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Glenloch Interchange?

By NathanaelB - 8 April 2008 60

I’m guessing that because no one’s posted anything about it that they’re all still stuck out there and haven’t gotten home yet … but seriously, I feel sorry for everyone who didn’t know that it didn’t open till lunchtime today. Whoever came up with the bright idea of having a big announcement of the opening of the Interchange and then to not have it open till midday should be fired; that’s just crazy. What’s it like? Does it work? Was it better than before? Was there anything actually wrong with the old Interchange?

What’s Your opinion?

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60 Responses to
Glenloch Interchange?
pug206gti 10:49 am 08 Apr 08

1. I’ve not driven though myself yet, although it looked good on Saturday when I went past.
2. Why open it on a Monday? Having it open on the weekend as a sort of orientation period would have been good.
3. I was foreseeing that the difficulties wouldn’t be at the Interchange but rather further along, e.g. exiting Parkes Way into the city during peak. Anyone had any issues there or elsewhere?

tortfeaser 10:45 am 08 Apr 08

Yeah, fooled me. I thought it would be open yesterday AM and got caught in the shambles. Did it this morning (Parkway N to Parkes Way), all good except for the Parkes Way off ramp shambles on to C’wealth Avenue.

Who heard our illustious leader this morning, telling us his run Bruce to Civic was fine, ergo there are no problems. ANd that if there are problems, what do you expect, to live in a city and to be able to drive without sitting in a car park?

The man’s a clown.

Sammy 10:23 am 08 Apr 08

Generally positive comments. Have I slipped into a parallel universe without realising?

Thumper 10:23 am 08 Apr 08

Well, I’m usually the first to complain about things like this, but it seems the government has delivered on this one.

Excellent stuff.

(And it looks really cool to boot!)

LG 10:06 am 08 Apr 08

Bit concerned about the number of mergning lanes within a short distance – but I don’t usually use it during peak times.

51modelBloke 9:50 am 08 Apr 08

I had reason to travel from Hoskin St, Mitchell to Brisbane Ave. Barton yesterday to pick up the ‘significant other’.

Left Mitchell at 4:35 and was at Barton at 4:55, best thing was no stop lights till the croquet court Canberra Ave.

Can’t complain about that.

wagons 9:50 am 08 Apr 08

I was in gridlock for 15 minutes coming from Belco, but then it eased. Not looking forward to when even more suburbs are populated.

CanberraResident 9:48 am 08 Apr 08

Freudian slip? Oops, I CAN’T find a reason to whinge.

Growling Ferret 9:47 am 08 Apr 08

Take 2.

Good things about Glenloch

Well designed, well signposted.
Dual lanes up the hill on Caswell to allow overtaking of slower vehicles up the hill.
Changing of dual lanes from Parkes Way to direct to William Hovell and people heading south veer off to the Parkway.

Bad Design
Should be dual lane from Aranda to Glenlock heading Southeast. Its the bottleneck that causes all the problems in the morning.

neanderthalsis 9:45 am 08 Apr 08

I made the run from Belco through to Barton via Glenloch today at 8ish. No delays, some minor slowing (maybe sown to 40k’s)where the Woden folk merge on one side and the Gunghalin types on the other, otherwise a good run. All round, maybe 20mins to work.

CanberraResident 9:40 am 08 Apr 08

I used GDE yesterday afternoon around five. I was unlucky enough to be behind a 112 year old woman who nearly caused a major accident by breaking suddenly, and veering left at snail pace at the last minute.

It will take some time for people to get used to this new intersection. One thing people need to remember is to read the signs. It is very well signed.

BTW, it was a dream run all the way from Johnson Drive at Calwell, to Gungahlin, except for the little hiccup. Love the new road. Personally, I can find a reason to whinge but I s’pose everyone has their own view.

NathanaelB 9:09 am 08 Apr 08

I think this map is current, for anyone who wants to refer to the plans:

Thumper 8:54 am 08 Apr 08

Maybe surprisingly, but my partner said it was great. She cruised through, albeit slowly, after five without a stoppage.

aronde 8:40 am 08 Apr 08

Given the amount of money spent I would like to see it work! But with the amount of lane merges very close together I fail to see how a large amount of peak hour traffic will be able to do it at anything close to the posted speed limit. For example travelling from Caswell Drive heading to Parkes Way you merge with traffic coming from Aranda and then a bit further you merge with the two lanes of traffic coming from William Hovel Dve and then the left lane you just merged into disappears and you have to merge right again!

canbaron 8:39 am 08 Apr 08

Heading west along Parkes and then north up Caswell around 5.30… easy. Thank god I had the windows closed though – the rain of rocks on the car was spectacular!

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