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Fireworks..Where are you living?

By Sheepaddock - 27 January 2009 61

As a 3 year resident i cannot believe that you still continue and allow this stupid and dangerous activity here in Canberra. I mean Ive seen the footage of the 2003 fires you had here and the last thing you need is another one.There’s not enough housing available currently so do you want to take out another 300 houses. I would of thought you would ban this immediately considering the potential carnage. Kids have the P.C now and media graphics why do they need to endanger themselves frighten the living daylights out of the local pets and potentially burn the place down for a few bursts of pretty light. You are all crazy allowing this stupid activity from the past…

[ED – Well seeing as we’re all crazy we might as well vote for things we collectively enjoy no?]

What’s Your opinion?

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61 Responses to
Fireworks..Where are you living?
LH 9:55 am 27 Jan 09

Wow! looks like someone didn’t get to enjoy their childhood…

AngryHenry 9:39 am 27 Jan 09

Hey Sheepaddock, I think we need to ban you…

Clearly YOU are crackers.

Pull your head in!

p1 9:39 am 27 Jan 09

and scares the puppies too!

deye 9:38 am 27 Jan 09

How about we ask the earth nicely to stop lightning while we are at it. All that nasty lightning starting fires is not good.

Instant Mash 9:37 am 27 Jan 09

grundy said :

Been here 3 years hey…

So you didn’t even experience the 2003 fires?

*Lights some fireworks and aims them at Sheepaddock*


p1 9:33 am 27 Jan 09

Firecrackers never hurt anyone!*

*[statement may not be truthful].

grundy 9:29 am 27 Jan 09

Been here 3 years hey…

So you didn’t even experience the 2003 fires?

*Lights some fireworks and aims them at Sheepaddock*

RiotFrog 9:14 am 27 Jan 09

Please don’t feed the trolls…

PreciousLilywhite 9:11 am 27 Jan 09

*sirens* Hooray, the Fun Police have arrived.
Ironically, we’re more likely to lose a few houses from the heat coming off your ‘flame’. Back to the Bin with you, Looney!

Instant Mash 9:05 am 27 Jan 09

Oh yes… Those Canberra fires that were started by a few firecrackers…

I would say ignorance is bliss, but you look pretty angry.

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:04 am 27 Jan 09

Fool. Fireworks didn’t cause the 2003 fires. John Stanhope and firecrackers caused them. I think he also drowned some people back in the early 70s. Put his boot on their necks til they stopped wriggling.

Ari 8:53 am 27 Jan 09

Letting off crackers for a couple of nights in mid-winter is going to exacerbate the housing shortage?

That’s some top-class lunacy you’ve got going there.

neanderthalsis 8:49 am 27 Jan 09

For one weekend a year I get to satiate the inner pyromaniac by playing around with some smallish firecrackers.

It wont burn the city to the ground, it’s the middle of winter, hardly peak fire season.

If your poor wee doggy gets scared, put him inside with the tv or stereo up loud enough to cover the bangs.

And, in an age when we’re trying to encourage kids to get away from the computer and be active, why not get them outside and have them enjoy a few bangs.

wishuwell 8:41 am 27 Jan 09

I like my crackers. Back to the paddock with you.

realityskin 8:39 am 27 Jan 09

What have the 2003 fires got to do with fireworks ?

Perhaps 3 years has been 3 years too long. Bye!

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