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Getting ACT licence after moving here from NSW

By jellyware 10 December 2013 29

Hey guys

I have just moved here from NSW and am trying to get my ACT drivers licence.  you have 3 months to transfer it after you move

I’m having trouble meeting the proof of residency requitements.  you can read what they will accept here

I’m renting a room.  I’m not on the lease.  I don’t have any utility bills in my name (apart from my mobile phone bill).  so the easiest way for me to meet the proof of residency is to submit my last tax notice of assessment.

I rang the ato and they sent me a “statement of account” which shows what my return was for last year.  I can’t see the difference between this and the notice of assessment for proving where I live.  they only send out the notice of assessment once a year and I usually get them delivered to my tax agent anyways

the girl at the registry office told me I should give her the following documentation and they would assess my application

my income tax statement of account

my nsw drivers licence

my medicare card

orginial birth certificate

my most recent mobile phone bills

my most recent bank statements

she also wanted my most recent work payslips but I didn’t have them available

they then said they would start accessing my application.  but then they called me back and said I would ALSO need the following

a copy of my flatmates drivers licence

a copy of her drivers licence

a copy of the lease agreement (in her name)

an affidavit from her saying I live with her

what a strange orwellian fantasy world where the government collects so much information on you.  they already have far too much personal information on me.  I feel like my right to privacy has been violated here

how do I know they will process my application even if I get my flatmates details?

what is the limitation on how much personal information they can collect on you?

what do they do with my personal information?  how can I be sure it won’t be misused

welcome to canberra!




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29 Responses to
Getting ACT licence after moving here from NSW
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gazket 12:08 am 12 Dec 13

Yet they give a man with no I.d calling himself captain Emad a house .
welcome to the ACT

Sandman 10:17 pm 11 Dec 13

There is reason behind the madness. Back when the Sydney Lebanese Auto Relocation Program was in full swing, we were an extremely convenient way of putting lost cars back on the street. A quick trip down the highway and a vehicle could be inspected and registered with ease and minimal questions. We were also a good source of demerit points. I’ve met more than a few professional drivers with different licences currently valid in different states.

smallfry 7:54 pm 11 Dec 13

It seems the proof of identity requirements changed in November 2013. When I transferred my drivers’ license to the ACT I supplied a letter from my Private Health Insurer that my insurer sent me when I changed my address with them. That is no longer an option on the fact sheet but it does seem analogous to the Home and Contents Insurance policy. Might be worth asking.

BimboGeek 11:18 am 11 Dec 13

I suppose in hindsight you could have had your previous utility bill finalised and sent to your new address.

So much drama when changing your address within ACT just requires putting the new address into a website!

Holden Caulfield 11:04 am 11 Dec 13

And the irony of all this, I had to change the address on my driver’s licence a month or two back and all I had to do was go into a shopfront and tell the nice lady my new address.

She even applied the sticker with the new address on the back of my licence for me.

No proof required, I could have put The Lodge if I wanted!

zorro29 10:21 am 11 Dec 13

hmmm a pickle…yes, I have a similar thing but bank statements or other mail addressed to your residence should work (i know most people, including me, don’t get bank statements anymore but you can go into a branch and ask for one).

Won’t you need to register a vehicle at the ACT address as well?

the documents requested seem pretty normal for a piece of ID as important as a licence….i wouldn’t be concerned about the info/data (but then again i’m not a nutter who believes in the “gummit” invading my privacy)

all this said, the ACT rego people are pretty easy to deal with – they change things over quick smart and meet the timings on your existing interstate licence

p1 8:44 am 11 Dec 13

I went into the ACT Gov shop front once to replace a licence after losing my wallet. Despite having the list of acceptable forms of identity in front of me (I took it from the rack next to the desk), I had to argue with the office manager for a few minutes before they accepted that my photo and signature in there computer system could be used to verify my identity….

I think anything outside their normal daily tasks gets an automatic “come back when you aren’t so difficult to deal with”.

This problem will only become more and more common in the future though. It is already pretty easy to not have a single fixed utility in your own name if you share a house (mobile phone, mobile Internet, etc), and who gets paper bank statements anyway?

Perhaps the states could actually develop a national licensing system…. Not holding breath….

Holden Caulfield 1:08 am 11 Dec 13

jellyware said :

I was thinking of this today. I have a job and live in a house. how hard would it be if you didn’t have these….

Think laterally kids, a PO Box costs bugger all if you can already afford to keep a car on the road. I’ve been getting my ACT licence and rego renewals sent to my PO Box for over 20 years.

Holden Caulfield 12:56 am 11 Dec 13

jellyware said :

so just after I posted this I got a friendly call from someone from the registry or the ministers office. I can’t remember. they mentioned they had read this post on riot act and we had the issue sorted very quickly

big thanks to whoever called me, I didn’t write down your name

and big thanks to riot act for helping to make my voice heard


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