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Glenloch Interchange?

By NathanaelB 8 April 2008 60

I’m guessing that because no one’s posted anything about it that they’re all still stuck out there and haven’t gotten home yet … but seriously, I feel sorry for everyone who didn’t know that it didn’t open till lunchtime today. Whoever came up with the bright idea of having a big announcement of the opening of the Interchange and then to not have it open till midday should be fired; that’s just crazy. What’s it like? Does it work? Was it better than before? Was there anything actually wrong with the old Interchange?

What’s Your opinion?

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Glenloch Interchange?
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sepi 2:33 pm 13 Apr 08

It wasn’t just the tree-huggers either.

The federal pollies faffed around for ages, then stuck their noses in and decided that the current route was the only option, despite being longer and more environmentally damaging. All because the other route would have gone a bit closer to the AIS. (Talk about a minority group!)

And the local govt didn’t do proper impact studies before they declared the road a happening thing. If they had done their homework properly (as they insist everyone else does for building projects etc) the save-the-ridge woulnd’t have been able to challenge the decision.

And the road cost a fortune.

Felix the Cat 9:16 am 13 Apr 08

I though the Glenoch Interchange was “finished”. It isn’t. I drove from Woden to Belco on Saturday and on taking the exit off the Parkway to Belco was confronted by the same amount of orange traffic cones and piles of gravel that have been there for the last six months or more.

minime2 12:25 am 11 Apr 08

kc86 … did not Save the Ridge peole recently suggest GDE should be two laned? But all the froggies and the one duck-billed-goose featheredd-flying tree-frog have left because of their bellyaching noise. And, that art work near Calvary … on the original plans for the road, that spot was earmarked for a loop lane for ambulances to come out of Calvary… never happened.

kc.86 12:14 am 11 Apr 08

Hey, it may not be 2 lanes in each direction totally, it may slow down at times but FINALLY an intersection in Canberra completley free of dreaded Traffic Lights.

Now to replicate this along other main roadways like along Parkes Way instead of using roundabouts or Traffic Lights. Its just a shame other roads that the GDE overpasses have had another set of traffic lights (or two) added to them.

Just a few Criticisms:

1. Joining the Gungahlin Drive when travelling west on Gininderra Drive using the on ramp would have to be the worst designed on ramp in the history of roads requiring even the smallest of cars to slow down to at least 20km/h to take the corner safely.

2. The HUGE waste of money spent on that artwork near the Belconnen Way intersection that can be seen when travelling north.

3. The bike handle things (that someone mentioned earlier in this post) placed just in the right location to catch drviers out and make a considerable dent in any car. (Are we now making roads safer for cyclists than we are for cars?)

4. The *&%&*(@%^@(@*@)!(())%$^%^# (formerly known as the save the ridge group)YOU LOST!!! we now have a successful road where a habitat of rare pygmy breasted eastern rock spider cockroaches once lived (or whatever it was you came up wioth to try and hinder a thing called progres)

Like i said, its a new road, it works, and it didnt cost huge amounts .It would have been completed even earlier and no doubt cheaper, if the tree huggers didnt get involved, all i hope is that they are forever stuck in traffic!

caf 10:15 am 10 Apr 08

Major construction projects coming in ahead of schedule is a side benefit of the drought.

aronde 9:24 am 10 Apr 08

Thumper said :

So it seems the roadworks are working?

Excellent work by the government to not only get it right, but to actually get it done within the expected timespan.

Based on personal observation and letters to Editor etc I would say it is OK for the most part unless you happen to be driving in the morning peak along Caswell Dve heading for Parkes Way (thanks to all the lane merging). And as mentioned by previous poster’s when is the ‘dogleg’ going to be rectified for traffic heading from Parkes Way through to William Hovell Dve? It is rather dangerous with non existent lane marking to guide who is supposed to be merging with whom and when.

Thumper 8:43 am 10 Apr 08

So it seems the roadworks are working?

Excellent work by the government to not only get it right, but to actually get it done within the expected timespan.

minime2 11:42 pm 09 Apr 08

Had a go today at 3.30pm Gunghalin to Woden … very smooth (not the road surface 🙂 trip and just as easy returning 5.30. Well, until got behind the new falcon near Calvary doing 75km with left wheels left side of white edge line; oh well. But I suppose he thought he was driving safely – just had no idea of or interaction with his ienvironment.

bigred 7:01 pm 09 Apr 08

JennyGreen, good tip – 19 minutes from Kambah Village to Lyneham this evening between 5.30 and 5.49 pm.

CanberraResident 3:42 pm 09 Apr 08

ant said :

The radio traffic report this morning said it was slow through Glenloch?

My guess is there’s a lot of people who don’t read road signs and as a result, it slows the traffic considerably (bit like the 112 year old bat I encountered the other day).

ant 11:51 am 09 Apr 08

The radio traffic report this morning said it was slow through Glenloch?

Tempestas 9:26 am 09 Apr 08

Well came through earlier than usual at around 7.30am and have to say managed to stay at 80km the whole way. However the GDE/Caswell was consistent full traffic from Ginninderra drive through to the parkway.

So I suspect 15 minutes later and those who push in from the merging lanes and those who brake or slow markedly to let them in and the whole traffic will slow. I hope I’m wrong.

I agree with other comments to the effect that if they made the GDE two lanes southbound just from the Aranda entry ramp to the Parkes way Civic exit with a form one lane (instead of a merging lane) which is probably doable with paint and signs given the old road that you travel on was two lanes, then it might make it cope with the peak traffic for another year or so. Of course they didn’t bother the widen the old bridge enough to also have a cycle lane, so that was a bit of an oversight.

NathanaelB 8:37 am 09 Apr 08

lemaChet said :

5) for a new road, the quality of the surface in many places is not very good.

Actually I was thinking that the other day … not the Glenloch Interchange but was driving on the GDE from Belconnen out to Mitchell … and the road really is rough as guts; worse than some roads that have been around for 20+ years; it’s about the equivalent of Torrens Street in Braddon.

Ah well – if it saves the tax payers $50 million to go with a cheaper contractor then I’m ok with that. A road’s a road. As long as they don’t waste the savings elsewhere – such as promoting wellness footprints 🙂

el 8:26 am 09 Apr 08

The bottleneck at Barry Dr/Clunies Ross was due to a large number of people not knowing that the whole mess had finally opened.

lemaChet 8:19 am 09 Apr 08

Makes no difference to my trip times in either direction. I’m lucky with my times though.

Couple of things though:

1) despite the fact that most canberran’s dont realise this – the left hand lane is the ‘go faster’ lane. It’s illogical, and probably even dangerous, to have an exit (from WH DR) on the left hand side (onto caswell/tpw)
It’s going to end up backed up.

2) an entrance ramp on the left hand side also (from TPW onto PW) for the same reasons.

3) from caswell, 2 lanes going, with an onramp (coming off WHD) going into 1 lane.

4) the roads need to be 2 lanes everywhere. It’s not future proofed.

5) for a new road, the quality of the surface in many places is not very good.

6) the top end of glenloch, where it becomes WHD, is frickin insane. it’s hard to work out which lane is actually meant to do what. needs to be cleaned up and painted up properly.

(ok, more than a couple.)

Holden Caulfield 1:04 am 09 Apr 08

bigred said :

well the morning bottleneck around Barry Dr/Clunies Ross was just as bad as ever this morning. Took me 45 minutes from Lyneham shops to Tuggers Town Centre. No difference. However, northbound Parkway traffic seemed to be travelling a lot more freely.

Should anyone really expect to do that drive in less than 45 minutes on any working day?

caf 12:18 am 09 Apr 08

cranky: Nope, it’s gotten rid of two old sets (the Caswell/William Hovell ones and the one right in the middle).

Duke 12:17 am 09 Apr 08

Woden to Calvary hospital in less than 15 minutes during peak hour, Woden to Mitchell in 15 minutes late last night – GDE, you’re hardly perfect, but I luv youse all anyway!

Typical that the CT would drag up a couple of henny penny peak fuel protesters and save the ridge bedwetters to besmirch what is a pretty decent road.

Nice to see all the positive comments on riotact, and happy not to be locked in traffic with you nuts any longer – lol just kidding, I luve youse all too.

Eyes 11:51 pm 08 Apr 08

The GDE harassment.

Melonhead, I love that word chicane. I’m going to say it all day tomorrow. “The chicane between Parkes Way and the Hovel is still there. Well, less chicane and more a sort of dog leg leading to a randomised 3 into 2 lanes.”

Wiki says..
The word Chicane comes from the German word Schikane, meaning Harassment. German Grand Prix drivers of the 1920s, and 1930s would describe the close alternating turns as being “harassment”.

jenny green 11:35 pm 08 Apr 08

BigRed, try going up Ginninderra Drive then Gungh Drive to Tuggers. I’d love to know if it’s quicker than taking Clunies Ross and Ldy Denman to get onto Parkway from Lyneham Shops…

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