right and proper and should be brought about post haste. I wish you nothing but grey despair riddled days and dark dark silent nights accompanied by the occasional bang so you can fill your catheter and let it dribble down your leg.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 12:12 am 28 Jan 09

Al, can you point me in the direction of where I can get one of your magic sound proof fences. 🙄

Pickle Pickle 8:25 pm 27 Jan 09

Perhaps he mistook a Kiwi for a firework, when he got banged in the paddock?

shiny flu shiny flu 7:28 pm 27 Jan 09

Hey Sheepaddock,

Why don’t you get out of your paddock and leave your sheep so that you can travel the world a bit. If you think Canberra is bad, go to Europe or South America. People lighting rockets, whizz-bangs, crackers, batteries etc. all over the streets without any real order/regulation.

Madman Madman 5:49 pm 27 Jan 09

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy said :

Fireworks are dangerous as hell. We’d better put some more speed cameras in.

Speed cameras are the past man!!! Standahope is now installing point to point cameras, apparently they’re betterer!

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 3:22 pm 27 Jan 09

Of course, all people using fireworks at home only let them off during the officially sanctioned times don’t they? FFS!!!

Perhaps there was an assumption there that I was referring only to people who don’t contain their pets during the officially sanctioned fireworks letting off times. To be clear I was venting about people who do not properly contain their pets at all times. For dogs that means fencing them in the yard day and night. For cats seeing as how they can jump fences, that means keeping them inside, or with access to a courtyard that can’t be jumped out of. That is how our cat is controlled. I regard anything otherwise as irresponsible pet ownership. If the shoe fits, suck it up. I’m over people getting on tele complaining their poor dog went so bonkers it got out and they lost it. Proper fence = can’t get out. Simple.

If it ain’t you then “smile and wave boys”. ‘Cos I don’t think I said “all pet owners”.

To extend your logic that fireworks should be banned for all even though your problem is just the irresponsible people who let off fireworks outside the sanctioned times, I could argue that because some irresponsible pet owners allow their dogs and cats to wander the streets and into other people’s yards, all dogs and cats should be banned. I’m sure you’d say that is just stupid – and I’s say sure – same as banning fireworks totally bvecause of the behaviour of a few people. Or banning cars because some people speed in them…

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 2:10 pm 27 Jan 09

Fireworks are dangerous as hell. We’d better put some more speed cameras in.

p1 p1 2:02 pm 27 Jan 09

…but anyone can buy a match can’t they!

Correct application of a box of matches and some packing tape makes quite a nice bang. 🙂

taninaus taninaus 2:00 pm 27 Jan 09

Sheeppaddock – sorry you need to do your research – fireworks for joe blow are sold in winter there isn’t much to burn and it really won’t do much damage then anyway. Anything else is a highly controlled show usually put on by the government. And I don’t recall anything about any bushfire started with them anyway – 2003 was from lightning, others were from arson but anyone can buy a match can’t they!

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