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Greenhouse a No-go.

By Ntp 6 December 2005 6

The CT is reporting here the the Comrade is bailing on trying to achieve the ACT’s previously set greenhouse targets. Reason: “It simply isn’t achievable, it simply is not doable, and never was.” Normally I would have thought promising to achieve the unachievable was a pollies bread and butter but according to the Comrade this little gem was going to cost $114 mil over 4 years and we all know we ain’t got no cash right now (I wonder why?).

Anyway, not one to let an opportunity to put the boot in go by, Liberal MLA Vicki Dunne is claiming here that the Comrade has “thrown in the towel” on the issue and has not even achieved some of the small achievable things like getting us to use buses or make our houses energy efficient.

The whole thing reads like “It can’t be done!”, “Well not if you don’t try.”

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Greenhouse a No-go.
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colsim 3:55 pm 08 Dec 05

Good point Johnboy, I think long-term vision is long out of fashion sadly. And yeah Thumper, totally with you on the tropicalisation thing – was just commenting on that yesterday.

I love the way that opposition parties always jump up and down and shitcan a government for something that they would never try to do in the first place in power (or that their federal colleagues are embarrassing the nation about)

Maelinar 8:49 am 07 Dec 05

Last nights short storm turned into SES time, although the size and quantity of the debris was smaller than Fridays incident.

Thumper 8:11 am 07 Dec 05

It is quite amazing what a large deficit can do to ideaologies and policies.

However, have you noticed that canberra appears to be getting more and more tropical which each year. For instance, more humid, the cloud build ups in the afternoon followed by short sharp storms.

I’m positive the weather patterns have changed since I got here in 1981.

johnboy 12:06 am 07 Dec 05

The Chief Minister has now put out a media release being much kinder to the discarded policy and attempting to explain the new one.

seepi 5:39 pm 06 Dec 05

I still haven’t forgiven the Canberra Greens for accepting their cars after campaigning that they wouldn’t.
Solar hot water is a relly great thing – I’ve had it in two houses, and it was fantastic. IF only the set up costs were lower I’d put it on my hosue in a flash.

johnboy 4:28 pm 06 Dec 05

It’s funny watching the cold wind of fiscal rectitude blow across this government.

If only they’d listened to us three years ago and spent less on the crap which it now turns out wasn’t so essential after all.

Having said that…

A great deal of greenhouse efficiency creates long term savings.

More energy efficient government buildings cost less over time,

If you can afford to take a long term view (and a city with a AAA credit rating can) then things like solar panels on government buildings become cost effective, especially when you own the elecricity company and can sell excess.

Simple things like all lights going off after 6pm unless they’re over-ridden are, again, as much good financial sense as greenhouse abatement.

And of course all MLA’s who take an endorsement from Pedal Power should be doing away with their government car.

A couple of LPG mini-buses should suffice for their offical transport needs surely?

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