Found – one Pandora bracelet

Bad Seed 20 December 2011 12

Hello Rioters, my friend has found a full Pandora bracelet and as this is a valuable piece of jewellery (regardless of what you think of the merit of owning one of these pieces of jewellery – I know Rioters taste!), she would love to reunite it with its owner as we imagine someone is stressing out big time over its loss.

It was found near a Southside sports field.

If you can identify where you think this might be and some of the unique charms that are on it, send me an email and I will put you in touch with my friend.

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12 Responses to Found – one Pandora bracelet
LSWCHP LSWCHP 5:42 pm 23 Dec 11

I’d just like to add my own congrats to the tidal wave of good vibes here. I’m glad that there are people in our community who want to teach their kids the joys of behaving in an honest and honorable manner.

Merry Christmas!! 🙂

GardeningGirl GardeningGirl 5:30 pm 23 Dec 11

forgoodnessake said :

Humanity does have some hope after all.

Great result! Well done to you, your friend and her daughter! Have a wonderful Christmas!

steveu steveu 10:05 am 22 Dec 11

Good Work!

(Nice one Mang btw…)

pink little birdie pink little birdie 9:17 am 22 Dec 11

Yay that is great

forgoodnessake forgoodnessake 8:14 am 22 Dec 11

Fantastic news! Stories like this are wonderful. Well done to the daughter for doing the right thing. Humanity does have some hope after all.

poetix poetix 9:52 pm 21 Dec 11

Well done to you and your friend for chasing this up. It obviously has real significance for the owner.

Bad Seed Bad Seed 9:14 pm 21 Dec 11

Success! For anyone who is interested, the bracelet has been reunited with its owner. My friend rang me last night to say she placed a notice on a pole near the sports field where the bracelet had been found and yesterday got a call from a very tearful young woman. She uses that oval for personal training and it had dropped out of her handbag. It had been a gift earlier on this year from a number of people for her 21st birthday and apparently she has been in tears for a week since losing it as she didn’t know where she lost it. She said she has been grumpy and hard to live with for the last week because she has been so distraught at its loss.

She searched everywere and yesterday her boyfriend suggested they search the oval where she did her training and they saw the sign and were so excited. She wanted to buy my friend a reward but my friend just wanted to return the bracelet because she had made it her mission in life as she figured someone would be really sad at having lost such a valueable piece of jewellery. She also wanted to show he young daughter (who was the actual one who found the bracelet on her way home from school and who actually has a Pandora herself) the importance of “doing the right thing.” So, a good result all around.

forgoodnessake forgoodnessake 1:58 pm 21 Dec 11

Mang said :

forgoodnessake said :

Good luck I hope you can post a happy ending to this!

depending on value, you might be able to get a happy ending FOR this!

no – Im pretty confident id rather see a post about a happy ending to this [situation]

Mang Mang 12:36 pm 21 Dec 11

forgoodnessake said :

Good luck I hope you can post a happy ending to this!

depending on value, you might be able to get a happy ending FOR this!

GardeningGirl GardeningGirl 11:55 am 21 Dec 11

Good on you! Hope you find the owner.

forgoodnessake forgoodnessake 11:00 am 21 Dec 11

hope the bracelet gets back to it’s owner, they can end up being worth thousands! Shame is the person who lost it has probably already given up and is unlikely to be looking for it. Good luck I hope you can post a happy ending to this!

Senny Senny 7:32 pm 20 Dec 11

Good on you for making the effort to find the owner!

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