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Graffiti watch – All the arms we need

By johnboy - 25 February 2007 56

As seen in an inner-north stormwater drain:

Well I thought it was kind of cute.

What’s Your opinion?

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56 Responses to
Graffiti watch – All the arms we need
Maelinar 11:59 am 26 Feb 07

Being a sheep, following the trend by being suckered into thinking that graffiti is cool is also a crime, unfortunately one without punishment however.

Why else would you buy one of those ‘cool’ graffiti inspired shirts, pants, shoes, hats, skateboards, etc ad nauseum.

baa baa

seepi 11:47 am 26 Feb 07

and jaywalking

caf 11:34 am 26 Feb 07

So is trespassing on construction sites.

schmerica_ 11:31 am 26 Feb 07

Although its a crime, i’d prefer to see this on the street instead of random tags or swearing.

bonfire 11:26 am 26 Feb 07

graffiti is crime.

i hope this criminal si caught and sentenced to cleanin up the results of the crime spree.

graffiti criminals lack self control and societal conscience.

Maelinar 8:42 am 26 Feb 07

Graffiti is still graffiti.

awwww cute doesn’t cut it. Send in the urban services nazi’s.

Don’t be fooled by the ‘trend’ that graffiti is cool. Go watch Nathan Barley.

Lazy link

Thumper 8:16 am 26 Feb 07


But we don’t have any according to our esteemed overlords.

Aeek 12:45 am 26 Feb 07

For years there was a colourful piece on the Woden drain by pedestrian bridge across from the Hellenic.
It copped one idiots tag. Then they ‘cleaned’ it. Last time I looked it was just ugly tags.

johnboy 11:32 pm 25 Feb 07

Or possibly I was trying to make things a little bit harder for the urban services nazis who go around obliterating these things.

b2 9:40 pm 25 Feb 07

no its near the bike path next to st josephs primary school in o’connor, johnboy has missed out the remains of a burnt out car which sit just near by!

shiny flu 8:23 pm 25 Feb 07

I like that… subtle and witty. Taken somewhere round Haig Park? > that ‘water’ looks a damn cool colour.

Sammy 7:01 pm 25 Feb 07

I’d wager it’s a woman. It’s a very feminine style.

vg 6:48 pm 25 Feb 07

Even more amazing is the water flowing in the storm water drain!

LeSuede 5:06 pm 25 Feb 07

I’d be happy to see have that kind of graffiti in public areas. It’s not offensive/crap and looks quite good!

apehammer 2:49 pm 25 Feb 07

This guy does a lot of stuff around the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Grafitti artist on holiday, perhaps? He (she?) has a unique style and usually incoporates a vaugely political message.

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