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GDE What the …?

By Kramer - 5 August 2007 32

I was out for a ride today and stumbled upon the following structures on the side of the GDE just behind Calvary. What are they? Artwork? Legitimate construction? Or construction workers mucking around?

GDE structure

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
GDE What the …?
hk0reduck 9:20 am 06 Aug 07

I hate to break it to you, but wombats lack the ability to construct something so big. They don’t have thumbs to help them hold construction tools. A monkey on the other hand…

bonfire 9:16 am 06 Aug 07

they look pretty dangerous to me. the light pole in the picture is designed to fail when hit by a car, that weird thing looks like a tank trap.

Joker 9:01 am 06 Aug 07

Reminds me of Wombats do to mark their territory. Eats root and leaves. When is John Stanhope leaving?

Dagget 8:50 am 06 Aug 07

Perhaps they are there to distract folk while stuck the slow moving GDE morning Traffic ?
* shrug *

ducks 8:21 am 06 Aug 07

It’s obviously the beginnings of our very own “Pear-World”.

ghughes 8:09 am 06 Aug 07

It is something to lean your bike on when taking photos

Thumper 7:53 am 06 Aug 07

Hehehe.. Giant pears invading the GDE….

Quite cool, although I’ve yet to see pears growing in a railway water tower.

Danman 7:21 am 06 Aug 07

Need a lot of port to poach them – and then a lot of crackers and camenbert and brie to enjoy them.

chester 6:14 am 06 Aug 07

2 pears. Look in the distance. There’s another one.

So exactly how many of these giant pears are lurking out on the GDE waiting to swoop on unsuspecting Canberrans?

This town just gets stranger and stranger everyday.

shiny flu 11:45 pm 05 Aug 07

Could it be a gigantic over-ripe pear?

jemmy 11:17 pm 05 Aug 07

To reinforce the sense of crushed down hopelessness felt by the masses, caught in a Sisyphussian struggle between ACT politicians and the hill of good government.

Too much? Nah, it’s got everything: Karl Marx to set off Ralph, Greek mythology for the intellectuals, and a political metaphor to boot. One for the pool room.

el 10:47 pm 05 Aug 07

Looks like the beginnings of another revenue raiser, er, I mean ‘road safety’ device/speed camera. Not sure what the large stone on top is for though.

Pandy 10:12 pm 05 Aug 07

Stanhope spening your tax dollars to immortalise himself.

pierce 8:58 pm 05 Aug 07

Yeah, I saw those yesterday – assumed it was just art.

(Maybe it’s The Big Pear)

Jazz 8:44 pm 05 Aug 07

Could be some bizarre throwback to a railway water tower?

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