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tybreaker 30 May 2007 14

We are working our way through a carton of 800g Woolworths brand eggs and have used 8 eggs so far – 5 have been double yokers! What are the odds? Having been amazed at the rarity of striking a double yoker in my youth, this frequency strikes me as being beyond coincidence.

Being aware of how fertility drugs in humans cause multiple births, are we experiencing the side-effects of similar drugs being used in the egg production industry?

If so, what side effects are heading our way?

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14 Responses to Get the Yolk?
cb60 cb60 7:53 pm 04 Sep 07

Kramer- if you really want to know the difference between a woollies egg and a just laid egg- I am offering a dozen free laid on the day eggs on the condition you go home and fry or poach up the fresh
next to the store one and tell me you don’t notice the difference in taste and texture and look.
A store bought egg will usually flatten out with a
runny white while the fresh one – esp free range will hold firm in it’s white and the yoke will have a wonderful colour and the taste will be so obviously better.

cb60 cb60 7:46 pm 04 Sep 07

I had a person phone me the other day asking if she could buy double yoked eggs from me. I replied”well don’t know what you are going to get until you break one open.” Certainly none of my 100 free rangers have been genetically modified to do such a thing. However, the young hens do naturally produce quite a few double yoked eggs on their first laying season. Pullet eggs seem to have more twins. And this is the case from my own experience and further research since I had that phone call.

Kramer Kramer 3:30 pm 15 Jun 07

Actually, I would need to make an eggstra stop to picku my eggs…

Kramer Kramer 3:29 pm 15 Jun 07

I buy my eggs from woolies because they are so much cheaper than anywhere else, and I’m happy with the quality. Otherwise I would need to make an extra stop to buy eggs and pay a premium price – that’s why.

farmersfriends farmersfriends 10:36 am 15 Jun 07

>>We are working our way through
>>a carton of 800g Woolworths brand eggs
why on earth would you buy eggs from woolies
why not, simply … buy local and … eat fresh!
have to be better result for everyone here, no?

tybreaker tybreaker 6:46 pm 31 May 07

Well, as a final update we ended up having 9 double-yokers out of the dozen! But I agree that BT must be right – although Woolworths doesn’t seem to stock anything above 800g but perhaps you can buy 850+g elsewhere?

VicePope VicePope 7:58 pm 30 May 07

Punning is not all it’s cracked up to be (it can become foul), although I take a shell be right attitude to those who deliberately scramble their English.

A double yolker would probably contain c. twice as much cholesterol

Ari Ari 7:47 pm 30 May 07

Stop poaching ban puns from elsewhere.

mutley mutley 5:29 pm 30 May 07

You don’t find them eggciting?

Maelinar Maelinar 12:19 pm 30 May 07

Whats with all the egg stories at the moment ?

Danman Danman 11:53 am 30 May 07

I used to go through abou 18 dozen (battery) hen eggs a week (Cheaper) as a chef.

Rarely would I see this phenomenon – though if doing a recipe with bulk eggs – I would crack one egg at a time into a cup and then into ingredients.

So many times earlyer in my apprenticeship I ruined whole batches by the odd rotten egg.

Jazz Jazz 11:50 am 30 May 07

cant say i’ve noticed. but then i keep my own chickens, and when i do buy eggs fro mthe supermarked i only getthe free range organic ones. not too many double yokes there.

BT BT 11:41 am 30 May 07

Having done a stint several years ago in an egg processing factory.. Its not so much a co-incidence as it is

“we dont have enough eggs to make up the orders for the 800g/dozen cartons, lets use the surplus 850g+/dozen eggs…”

Anything that heavy will probably be double yolk eggs..

DarkLadyWolfMother DarkLadyWolfMother 11:40 am 30 May 07

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