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Flame Of The Week – All thanks to Point Hut Crossing!

By johnboy - 15 June 2009 130

Congratulations to Newen for contributing her thoughts on the photo sent in from Point Hut Crossing:

    NEWBIE, if your a guy, please tell me your gay. Who cares what I was wearing that day. It was 2 degrees, what would you like me to wear, a dress, you flogg??? It was a sunday afternoon!!! The bag was Prada just incase you needed to know and I usually wear jeans. I also have a high paying job, property and a new car. Does that interest you also. Get your facts straight before calling a stranger a BOGAN!!!! And why don’t you get a life and maybe a JOB instead of sitting around commenting on every new issue that comes up on this blog!!!

    What are you, god himself, for f..ksake!!!

    Sweatpants and pink pleather bag, oh what a bogan. And a sh*tbox styled to have a similar roofline to a Porsche 911, oh give it up.

    Now for the accident, it was a 50km accident around a wet slippery bend, I know because I was in the f…ing car!!!! The car was insured not that it’s anyones business but the owners!!! You all sit there reading a paragraph of sh.t that someone has put on here with a photo and go to town with it because you have nothing better to do with your lives, most of the rubbish your saying is all cr@p anyway!!!!

    And you know what else, it’s bullsh%t that some bored wanker can put a photo of other people up on this blog without permission of these people!!!!!

I know, the grammar’s a little better than we’re used to in the flames, but the caps, the exclamation marks, and the heat are all top notch.

Flame Of The Week!


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130 Responses to
Flame Of The Week – All thanks to Point Hut Crossing!
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peterh 2:51 pm 17 Jun 09

“Since, my friend, you have revealed your Deepest fear, I sentence you to be exposed before Your peers.
Tear down the wall!”

anonymous is the new wall?

rosebud 1:35 pm 17 Jun 09

All hail the new media! No care, no responsibility, entertaining, anonymous whingeing, 24/7. Speaking of anonymous, there is a verdict being talked about today in the UK, where a newspaper just won a court ruling permitting it to publish the name of an anonymous blogger. And Aussie pundits reckon the same ruling could happen here too. So remember, not only is big brother watching you, he’s taking you to court too!

GB 11:49 am 17 Jun 09

oops, should be “very little prompting”, not “promoting”. Or maybe some people bully because they’ve been promoted, I don’t know.

GB 8:51 pm 16 Jun 09

The whole idea of a fotw thread is that it is official trolling: its supposed to invite people to attack the person quoted. And not to engage in any serious thought.

Plenty of people have got enough bully in them to need very little promoting.

As long as fotw posts are encouraged, the bullying will happen.

Why not cut to the chase? BerraBoy’s suggestion seems good: “just go out into Civic every day, take random pics of people and upload them here so we can tear them apart for nothing more than their being in the wrong place at the wrong time. “

Or maybe just take pics of riotact events, and post the unflattering ones.

Beer-swilling arrogant pin-wearing folk-loving big-arsed sportboofs with crap handbags, the lot of them.

String ’em up.

AngryHenry 4:04 pm 16 Jun 09

No need to be all bitchy deez… Perhaps you should read things more carefully.

Jim Jones 3:59 pm 16 Jun 09

deezagood said :

Then perhaps your point was not well made.

His point was entirely clear to me. I’m not sure what you’re getting at deezagood.

Anyway, I don’t particularly agree with AH anyway – I think that the “class warfare” on this site goes both ways: there’s just as much bagging of bogans as there is animosity against aristocrats.

p1 3:59 pm 16 Jun 09

It takes more than warm clothing to make one a bogan (or Booner, as we used to call them).

Nah, couldn’t be a booner ’cause I didn’t like the colour of desert boots, and couldn’t afford band t-shirts…

encourage people to wear trackies in winter, they are much warmer than jeans.

Jeans stop the wind much better though, so paired with thermals they do a great job, and look slightly less weird then wearing gortex pants in the city.

deezagood 3:53 pm 16 Jun 09

Then perhaps your point was not well made.

AngryHenry 3:29 pm 16 Jun 09

deezagood said :

Henry, # 69’s comments were inappropriate and irrelevant to both the original post and subsequent thread. The young girl’s weight has absolutely nothing to do with anything on this thread FFS.

I think you’re missing the point of what I am saying entirely.


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