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Govt stuffs up by giving us cup-day holiday

By Joe Canberran - 4 November 2007 57

The Canberra Times is reporting that perhaps, just perhaps, that the Government giving Canberrans a public holiday on Melbourne Cup day (because we can all see the obvious links to Canberra in the name can’t we?) was not very well thought through, bad for the community and bad for the local economy.

Penalty rates for the day are pegged to be a huge cost with many places not even opening as they expect Canberra to be a ‘ghost town’. It seems obvious to me (but then again what would I know) as every long weekend (and, really, who isn’t taking Monday off/taking a sicky, etc) as a a vast number of Canberrans piss off to the coast and/or Sydney and on this occasion I know several going to Melbourne. As no-one else outside the ACT gets holiday it’s not like it’s bringing in tourist dollars with people flocking to the ACT.

The CT quotes Chamber of Commerce boss Chris Peters saying he also did not favour the holiday because of the adverse effect it will have on hospitality businesses and workplace culture:

“The Melbourne Cup has a strong tradition of bringing together the workplace in a social environment … there has been widely expressed community concern that this will be missed this year,” he said.

“People will lose the opportunity of interacting with their work colleagues for a fun day.”

With Riot also seeming to have had a really slow weekend I take it a lot of the readership also took advantage to go somewhere else. So what do you think of our granted holiday and if you went somewhere where did you end up going?

What’s Your opinion?

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57 Responses to
Govt stuffs up by giving us cup-day holiday
sepi 10:06 pm 04 Nov 07

IF the race is only relevant to Melbourne, then why did you used to celebrate it with your colleagues. Most Melburnians never go near the track. Instead they congregate at each other’s houses and drink cheap champers and eat chicken. You just need to start a new tradition of doing that.

ant 9:59 pm 04 Nov 07

Yep. on Friday, i got a shoal of out of office messages saying their senders would be back on Wednesday.

This has killed the good old silly hats/office sweeps/Calcuttas/greasy chicken and warm champers in plastic cups thing, that’s for sure.

Having the race in late arvo was the first nail, and this is the final one. I’ll be doing chores and odd jobs at home on Tuesday.

ephemerac 9:52 pm 04 Nov 07

Do I need to say this? The Melbourne Cup day public holiday works in Melbourne because that’s where the Melbourne cup is held. Melbourne Cup day in Canberra just means everyone buggers off for a long weekend, businesses here close down, and I miss out on the boozy lunch, and comraderie with work colleagues we’ve had in our office as long as I’ve worked there. Thumbs down again Stanhope government.

thetruth 9:49 pm 04 Nov 07

Stanhope should be booted for this one. “Most small business friendly jurisdiction” he promised in the Canberra Plan (wish we had our own rock star telling the truth).

When is he going to realise that many people live in the real world not in his socialist fanasties.

The main problem is that Canberran will not make his government pay – they will keep rewarding him. Thank god the feds have propped up the economy or Canberra would have gone the same direction as most socialist utopias.

astrojax 9:31 pm 04 Nov 07

i spoke with the guy in the chicken place in city markets and his opinion about the day was an expletive i’l not repeat on this family site…

i wrote to stanhope about the ‘consultation’ allegedly conducted and andrew barrrrrr responded in typical bland politician-speak. he rekkuned they done all the consultation wit small business and that it was a good idea – crap! this poor bloke was closed down for renovations last year and now is fucked for this year and everafter – having forseen that he’d be up cooking chooks half the night to cope with demand, now rekkuns he’ll be home in bed by half three… what a farce!!

and i’ll be out avoiding knowing anything about a mob of equine whippings happening in a democratic and fair state south of nsw…

and to be fair indgeegoodbee, you don’t seem to reflect the masses – the economy and small business doesn’t run on your timetable and ethic, it seems…

LIC 8:46 pm 04 Nov 07

Here’s an idea – move the horse race to a Saturday, like just about every other horse race.

Ingeegoodbee 7:47 pm 04 Nov 07

To be fair, I usually take a day or two off a week and it dosn’t seem to affect business too much …

sepi 7:36 pm 04 Nov 07

I don’ mind getting a holiday on a Tuesday.

It works in Melbourne, and businesses have not gone broke there. Good on the ACT govt for making a quick decision, and not forming a committee to decide in two years.

nyssa76 7:01 pm 04 Nov 07

I don’t know why they didn’t just give us the Monday off.

So many people will be buggering off tomorrow and the rest of us poor saps will have to pick up the slack….

p1 6:57 pm 04 Nov 07

maybe if the act gov’t was to give us every monday off…

cranky 6:55 pm 04 Nov 07

Enjoy the next two days. I will bet that the fallout will be so great that this is the only time this nonsense will be foisted on us.

As also said in the CT, this is an ACT government tilt at the Workchoices laws.

p1 6:50 pm 04 Nov 07

I thought that melbourne cup day was the only day of the year where most office workers got to drink at work in the middle of the afternoon. Loosing that does destroy just a little bit of tradition.

Ingeegoodbee 6:20 pm 04 Nov 07

“Penalty rates for the day are pegged to be a huge cost with many places not even opening as they expect Canberra to be a ‘ghost town’.”

Great, maybe people will get the holiday then instead of being forced to come into work just because the boss wants to turn a buck from the pubes having a day off.

Deano 6:15 pm 04 Nov 07

Beats me why they didn’t call it in the Christmas/New Year period – everyone would have still benefited but as most people are on leave anyway, business would not have suffered. But when did common sense have anything to do with ideology anyway.

nyssa76 5:32 pm 04 Nov 07

I’ll be at work tomorrow – with a lower than average student and staff attendance.

Bring on the ‘extras’! (Extras = relief lessons)

I had thought about going to Sydney to farewell my husband as his ship leaves early Tuesday morning.

With so many other people being away, I don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting there.

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