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Greenhorn police to revenue raise

By beasley 29 February 2008 48

According to our Police Minister, Simon Corbell, we should be all thankful that the newest batch of green police officers are being released onto our streets to uphold the law and order of our fair city and bring down our crime rates….yeah right!

First couple of weeks will be revenue raising for their new masters:

Quote “The first weeks of the new officers’ service will be with ACT Policing Traffic Operations”

Full release:

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Greenhorn police to revenue raise
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cranky 7:41 pm 07 Mar 08

No, no tickets in over 40 years.

I am using the posts above, and anecdotal comments from aquaintences, to pass comment. I had expected that a reasonable reading of my comments would lead to a realisation that my concern was in regard to the resourcing and numbers of the local force.

Where there is smoke etc. I personally have been impressed on the couple of occasions I had contact. However, when the public feel they are not taken seriously, and when obfustication takes place to head off further public complaint, the situation needs looking at.

I have hobbies. Police bashing is not one of them!

Special G 9:15 am 05 Mar 08

Cranky – plenty of posts make it here about the disatisfaction with the CAnberra plod. Its the same – good service tell one person, bad service tell 20 people. Someone give you a ticket?

The widespread disatisfaction with the cops is not as widespread as you think – My parents did a survey thingy encompasing several suburbs last year conducted by ANU – with, surprise surprise, most people satisfied.

Your username says it all really – find a hobby

cranky 10:20 pm 03 Mar 08

Ah Junkett, don’t you realise you’ve been snowed. Les is Keelty’s brother in law.

More seriously. Would posts such as the above be written if there was not a fairly widespread disatisfaction with the service provided by our local plod.

A lack of interest in reported incidents (both civil and criminal), active discouragement of citizens reporting incidents, lack of presence on the streets, and the mares nest of policing Civic/Manuka in the inebriated hours.

I am not happy that when the police do get off their collective bums they attract criticism. This seems to have it’s roots in the court system, where they have to prove they had the wisdom of Job on every occasion.

I would love reassurance that our local force was well resourced, well managed and had sufficient officers to keep the low life at bay. Under the current system, this reassurance is a pipe dream.

junkett 9:25 pm 03 Mar 08

Les et al. Your pro establishment comments won’t be tolerated here.
Stop interjecting with common sense and let the idiots on the sidelines continue with their ignorance. They’ve spent years doing nothing and have had plenty of time to perfect the defeatist’s attitude.

ant 12:24 pm 03 Mar 08

Many years ago, I heard a person who drove taxis tell the group that he’d been pulled up by the police for tailgating someone, the offence was ‘menacing driving’.

farq 11:58 am 03 Mar 08

Who would be at fault if:

Someone overtakes me and merges just metres from my front bumper and then immediately jumps on their ABS brakes leaving me in my 1990s non-ABS car little chance to pull up in time and avoid a accident?

Is that an unsafe lane change or would I just have to wear it?

How could I prove I was not at fault?

TAD 9:37 am 03 Mar 08

s126 ARR – Keeping a safe distance behind vehicles

A driver must drive a sufficient distance behind a vehicle travelling in front of the driver so the driver can, if necessary, stop safely to avoid a collision with the vehicle.

Special G 7:18 pm 02 Mar 08

minime2 – what is the offence for tailgating – go check the legislation and get back to us.

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