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Greens to take Monash Drive off the map

By johnboy - 22 July 2008 20

Greens’ Candidate Shane Rattenbury is in fine form and channelling Trotsky declaring that if enough Greens are elected they will have the proposed Monash Drive removed from the maps and an end made to major road building through nature reserves:

    “The era of building roads through our Nature Parks should be consigned to the dustbin of history”

Monash Drive is the planned road to go behind Watson, Hackett, Ainslie and Campbell.

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20 Responses to
Greens to take Monash Drive off the map
Thumper 8:25 am 23 Jul 08

Upgrade Majura instead of building another donkey like the GDE.

It makes sense.

Ralph 8:01 am 23 Jul 08


Aeek 11:41 pm 22 Jul 08

I thought Canberra was all about a limited number of arterials. Memories of the Christmas Eve fires that closed the Lady Denman/Parkway(Coppins?)AND Adelaide Avenue.

johnboy 9:28 pm 22 Jul 08

In my experience traffic systems work better with lots of routes rather than relying on a limited number of arterials.

I always thought it was a strength of the Canberra road system to date.

Felix the Cat 9:10 pm 22 Jul 08

Upgrade the existing roads like Majura first and then when that is done see if there is still a problem. Make sure the current roads are upgraded properly ie traffic is free flowing with multi lanes and no traffic lights, underpasses/overpasses at intersections, not a half-arsed job like GDE is. Very last resort build Monash Drive.

Thumper 9:08 pm 22 Jul 08

Listen to the rest of his policies before you make up your mind bigred 😉

Shane sometimes makes Deb Foskey sound slightly right of centre.

bigred 8:26 pm 22 Jul 08

Hey, he has straight up said what he thinks. No double speak or pollywaffle. He will get a lot of votes if he keeps talking like this. And I doubt he lives in public housing.

ant 8:20 pm 22 Jul 08

I might have to rejoin the ACT voter rolls, so I can vote for this guy. jeezus, they want to build a road along there? bloody vandals!!!!! If they must spend money on roads, increase the capacity of the existing ones. This road is an appalling idea.

I remember when Majura road was a dirt road, and a useful shortcut for us to get onto the Sydney road (and battle the Razorback). Then, I can’t remember why, something happened and a bunch of Canberra traffic was diverted onto it, and there was much horror about it being dirt, and they tarred it. That was The End.

johnboy 8:07 pm 22 Jul 08
sepi 8:01 pm 22 Jul 08

It will be sad if they build that road.

Mt Majura and Mt Ainslie are really well used nature parks for loads of people around Canberra, not just the locals.

And it just doesn’t seem like that useful a road anyway.

I think a monorail going down Northbourne and up limestone would be a great idea!

Pandy 7:52 pm 22 Jul 08


Gungahlin Al 7:44 pm 22 Jul 08

Put another deck on Limestone Avenue.

caf 7:26 pm 22 Jul 08

Can’t see a need for it myself – upgrade Majura Rd to parkway standard instead.

johnboy 7:00 pm 22 Jul 08

Walk, cycle, or take the bus.

Possibly light rail if someone else ponies up the dollars.

Adza 6:30 pm 22 Jul 08

So where do they plan to roads instead?

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