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Flame Of The Week – RushHour

By johnboy - 12 December 2010 61

I’ve got a lot of time for the RushHour kids. Most of them are OK, and the value of their charity cruises is often over looked.

But when it comes to their public advocacy, well they’re right up there with small business owners.

And so in a recent discussion on the impounding of a purple Commodore we got this gem (stars mine):

21:09, 12 Dec 10

All you faggot old c*** on here should stop bitching about this and every other little thing that happens in canberra and get a f***ing life! I support rushhour because when you use LOGICAL thinking its the right thing to do. They go out in the middle of nowhere and every person that attends knows the risk involved! Get the f*** over youselves and grow up, so what someone did a burnout at a formal, I can almost guarentee that every person here has sone something stupid in their life. God forbid any of you lonely people ever did anything wrong and it made the local news, I’d be straight on here to give you shit and abuse you because of it just so you know how it feels. I’m going to end my rant on a high note, F*** ALL OF YOU!

Thank you for reading this and i hope to abuse you more in the future, FAGGOTS

Really winning the audience over there IBO. You are the Flame Of The Week.

BTW RushHour kids, something to think about, every time you go out to the middle of nowhere and get busted by the cops, well one of your own probably tipped them off.

What’s Your opinion?

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61 Responses to
Flame Of The Week – RushHour
troll-sniffer 12:00 am
13 Dec 10

Laugh, I nearly shat
Over this pathetic little rant
So, little boys with little dicks
Exfoliating rubber, such skill to behold
Replacement for real skills I would guess
Such an angry little weed

One wonders if said little weed would understand it if I pointed to the first letter of each line and said “Make of that what you will”.

breda 1:18 am
13 Dec 10


Imagine if he’d ended his rant on a LOW note!

All that incoherent rage behind the wheel of a car is pretty scary. This guy went straight from throwing all the toys out of his pram to road rage. I dread to think what he’ll be like when he reaches the Terrible Twos.

M0les 1:22 am
13 Dec 10

Prose worthy of Byron indeed! Not sure if likening the audience to a bundle of sticks is working for me though.

BTW, what is “RushHour” in this context?

BenMac 7:00 am
13 Dec 10

They go out in the middle of nowhere and every person that attends knows the risk involved!

If only that’s where it ended. But there are too many of the RushHour participants who can’t get enough, and bring street racing onto a street that is not in the midlle of nowhere.

Everyone thinks they’re invincible, until they’re the ones dying in the street, and most likely taking someone else’s life with them.

georgesgenitals 7:19 am
13 Dec 10

Pure gold!

shadow boxer 8:01 am
13 Dec 10

“I can almost guarentee that every person here has sone something stupid in their life.”

So you admit it was stupid then go on to defend it, go figure..

JessP 8:47 am
13 Dec 10

Look you little f*&%w&%s, hate to tell you but we couldnt give a f%$# what you little t*&^% think!

We all did our stupid foolish things without the benefit of a phone with camera/video or having them posted on the internet. We did them knowing the law wasnt going to catch us after the fact and our parents and friends would not find out unless we chose to tell them (well the friends anyway). We did them knowing we were so much wiser, smart, more together than our parents, bosses and other grown ups.

Well congratulation losers. Lets talk in 20 years time.

djk 9:08 am
13 Dec 10

M0les said :

BTW, what is “RushHour” in this context?

The name of a modified car club that organises cruises, etc.

AngryHenry 9:11 am
13 Dec 10

The Fast and the Furious.

Are they the same faggots that got caught under the bridge in Qwangers during the flood?

Muttsybignuts 9:24 am
13 Dec 10

So small dick posts on here and does exactly what he is ranting and raving about. Grow up you big sook.

arescarti42 9:29 am
13 Dec 10

ha ha, I love reading flame of the week posts, although it doesn’t do much for my faith in humanity.

georgesgenitals 10:02 am
13 Dec 10

This car club is a disease on society. They should be called ThrushHour.

p1 10:18 am
13 Dec 10

M0les said :

BTW, what is “RushHour” in this context?

Jackie Chan move appreciation society.

facet 11:46 am
13 Dec 10

It’s true then, bogans do use profanity as a kind of punctuation.

EvanJames 12:02 pm
13 Dec 10

You could play Bogan Bingo with that one.

1. Bogan is upset about its fun being thwarted.
2. Bogan uses phrase “get a life” to remonstrate with said thwarters (or those percieved to be thwarting, even if they had nothing to do with it).
3. Bogan uses so many swear words that deciphering the actual sentence is rendered quite difficult.
4. Result being that the reader registers that a bogan is unhappy, but not much more than that.
5. Conclusion: bogan fails, once again, to communicate effectively.

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