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Fraser The Greenest Of Them All

By johnboy - 9 September 2010 18

The Greens are celebrating Canberra’s northern electorate of Fraser recording a 19.84% vote to the Greens.

Today’s official declaration of results from the Australian Electoral Commission confirms that the ACT is the greenest part of Australia.

“This election has seen the ACT Greens achieve their best ever result of 19.84% in Fraser, with an historic swing of 6.5%” said ACT Greens candidate for Fraser Indra Esguerra.

“With one in five Canberrans voting Green in the House of Representatives and over one in five voting Green in the Senate, the ACT has truly led the nation-wide Greenslide.

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18 Responses to
Fraser The Greenest Of Them All
Outta Control 10:13 am 10 Sep 10

The only people who voted Green are former Labor supporters on the left disgruntled about the Rudd/Gillard government’s drift to the Right. It is significant that the swing towards the Greens was in traditional safe Labor seats like Fraser. The people who voted Green did so as a backdoor way of voting Labor. Therefore there was no swing to the Greens as such, it was simply traditional Labor supporters sending a message to the party.

sepi 9:16 am 10 Sep 10

I was sending that message too – centre left party not left enough.

I hope they were listening.

hax 8:52 am 10 Sep 10

harvyk1 said :

I myself voted Green this time around knowing that we’d probably (although only just) end up with Julia as PM, but at the same time sending a clear message that I wasn’t happy with the direction the gov’t was going.

Well it will be interesting to see how this plays out. (I assume your clear message is that the center-left party was not left enough?)

will roper 7:47 am 10 Sep 10

Before you all get too excited, remember what happened to the Democrats.

stirred408 11:10 pm 09 Sep 10

Indra is or was a staffer for an Assembly MLA. I love how the media never mentioned this. If she was a staffer from the Labor party – she would immediately be called a “hack” or “apparatchik”.

bigred 9:28 pm 09 Sep 10

They did OK considering their lead Senate candidate doesn’t actually live the philosophies they preach.

housebound 9:09 pm 09 Sep 10

Yet Humprhies managed to get a quota all by himself this time around. Clearly I missed the gracious concession speech from Hatfield-Dodds.

The Libs do pretty well given the CT cheersquad support for the ALP and Greens come election time. (All cudos to JB, clearly a Greens supporter, for allowing contrary views to publication.)

Grail 8:50 pm 09 Sep 10

Noisy, perhaps Vexnews is for you:

Noezis 7:57 pm 09 Sep 10

Communists and Doom Sayers just what we need running this country.

astrojax said :

why should the c/t publish any letters ‘debunking climate change’? quote]
Sorry Rupert Murdoch we wouldn’t want to show both sides of the story now would we, just in case it dosen’t assist your bottom line.

harvyk1 6:10 pm 09 Sep 10

I don’t think the Green’s should get too far ahead of themselves.
I expect a big swing towards the Greens was from Labor voters such as myself, who wanted to send a strong message towards Labor, but couldn’t risk a Lib gov’t.

I myself voted Green this time around knowing that we’d probably (although only just) end up with Julia as PM, but at the same time sending a clear message that I wasn’t happy with the direction the gov’t was going.

Yes it turned out the ISP filter did infact change my vote to someone other than Labor for the first time ever.

greenit 6:09 pm 09 Sep 10

I used to vote Green, until their same sex marriage policy. What has that got to do with the environment? v. disappointed…

The Traineediplomat 5:00 pm 09 Sep 10

Well start your own newspaper then…..

Yes the Greens didn’t win either seat, nor were they expected to. They gave another good attempt at the Senate, like they did in 2007. The swings are always important. If the Greens continue to build on their success in 2010 for 2013 (or before!) then more inner city seats will become like Melbourne and possible gains for the Greens.

I find the booth swings interesting especially in Gunghalin and surrounds which historically have been stronger Liberal areas. These areas also showed a swing to the Greens. Could it be that a proportion of Gungahlin residents have reached 18-19 and are more likely to be a Green voter?

astrojax 4:51 pm 09 Sep 10

why should the c/t publish any letters ‘debunking climate change’? there is overwhelming consensus among scientific peers on this issue and deniers basically have the standing of ugly syphillitic lepers… this is not ‘hard left green’, but common sense science.

Bosworth 4:48 pm 09 Sep 10

A Noisy Noise Annoys An Oyster said :

letters or articles debunking climate change theory .


A Noisy Noise Annoys 4:38 pm 09 Sep 10

Yeah but they still couldn’t win a seat here despite The Canberra Times cheerleading for The Greens all the way, pushing green politics relentlessly, slagging Humphries and the Liberals and refusing to print any letters or articles questioning or debunking climate change theory or advocating any point of view not in accord with their extreme hard left green editorial policy.

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