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Fixed Speed Camera nobbled

By Greygit 22 February 2008 16

Well, it was bound to happen – the southbound facing speed camera on the Monaro (adjacent to the Isabella roundabout) has been damaged by someone obviously pissed off (and no – it wasn’t me!).

 The police are in attendance taking happy snaps of the ground for footprints etc. In the end we as tax payers cop the bill and surely it comes as no surprise that this sought of thing is going to happen. They’re going to need cameras for the cameras!

Back in September of last year I wrote to the ACT Traffic mob to put fwd a couple of questions regarding the cameras.

Part of the response I received stated:

The new fixed cameras are designed to be a general deterrent measure to address speeding.  They are not specifically targeted towards “accident blackspots” which is a term generally applying to intersections, not midblocks.  Notwithstanding this, crashes have occurred on the stretches of road now monitored by the fixed speed cameras

It also came with some stats for that part of the Monaro:                 Fatal       Injury      PDO*           Total

Mugga Lane to Isabella Dr, including intersections of Mugga Lane and Isabella Drive      0               7              171               178   

These stats apply to a five year period. PDO = Property Damage Only

 With zero fatalities on this stretch of road I think its stretching it to imply that the above stats warrant a fixed speed camera. The information provided to me does not even give a breakdown of how many accidents were sustained as a consequence of speed in excess of the speed limit. More than likely the accidents are caused because people cant merge safely most of the time or fail to check that the lane that they want to move into is not already occupied by another vehicle.

Why was this location chosen for the camera? – the cynic in me says its because of the fact that you have a large volume of traffic on an annual basis and sooner or later someone not paying attention to the signs warning of the camera will get slugged. 

What’s Your opinion?

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Fixed Speed Camera nobbled
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minime2 10:37 pm 25 Feb 08

Notice in the ACT speed cameras are NOT used in school zones!?? And did y’all see the stats on Parkes Way roundabout crashes? I’ve written to Canberra Times long time ago re this … boof head Hargraves goes off at the accident stats – like five per month at Anzac and parkes. I wrorte and told him to tell us the traffic movements at that intersection per day so I could do the percentages. Anyway, no answer. But I did tell him that at a guess, and acknowledging that any accident is a shit day – those stats are good odds for that roundabout. Then there’s the big signs warning of a red light camera ahead on all four corners, but there is only one fixed on one side! On NSW police radar use … used to be an old trick puttting two units a few 100m apart; but sooo many complaints. They do have an image to keep up you know.:)

ant 10:59 am 24 Feb 08

Canberra drivers are aggressive, and people in the surrounding region are just as bad. WRT braking just before a known camera… there’s a primary school on Yass Road in Qbn with a 40 km/hr zone. People don’t even do 60 along there, let alone 40. Sometimes the Qbn cops set up (very prominently) outside the bowlo and set up their speed gun. So every morning, drivers enter the 40 zone at 40, craning their necks to see if the cops are there. When they see the coast is clear, they launch their cars back up to 80 or whatever they want to be doing. By the time they’re going through the crossing (sometimes with kids around it!), they’re hitting lightspeed.

I don’t know why the cops don’t set up further down the 40 zone, they must know this goes on.

canberra towie 10:28 am 24 Feb 08

i can tell you that since the new speed cameras were put on the monaro hwy i have never done the speed limit pass either of them (unless there is a stupid pube in front of me that thinks you have to do 10klms under the limit pass them!! )also same with the 2 on barton hwy
now on the other hand the new ones that have sensors in the road I do slow down for

evilspider 10:02 am 24 Feb 08

Guys, having only moved to Canberra a couple of years ago from Perth I can tell you that people speed here more than anywhere else I have lived or visited. Don’t get me wrong, I have my own share of speeding fines but I try to stick to the speed limit as much as possible. (having recently been pulled over in a road work zone doing 100, instead of 60.. and being let off on a warning.)

I think that most Canberrians assume they can do at least 10, if not 20 kms/hr over the speed limit because the chances of getting caught are low. Plus, the roads are largely excellent and seem to be designed for a population of 1 million, not the 300,000 people that actually live here.

In Perth we had a nasty little speed camera called a multi-nova. It was the size of a video camera mounted on a tripod and typically positioned just around a corner or behind a tree. You had next to no chance of spotting it until you passed it. Suffice to say, this sent out a ticket to anyone going over the speed limit, as you rarely spotted them in time to slow down. As a result, speeding was a rarity in Perth and not the norm as it is in Canberra.

I know we have those stupid white vans here that do the same thing. But if you don’t spot one of those at least a km away, you are either drunk or ignorant of the speed limit completely. Plus, if it is even slightly raining they have to turn on all their flashing warning lights. What is the point?

The fixed cameras here are also just about as pointless. I drive down the Manaro every day and am passed by cars doing 110-120 in the 80 zone, only to see them break just before the fixed cameras.

Until those fixed cameras are time/distance based no one in the ACT is ever likely to do the speed limit. The chances of getting caught by a undercover car are just not high enough to care about, at least from what I have seen.

I know these forums are frequented by many of the hoons I spot each morning so I doubt many will concur. However, one of these days a smart politician will realise how much more revenue the state could make by deploying ad-hoc, invisible multi-nova cameras in all the places you speed. God forbid, you may have to slow down, stop tailgating and drive sensibly for a change. (Don’t get me started about using your indicators, is that even covered in the ACT license exam?)

NathanaelB 11:57 pm 22 Feb 08

Actually it wasn’t a VL .. it was a V8. I think a Berlina? Had a distinctive 3-tier spoiler … 😉

NathanaelB 11:56 pm 22 Feb 08

Roos are booby traps. Seriously.

I hit a roo a few years back – not speeding, just bad luck. Cotter road, 7pm in winter. Dark.

I pulled over to check if it was dead. It wasn’t – so I got out the steering wheel lock … although I really had no intention of “doing it” – I couldn’t.

Didn’t have to.

A turbo VL Commodore came screaming up the hill doing at least 120 km/h and ran over the roo on the road while I was standing about a metre from it. Very icky. The roo died shortly afterwards.

Oh, regarding roos,
everyone should know that speed will do little avoid striking a roo at night. Halogen headlights do no cover the whole braking distance of a vehicle. At any speed, they fall 20% short. So whether 50 or 100, if roo is far enough away, your lights won’t illuminate it in time. Even worse if wet.

I wonder how many of these cameras are operational. I stupidly did 80 in a 60 zone while distracted on Melrose and passed a van. He was set up, not packing up or setting up. I didn’t get an infringement. I do 100 up the hill (for the 100m before the 100 sign) on Monaro all the time, either the cameras don’t work of I am out of range.

NathanaelB 10:18 pm 22 Feb 08

Gotta watch those roos – I nearly hit a roo at 10 o’clock in the morning at the intersection in Civic out the front of the Convention Centre! No kidding

red 8:19 pm 22 Feb 08

the speed camera whining always amuses me. Dont speed and its a non-issue.

cranky 7:39 pm 22 Feb 08

Given the direction this camera is aimed (left hand lane – Monaro Highway southbound), one could reasonably expect the little turd who decided the location had in mind the revenue to be gained from the majority of motorists who accelerate to climb the (not insignificant – and 100k limited) hill towards Cooma.

As stated by one of the Holden models above, it should be a 100K limit, and this from the Mugga Lane intersection.

Having said that, a previous thread questioned whether these cameras are operational. My best guess is that they are not, given the lack of anecdotal evidence of motorists receiving infringements.

Any updates?

Mr Waffle 6:51 pm 22 Feb 08

I almost hit a roo jumping out from behind some trees outside of Campbell when going up Fairburn avenue at the Mt Ainslie turnoff. It jumped on the road a split second after I passed it- if I had been driving any slower (I’d floored it to get up the hill) I would’ve hit it for sure. “Hoonish” behaviour saves (roo) lives, in this case…

NathanaelB 6:42 pm 22 Feb 08

I think those fatalities mean human fatalities – which means that of the 171 PDOs about 90% of them are related to people hitting roos … and you don’t have to be speeding to not see a roo bound out from behind a road-side tree and mess up your grill.

I’m an advocate for the installation of 10 feet high fences alone Monaro Highway and Majura Road .. but it could just be me that doesn’t like hitting roos.

The way jerks drive on the Monaro has nothing really to do with speed, but safe following distance. In peak hour, very few keep 2 seconds back. The speed cameras won’t do anything as its often below the speed limit, but the tailgating is what’s causing tailenders and pile ups. Speed camera won’t fix that, just catch us(cough) I mean those who go at 100 in a zone that should be 100 but is arbitrarily 80.

neanderthalsis 4:59 pm 22 Feb 08

The 171 PDOs were probably rear enders caused by twats breaking hard when the realise there is a speed camera there.

Sammy 4:50 pm 22 Feb 08

So basically there were 178 accidents over a five year period, and only 7 involved injury with no deaths recorded. This probably means that 171 rear-enders occurred that were not serious enough to record an injury.

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